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Issue #160 - Meet The New Minister Of Magic! - Witch Weekly - 12-17-2017

RE: Issue #160 - Meet The New Minister Of Magic! - Witch Weekly - 12-17-2017

Possible side effects include: mild headaches, hiccups at random intervals and pink skin. Side effects will go away in time. If applied too liberally, one might also briefly turn into a child, just a small amount will do! Youth Revitalizing Potion Recipe!
The Ingredients
15ml of standard potion base
3g of ground up rose petals
3 tablespoons rosewater
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 strand of veela hair

1. Take the ground up rose petals and stir them into the potion base. Stir counter clock wise five times.
2. Bring to a small boil and let simmer for two minutes.
3. Gradually add the rosewater whilst continually stirring in a counter clockwise motion.
4. Add in the cinnamon and stir until the potion turns pink.
5. Stir in a counter clockwise motion seven times.
5. Add in the strand of veela hair.
6. Let the potion gently simmer for three hours.
7. Pour potion into an airtight container.
8. Shake potion ten times.
9. The finished potion should be cream-like in consistency and a lovely pale pink color.

Take a small amount of the cream and apply a thin layer of it to your face before bedtime. Sleep with the cream on your face and rinse it off when you wake up for the day. Keep the rest of the cream in an airtight container for continual use. This potion recipe makes enough cream to last at least three months. Potions that are used when three months of their creation has passed will not be effective.

RE: Issue #160 - Meet The New Minister Of Magic! - Witch Weekly - 12-17-2017

Pregnancies and the Right Way to Handle Them
Childbirth is the epitome of a woman's role in society, but many woman are unprepared with the—sometimes harsh—reality of carrying a baby for nine months. Bringing a life into the world is one of the moments a young woman will remember for the rest of her life, but there are options that needed to be considered to ensure a woman can safely watch her child bloom into a strapping son or delicate daughter!

Preparing for a pregnancy can be terribly frightful, but have help and support can ensure your preparedness!

Diets are very important to ensuring that a young woman can deliver a healthy infant. It is important to maintain a healthy balance and avoid any foods or liquids that could be contaminated. Food must be prepared with care, and water—if consumed at all—should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid contaminants. Wine and beer are considered to be the safest liquids to consume, for the risk of illness after drinking them is far lower than that of water!

Pregnant women are also encouraged to refrain from unnecessary exercise to keep their bodies safe from injury! Miscarriage is unfortunately a common fate for young brides without the knowledge of how to protect a child, and staying indoors can help reduce the risk of tragedy without extra work! Nearing the end of a woman's pregnancy, she is encouraged to stay indoors to avoid an instance where getting to safety to deliver is impossible.
The nine months of physical discomfort and emotional toil is all worth is to see the face of your child!

A woman must also be aware to care for herself—not only physically, but emotionally—during her pregnancy. The nine months of carrying an infant can be an isolated and lonely one, for social events are not always deemed safe for expecting mothers. A change in your husband's attitude is expected during the pregnancy, with many women reporting that their husbands become emotionally and physically distant. Do not fear! Most of the women report a healthier relationship with their beau following the birth of a healthy child!

An argument that has been going on since the mid-1840s is the use of obstetricians vs. midwives during a delivery. Childbirth is said to be a painful process, which is why obstetricians have become popular in the latter half of the century. They are capable of providing medical relief in the form of anesthesia, a pain dimmer. Midwives, however, still are a solid choice for many women who prefer things "the traditional way". Be conscious of your own pain tolerance, and if all else fails, inquire to your husband about his opinions!

Pregnancy can be a frightening time for many new brides. The thought of being responsible for such a fragile, young life can be harrowing at times, but the proper education and knowledge can ensure a healthy delivery!

RE: Issue #160 - Meet The New Minister Of Magic! - Witch Weekly - 12-17-2017

Some of the things we uncovered about the new Minister of Magic may surprise you! Meet The New Minister of Magic!
Following the election, we're sure all our readers are waiting on pins and needles to learn a bit more about the latest political head of England! Read on for our in-depth research on the Man of the Hour!

Mr. Justin Ross might have won a congeniality contest among the candidates had one been run!

1. Mr. Ross was former Minister Urquart's first appointee to the Wizengamot after his election in 1884, and the two men have remained remarkably close!

2. Some have speculated that they may be too close, and that Ross may have received insider information on the election from Mr. Urquart, which may have given him an unfair advantage during the campaign!

3. Mr. Ross is the oldest of four siblings, while his wife Mrs. Roslyn Ross is one of an incredible ten Fisk children!

4. Despite both coming from large families, the Rosses have only two children - a son born 1878 and a daughter born 1886.

5. Some have speculated that the lack of children produced by their marriage may stem from some hidden ailment on the part of Mr. Ross, since his wife by all appearances ought to be perfect fertile.

6. Mr. Ross's father died of Scrofungulus in 1873, and the exact affect of this disease on fertility is not fully understood. Some have speculated that Mr. Ross may himself be suffering from a very well-closeted case of the fatal fungal infection!

7. Despite his potential illness, Mr. Ross has been a very active member of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement since 1864.

8. Mr. Ross became the head of said department in 1886 following the departure of Faustus Prewett.

What do you think of the new Minister - is Mr. Ross on death's door? Will we be having another election by this time next year? Write in to tell us your opinions!

RE: Issue #160 - Meet The New Minister Of Magic! - Witch Weekly - 12-17-2017

Christmas often leads to overindulgence but it is never a becoming thing for a young lady, especially to overindulge in 'Christmas spirit'. You will simply look an ill-bred fool once normality has resumed. When in doubt, decline. Corpulence is damaging than immorality.Holiday Advice!

Dear Harmony,

I have a full social schedule this winter season and I've been tentatively courting a young man whom I expect to see over the holidays at a number of balls and events. I am worried that if we end up in some wintery garden lit by fairy lights, and should he behave with passion by offering me physical affection or even more oddly, his hand, then I would be over taken by the romance of the moment and acquiesce. What should I do?

Worried in Winter

Dear Worried in Winter,

Your comment alarms me and gives me concern for your reputation and your character. While we can all enjoy the romance of winter festivities, no young lady of good character should be over taken in any respect by circumstances of her surroundings. If you cannot control your emotions then you should either avoid the season altogether or speak to one of your parents about perhaps enrolling you in a finishing school because the mark of a good and virtuous young society lady should be complete control of her baser emotions.

Harmony Aidsworth

* * *

Dear Miss Aidsworth,

Last Christmas my cousin and I got into a terrible row over a perfectly wonderful hat box that we both wanted which my aunt later bought for me. My cousin, who is two years old than me and practically a spinster, decided she liked the box too and that she ought to have it by virtue of seniority. However, I have more hats than she does as we have rather more money and it was a gift given to me. I have now just found out that our Christmas plans have changed and we are to spend the holidays at the very same cousin's house. I want very much to bring my hat box for it really is my best hat box but I fear she may still be bitter and possibly even attempt to steal it from me! What am I to do?

Miss Hat Box

Dear Miss Hat Box,

Your cousin sounds monstrously immature for a near spinster and of questionable moral substance if you truly believe she may disrupt festivities or even resort to theft over something that is inevitably rather trivial in the scheme of things - hat boxes are not beaus after all! I think if you are really concerned that bringing that particular hat box will result in a poor reaction in your cousin, you probably ought to leave it at home. It ought to be for your cousin to control herself but when one is the more mature and responsible individual, one must at times take the responsibility into one's own hands.

Perhaps you could find an equally pretty hat box to bring instead?

Harmony Aidsworth

RE: Issue #160 - Meet The New Minister Of Magic! - Witch Weekly - 12-17-2017