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Maintenance - Charming - 12-16-2015


The purpose of this thread:
— Thread archive requests*
— Thread revival requests
— Accidental post deletion
— Thread/Post movement
— Account reactivation
— Account deactivation or deletion
— Any other issues you may have with your accounts

To have a completed thread archived, just post here with a clickable link to the URL.

To have a thread revived, post here with a clickable link to the URL. By default, all dead threads are revived to the Past forum. Also, if you wait until you are ready to reply to the thread, then you will assure it does not get re-archived before you respond. Please do not request to revive threads if you will not be able to reply to them within 48 hours. "Dead" threads are routinely archived.

If you've accidentally posted on the wrong character account in an IC forum, the account you posted it with should have the ability to delete it as well. The forum will automatically adjust your post count. If you are unable to do so or need it removed from an OOC forum, post here with the URL.

If you have any other issues, feel free to post here for assistance!

To reactivate or deactivate a character, please make sure you include a link to the application so that it may be reactivated and your character added to the student and/or occupations list. Please remember that the CML, PB claims, past claims, etc. are your responsibility upon reactivation. If you have not played a character on the new board, be sure to include your email address when requesting a reactivation. Please do not reactivate more than five characters at a time.

*Letters and journals are not archived.

RE: Maintenance - Questor Spryly - 01-06-2018

Spryly to Gryffindor seeker as of this month? :3

Or does his being kicked out for the first half of the school year make this an impossibility?

RE: Maintenance - Tessa Darrow - 01-18-2018

1887, please! <3

RE: Maintenance - Hamish Darrow - 01-18-2018

TO 1888:

RE: Maintenance - Elsie Beauregard - 01-18-2018

this twatwaffle was supposed to die in the AC, please deactivate him and I'll take care of lists!