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January of 1888 - Cassius Lestrange - 12-26-2017

This month, the full moon will be on Saturday, January 28th. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

Omg it's about to be 1888? What the heck?

What: Electoral Ball
Who: The Ministry of Magic by proxy
Where: Hogsmeade Memorial Ballroom
Why: The Minister is Dead Resigned, Long Live the Minister.
When: Jan 6
Forum: Yes
INVITED: any registered voters, their wives/adult daughters, (lol adult sons already get to vote,) & any Ministry-adjacent foreigners. "Wait," you say, "Isn't that, like, everyone?" Congratulations you're not wrong.

DMLE has some people managing security (basically if you have an outstanding warrant you can't come in) and the Hogsmeade quartet is playing some inoffensive classical music. This is the first public appearance of Minister Ross since he was elected. He'll be giving a speech about halfway through the night.

If we know about Herschel some hapless intern probably put up an unsettling portrait of him with a "FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS" banner. Probably it's hitting on people.

What: The Cavanaugh Quidditch Cup Party
Who: Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Cavanaugh
Where: The Cavanaugh Estate, Galway, Ireland* -> portkeys will be arranged at populous areas
When: January 30th pretty much as soon as the cup game ends. If it goes until 3 AM guess what starts at 3:15**
Forum: My heart says yes my head says what do you think Kayte
ARE YOU: a current or former quidditch player, coach, or sponsor? You're invited. Also invited are phoenix society types and folks that Wes or Luce particularly like; hmu if you need to know.

The Quidditch season's last hurrah. Instrumentalists! Dancing! Rivalries? Champagne! Everything is decorated with the theme of whatever team wins and there's a giant golden snitch cake.

This also marks the end of the season so Quidditch grudges which have been kept under the surface for most of the season are bound to appear, brought on by 1) alcohol 2) the pressure/stress of the playoffs and 3) the fact that you don't technically have to see Quidditch pros from other teams for the next four months. Will Marceline Gillum finally shank Thom Pettigrew? Ask Wesley Cavanaugh about his wheelchair? Hit on Ed Grimm? Finally punch that guy from the Falmouth Falcons? Trash the Cavanaugh Ireland home? ALL IS FAIR GAME LET'S BRING IT THE FUCK ON.

*Beanie is CRYING
** I am using my Quidditch powers to end it at 9:30 PM.

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RE: January of 1888 - Ursula Black - 12-26-2017

What: A Farewell Party
Who: Ursula is hosting it for UC society folk half or purebloods
Where: The country estate in Cumbria
Why: Ursula's running away going abroad for a long while and wants a big send off.
When: January 28th, 1888
Forum: Nope

Description to come.

RE: January of 1888 - Thom Pettigrew - 01-04-2018

What: Puddlemere Cup Match Party/(ies)
Who: Thom to host; see below for invites.
Where: Thom's Quidditch box for the match with a meet the players/get drunk off your ass with the players thing afterwards in the Hogsmeade Hall
When: Round 1 - Jan 6th,
Round 2 - Jan 14th,
Round 3 - Jan 22nd,
Final - Jan 30th
(Only the rounds that Puddlemere is still active in obvs)
Forum: Nope!

For each match Puddlemere plays during the final rounds, his usual friend group + their spouses are invited up to his private box for the game. He may have a second one neighboring for spillover so everyone can bring a guest if they want. :P After the match, those folks + Puddlemere season ticket holders + Puddlemere players + a few other Quidditch industry folks Thom really likes + reporters are invited to Hogsmeade Hall for a celebration/get drunk off your ass party. That party only happens if Puddlemere wins their game that day, obvs. Thom's not throwing any pity parties. :P The afterparties only apply for Round 1-3 since the Cavs are already hosting the big one after the final match.

RE: January of 1888 - Cassius Lestrange - 01-06-2018

What: Phoenix Society Quidditch Box Party: Appleby vs. Chudley
Who: Mrs. Lucinda Cavanaugh hosting
Where: One of the rentable Quidditch boxes, Appleby stadium England
When: 1/13/2017
Forum: Nah

Luce is inviting phoenix society types as well as @Roslyn Ross @Adella Calendar @Phoebe Beauregard @Ruth Lockhart
NO DUDES! Invitations to follow.