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Rules - Charming - 05-23-2010


Out of Character Rules
—As with any RPG, please treat others with respect and consideration. After all, roleplaying is supposed to be fun!

—If you have a question or see someone violating the rules, please contact an administrator or moderator. Please do not try to handle the situation yourself.

— Refrain from spamming the OOC forums, and keep all OOC posts out of the IC forums. Accidental posts can be deleted by the account that it was posted on. The forum will automatically adjust your post count.

— Please make sure your tables/templates and signatures don't stretch the board. If you think your table/template may be too large, there's no harm in asking before using it. Generally, the maximum width will be 500px. Avatars can be a maximum of 200x300. Anything put into signatures (including text and buttons) will cut off after hitting the max height of 500px.

— Your username should be your character's First Name and Last Name. No symbols or numbers. No middle names. Properly capitalize both and use a different account for each character.

— Characters can be 'inspired by' characters from other fandoms, books, movies, etc. but cannot be exact replicas. We encourage originality and each character should be well suited to the Harry Potter universe. We do not allow real life persons of history to be played here - all characters should be fictional.

—We do not have a word count.

— It is recommended that you post at least once a month to avoid inactivity, removal, and the potential loss of your canon characters. Activity checks are conducted on the 1st of every month by the staff team.

— In the case of repeated deactivations of the same characters or members, the staff may, at their discretion, recommend your number of characters be cut back.

— If you are going to be absent for more than a few days, post in the absences thread. Anyone who is absent for a month without explanation will be removed without guarantee of reclaiming any canon characters.

— Posts are requested to be written in third person, excluding journals and letters.

— Mark your posts if they are private (i.e. created for a specific person). There are selectable buttons upon creating a thread to mark whether the thread is Open [O], Private [P], Read-Only [R], or Mature [M]. The [S] option is See Inside, meaning that a thread is more or less open but with restrictions that are elaborated in an OOC message before the thread begins IC.

— In Character consequences are put into effect here in order to maintain the balance between our fantasy and realistic setting by way of the Daily Prophet, Rumor Mill and Hogwarts Rumor Mill. If you do not want your thread being subject to gossip, see here. Do note the disclaimer however, as threads that are a blatant disregard to our setting and in a public place will be individually addressed by the staff as outlined in the given post. We also have a reputation system that allows other members to be aware of where your character stands with society.

— This site is for mature players. Please be aware that this site has an open-door policy on sex, drugs, and violence for players who are ages 18 and over. Whilst such content will be clearly marked in the topic title, it is permitted, so join and read at your own discretion. The minimum age for joining is 13.

— Due to legal matters, any members under the age of 18 are not allowed to write explicit sex, violence or otherwise graphic scenes. Should you be under 18, you must write a fade to black no more than what would be a PG13 rating. Also, if you do not list your age on your application you must adhere to the fade to black rule.