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An Infestation of Infatuation - Daily Prophet - October 3, 2018

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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
October 3rd, 1888
An Infestation of Infatuation
Amortentia Causes Chaos once again!

Unwitting newlyweds may rest easy as the Ministry of Magic announces speedy annulments for those afflicted by the latest dose of amortentia.

The Department of Magical Law Enforcement began Monday investigating reports of peculiar behaviour in many communities, and identified the culprit as a pink envelope containing an amortentia-dosed love letter. While the sender of the letters remains unknown, the results are rampant, the most severe being speedy marriages that Ministry lawyers have deemed “unlawful”.

To avoid the mess that came of the Amortentiaed Tea Scandal, Ministry officials have declared that any couple in possession of such a letter may report with it to procure an annulment. They encourage any couple who seeks to do so to spend as little time as possible, so as to preserve reputations.

Anyone who has such an envelope, opened or unopened, is advised to return it to the Auror’s office to aid in the investigation.
Ian Pengloss
Written by Kayte