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November '17 - Cassius Lestrange - 11-03-2017

[Image: wc2fPoJ.gif]
Happy November everybody! Kayte covered a lot of deadlines in our most recent announcement, but some other things to know...
  • AC is tomorrow, get your CML + mini-profile ducks in order.
  • You have until the AC to sign up for posting wizard!
  • You can sign up for NaNo at any time, but only posts made after you sign up can be counted. NaNo is also our November challenge.
  • The full moon is November 30th and the Hogwarts weekend is 11/11.
  • Stay tuned for your first played Quidditch match.
  • Ballot candidates for the election will be released sometime after the AC.

RE: November '17 - Ursula Black - 11-03-2017


'Tis the season for banner submissions once again! These are for December 1st winter skin and should therefore exude a wintery atmosphere in content and color scheme. No face claims are to be used in your banners and text should be readable so new people know where they are ;) If you wish to use animated gifs in the banner, please make sure they are simple and low frame rate to avoid visual discomfort and/or a lag loading the site.

PM your submissions to this account please! Banners should be 800x350 (widthxheight in pixels) and the cut off date is November 24th.

RE: November '17 - Cassius Lestrange - 11-04-2017

The Activity Check is underway and your posts now count for November! Reactivations of characters deactivated in this AC may be started in maintenance on November 7th at 9:30 A.M. EST. If all of your accounts are inactive, you may immediately post to reactivate one! As per the usual, it may take us a day or two to get to any new applications.

The next A.C. will take place on December 2nd.

RE: November '17 - Elsie Beauregard - 11-04-2017

Quidditch is up and running, Slytherin vs. Gryffindor! Good luck hooligans!

RE: November '17 - Aldous Crouch - 11-06-2017


[Image: tenor.gif]

RE: November '17 - Ursula Black - 11-06-2017


The Posting Wizard scores have been tallied and our winners this month are Beanie with 132 posts and Kelly with 74 posts! Congratulations! [Image: trophy_emote_2_by_mirz123-d3dhhg0.gif]

RE: November '17 - Cassius Lestrange - 11-10-2017

[Image: tumblr_lt2aphM4tF1qaoep4o1_250.gif]

Our candidates who will be on the ballot for the 1887 election are, in no particular order: @Herschel Dawlish @Eleanora Brownhill @Barnabas Skeeter @Eugene Scamander @Stephen Flint @Justin Ross. Congratulations team!

If your character isn't on the ballot, you are still IC encouraged to have them keep campaigning or come up with a reason for them to drop out! Don't just drop off the face of the election.

Again congratulations to the ballot candidates, I'm very excited to see what all of you have in store for us in the next month! HOME STRETCH OF THE CAMPAIGN!

RE: November '17 - Aldous Crouch - 11-13-2017

Pack Your Bags!
[Image: db3941c402afc1571aaa04e166b7b325--toy-st...-party.jpg]

Back in the summer, our host informed Kayte and Shante that the server would be shut down this coming June. Since, the staff team has been talking extensively about our next step—where to go, and what we’ll look like when we get there!  After sifting through options, numerous discussions, and even a couple (minor!) debates, we have at last concluded that the time has come to REVEAL ALL!

Or at least some. You know us.

This spring, Charming will be moving to a new server. We will still be using MyBB, but will be updating our version to the latest, 1.8. Most importantly, Charming has decided to start with a clean slate. That means that when the new board opens, you’ll need to re-register, re-app, and start filling our new house with the adventure, humour, and emotion that you’ve become so good at over the years! Don’t worry—your existing threads will still be safe, they’ll just be stored in A Charming Vault, our new archivals board for our nearly eight years of content!

Since you’ll be registering anew, that means that post and like counts, as well as join dates, will be lost into the ether. This will impact both stamps and play-by immortality going forward—there are links below discussing matters further!

Moving to a new board also gives us a chance to consolidate the knowledge we’ve gained in more than seven years of playing in our universe. With that in mind, many of our documentations will be getting updates when relocated to their new homes, and some of our board policies will be tweaked for realism and/or simplicity. Please be aware of the following:
  • All shop jobs below Manager will be limited to lower-class characters on the new board. If you have a shop employee who is MC+ currently, consider making them LC when you move them over, or finding them more appropriate employment.
  • As of now, Charming will not be accepting characters who are nobility. This will carry forward onto the new board, and so characters who play nobility may wish to consider becoming simply wealthy UC to continue to pimp out their relations. You may still become nobility by marrying an existing noble character.

It’s our intention to stick as closely as possible to the following timeline:
DECEMBER 20th — Deadline to participate in our moving survey (below).
LATE JANUARY — Switch URL over (if not sooner). At this point, you’ll need to use the to access the board until we complete the move. You will still be able to post on the existing board!
FEBRUARY 1st — Enter Beta (if not sooner)
MARCH 1st — Open to the Charming Community (if not sooner)
APRIL 1st — Public Opening (if not sooner)

Last but not least, there’s going to be a handy dandy new stamp to add to your collection—provided you survive the journey ;)
[Image: oOjZ5d.png]

What can I do to get ready?
— Ensure your character applications are up-to-date to the end of 1887.
— Consider potential retcons—you’ll no longer be held to what’s happened in the past. Regret that death? Think Ivan would work better as LC? Have too many children? No longer an issue!
Fill out our survey to help us shape the direction we’re going in!
— Make sure you save any headcanons you love, because that thread isn’t surviving the move xD
— Ditto Memorable Quotes
How can I help the staff?
Fill out our survey. Seriously.
— Become a beta tester. You can express an interest in doing so by filling out our survey xD
Weigh in on play-by immortality.
Let us know who your first character was so we can keep track of join dates.
— Forget to give us a suggestion during your survey? there's a form for that!
Contact Kayte (@Aldous Crouch) or Beanie (@Cassius Lestrange) with any concerns regarding documentation, organization, or rules.
Contact Olive (@Ursula Black) or Te (@Barnabas Skeeter) with any concerns regarding coding, software, or layout.
Contact Kayte (@Aldous Crouch) with any questions that don’t fall into the categories above!

RE: November '17 - Aldous Crouch - 11-21-2017


It’s been more than a week since we announced the move and that some changes would accompany it—we thought that filling you in on some of those changes now might be a nice way to keep the ball rolling ;)

One of the things I’ve been working on is bringing the class system in line with history. There are still some #ButMagic allowances—particularly where the Ministry and Hospitals are concerned, and jobs for females—but as the system gets rolled out you’ll notice that some jobs are simply no longer appropriate for your character (and some classes, too!).

The below is a raw posting; that is to say, it’s unedited from the rough framework I chucked up in the staff forum. It will be a lot prettier and more flushed out in the move, but here’s a quick peek at what you might expect for the Middle Class!

Kayte in Staff Wrote:MIDDLE CLASS
The broadest group in all of the Victorian Era, finances can range from “barely above ruin” to “rich but not a landowner”. All men and some women of this level would find employment.

MC Males – Likely
MoM Jobs (NOT Security, Maintenance)
Hospital Director
Assistant to Hospital Director
Artisanal Trades – Silversmith, etc.
Magical Trades – Broommaking Wandmaking
Hogwarts Professor
Museum Curator
Museum Director
Daily Prophet Columnist
Religious Authority
Military (muggles only, please!)
Solicitor, Barrister
Merchant (think importing/exporting)
Curse Breaker
Estate Agent
Landlord (renting premises to others, basically)

MC Males – Peculiar May see up to -1 (current system). Jobs a questionable life choice for this grouping, but not awful OR require a sizable level of capitol to establish/maintain
Quidditch Player
Quidditch Coach
Quidditch Sponsor
Performance Jobs
Business Owner (Factory, Hotel, etc.)
Shop Owner (In this situation, likely earned their status THROUGH the success of their shop or it’s been inherited)
Shop Worker (shop owned by family)
Daily Prophet Reporter/Photographer

MC Males – Don’t Can see up to -2 (current system) rep points
All Working Class Jobs
Shop Worker (shop not owned by family)

MC Females – Likely For a woman to work, either she’s in a modest financial situation or has committed to remaining unmarried
Assistant to Hospital Director
Museum Curator
Daily Prophet Columnist
WW Columnist
Lady’s Companion
Feminine Trades – Milliner, etc.

MC Females – Peculiar or Unlikely May see up to -1 (current system).
MoM Office Jobs
Quidditch Sponsor
Business Owner (Factory, Hotel, etc.)
Shop Owner (In this situation, likely earned their status THROUGH the success of their shop or it’s been inherited)
Shop Worker (shop owned by family)
Artisanal Trades – Silversmith, etc.
Magical Trades – Broommaking Wandmaking
Hogwarts Professor
Solicitor, Barrister
Welcome Witch
Landlady (renting premises to others, basically)

MC Females – Don’t Can see up to -2 (current system) rep points
Quidditch Player
Quidditch Coach
All Working Class Jobs
Shop Worker (shop not owned by family)
Hit Witch
Performance Jobs
Daily Prophet Reporter/Photographer
Curse Breaker

RE: November '17 - Quincey Honeyduke - 11-25-2017

Less than a week left to finish out your NaNo counts! Make sure you're filling out your tab on the spreadsheet. Only posts made up until 12am  EST on November 30th will count for your totals, good luck! Please reach out of you need help, I'd be happy to thread!

RE: November '17 - Aldous Crouch - 11-27-2017


Hey friends! Just a heads up that our next AC will take place this Saturday. Please remember to post your characters, get them on the CML, and fill out their mini-profiles! Because of this, election voting will start Monday OOC with the final voter list being published Sunday.

Candidates are reminded that actually doing their campaign ledgers is good for the soul (and their results).

Oh, also, December PW signups are open!

RE: November '17 - Elsie Beauregard - 11-27-2017

Ayyy two announcements in one day!

Secret Swap sign ups are open! You can sign up until December 6th, details are in the thread!