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December '17 - Elsie Beauregard - 12-01-2017

NaNo is over! Glory glory hallelujah! Congrats to Lynn @Ophelia Dippet, Lauren @Helena MacMillan, Fallin @Sisse Thompsett and MJ @Elias Grimstone for completing the arduous task! And me I guess. Please post in my graphics shop at any time to claim your prize (hopefully between now and next NaNo) regardless of it is full/closed! Well done to everybody who participated, it's not an easy task!

Olive would like to apologize for the belated release of the winter skins! Winter IS coming, and it's BEAUTIFUL!
[Image: tumblr_osh63wx2QT1wrt8nfo1_400.gif]

Oh, and the AC is tomorrow, I suppose that's important!

RE: December '17 - Ursula Black - 12-02-2017


[Image: giphy.webp]

It may be a day late but your new skins have finally arrived! If you have a problem with the abundance of white/blue then you only have yourself to blame for not submitting something in a different color ;)

Previous skins are still available for you to use, and for those who are unsure how to change skins: User CP > Edit Options > Other Options > Board Style.

Anywhozle, allow me to introduce the last Winter skins of Charming 1.0:

Things I Almost Remember was the result of MJ's (@Elias Grimstone) wizardry, Snow White is a Bee (@Elsie Beauregard) production, Baby, It's Cold Outside spawned from the fingertips of Rune (@Violet Wiltingham), and Hoot Hoot, Motherflutter is an owl-riginal Lynn creation! As always, thanks to Queen of the Skin, Té (@Barnabas Skeeter) whose original layout has been redressed many times now but always remains chiefly her design.

Also, returning for a second season like an unsuccessful debutante is Seasons Tweetings!

The Activity Check is underway and your posts now count for December! Reactivations of characters deactivated in this AC may be started in maintenance on December 6th at 9:30 A.M. EST. If all of your accounts are inactive, you may immediately post to reactivate one! As per the usual, it may take us a day or two to get to any new applications.

The next AC will take place on January 6th.

RE: December '17 - Ursula Black - 12-04-2017


The Posting Wizard results have been tallied and this month's winners are Bree and Alex with 59 and 41 posts respectively! Congratulations! :D

RE: December '17 - Elsie Beauregard - 12-07-2017

Secret Swap partners have been assigned via a random online organizer and PMed to the main account of participating swappers! Gifts are due by midnight on December 21st by PM to Bee on @Elsie Beauregard!

Please let me know if you did not get your PM or if you have any questions ASAP! ♥

RE: December '17 - Aldous Crouch - 12-08-2017


Who doesn’t love a new board preview?

Today, a glimpse at our new reputation system! Instead of being a 5-point system, we’re upgrading to a 10-point system with ‘ceilings’ for certain behaviours. All characters start at a 10 unless their life status/experiences give them a lower maximum. From there, we dock points!


— Max rep for men known to have fathered a bastard
— Maximum rep for those that actively avoid society

— Maximum Rep for a “Confirmed Bachelor”
— Maximum rep for those who have been disowned

— Maximum Rep for Known Halfbreed/Quarterbreed, Bastard
— Minimum Rep for Pendergast Rose
— Maximum Rep for a Divorced Woman
— Maximum Rep for Former Criminal
— Max rep for men who take in their bastard as their child

— Maximum Rep for Known Veela
— Maximum rep for those who have dropped a class in disgrace

— Maximum Rep for Known Werewolf, Vampire, Hag
— Minimum Rep for Hogwarts Staff

— Minimum Rep for Ministry, Hospital, Museum, and Library
—Minimum Rep for Hogwarts Student
— Maximum Rep for Reformed Prostitutes
— Max rep for women known to have mothered a bastard

Three: Highest Discretionary Firing Threshold



RE: December '17 - Aldous Crouch - 12-11-2017


A couple of reminders for this week:
The Pettigrew Quidditch Party is live!
12 Days of Charming start THIS WEDNESDAY!
— Wednesday is also your last chance to cast your vote for our new Minister of Magic~
— We still want YOUR feedback on our upcoming move! Weigh in on immortality, design, policy, and more.

RE: December '17 - Aldous Crouch - 12-14-2017


Congratulations to @Justin Ross, our new Minister of Magic! May his tenure be long so we don’t have to do another election any time soon >.> Unsurprisingly, this is front page news in today's paper!

Votes adjusted for NPCs, with rough percentage in brackets were as follows:
BROWNHILL 43 (13.7)
DAWLISH 27 (8.6)
FLINT 23 (7.3)
ROSS 71 (22.7)
SCAMANDER 46 (14.7)
SKEETER 31 (9.9)

POWER 20 (6.4)
CROUCH 23 (7.3)
GREYBACK 10 (3.2)
*PETTIGREW 1 (0.3)
NPC votes were given based on class (MC 5, UC 10), penis-bearing status for registered candidates (5), and then added based on campaign activity as indicated in the candidates’ campaign ledgers. IC and OOC votes were awarded on a 1:1 basis.

*@Arthur Pettigrew, write-in.

RE: December '17 - Sloane Bixby - 12-16-2017


Not to stress anybody out, but this time of year tends to have a lot going on! Just a friendly reminder that Secret Swap gifts are due in FIVE days to Bee @Elsie Beauregard by midnight on Thursday December 21st! Please reach out for help if you need any between now and then!

RE: December '17 - Aldous Crouch - 12-20-2017


Another move update—this time concerning play-by immortality. During the move, they will be handled as follows:
— Players will have until public opening to ‘transfer’ any PBs onto the new board by reapping and having the applicable character approved.
— Players will be able to transfer sienna immortality status for up to five characters already at 75+ posts.
— All other characters will start from scratch.
— New board will see the same immortality policies as old board.
Thanks to everyone who provided feedback!

RE: December '17 - Aldous Crouch - 12-21-2017


Just wanted to take a quick moment to honour Olive (@Ursula Black) who has been here so damn long we had to have a special stamp made just to accommodate her. Happy Charmaversary, trail-blazer <3
[Image: oLW2Hs.png]

RE: December '17 - Elsie Beauregard - 12-22-2017


Because everybody is awesome and everything was all done, Secret Swap has been posted early! Happy holidays everybody!!