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Issue #180 - Magical Menagerie - Witch Weekly - May 20, 2018

RE: Issue #180 - Magical Menagerie - Witch Weekly - May 20, 2018

Who Chose It Best: Welcome to the Jungle
While Mrs. Devine's "Welcome to the Jungle Fashion Show" was primarily a fashion show, it's still important to note what people were wearing at the ball! Everyone in attendance chose a mask, ideally to match their outfits, but some did better than others.

When at a masquerade or masked ball, one is inherently more mysterious than at a normal ball! Especially at a ball where one is comparing themselves to an animal, it is best to choose the most flattering, appealing option if one is to successfully acquire a husband.

Miss Wilhelmina "Minnie" Pendergast selected - perhaps with the help of sister Mrs. Macmillan, who also attended - the mask of a fox. A fox is cunning and wily, and the look may have given Miss Pendergast an alluring 'edge' that the former Pendergast Rose sometimes lacks! This look played up the debutante's better qualities - her friendliness made the mask non-threatening, and the mask helped make Miss Pendergast stand out.

Meanwhile, Miss Lucille Flint, cousin to the afflicted Scrimgeours, donned the mask of a deer. A deer produces the impression that an individual is innocent and vulnerable, but one must ask: is it possible to look too innocent and vulnerable, underwhelming the audience? Especially for such a bold debutante as Miss Flint, this was a strange choice.

Ultimately, Miss Pendergast's more bold choice is the one that we at Witch Weekly believe worked better. (Although both debutantes were able to dance with eligible gentlemen.) Sometimes, it's better to push the proverbial envelope when attending a ball - especially at the beginning of the season, when one is competing with other debutantes!
Miss Pendergast, a former Pendergast Rose, is also related to the Macmillan family.Miss Flint is related to the Scrimgeours and the Bulstrodes.

RE: Issue #180 - Magical Menagerie - Witch Weekly - May 20, 2018

"My Child Was Born A Werewolf!"
And Other Horrific Birth Defects: The Risks Of Gender-Determining Potions During Pregnancy
Potions which can allegedly determine the gender of your unborn baby have been growing in popularity recently, with the latest line from McGilligan's Home Remedies becoming widely available in potion shops earlier this month. Do these potions work as advertised, or are they in fact merely tragedies waiting to happen? Several mournful mothers have written us to indicate the latter!

"Sarah," who requested to remain anonymous in print, used an earlier prototype of the potion during her third pregnancy, hoping to finally produce a son. "I went into labor on a full moon, and although neither my husband or myself have ever seen a werewolf in the flesh, the baby was quite obviously afflicted," she confided. The child seemed to be stuck midway between human and wolf, and the midwife was so frightened by this alarming development that she dropped the newborn child, who died immediately. He was buried without ceremony, Sarah says. "We never told anyone what he looked like, but I still have nightmares about it!"

Several women have reported that while the potion did, in fact, procure them a boy, the masculine genes have seemed at times too strong, and some have started growing beards as young as four — with one unfortunate case growing far more than a beard! "He can hardly go out of the house anymore," his mother lamented. "He barely looks human."

Other women have reported birth defects in both male and female children who were produced after using the controversial potions.

Sinead McGilligan, lead potioneer for the most popular line of gender-assuring brews, says that the risks are small when the potions are used responsibly. "Inferior ingredients can have unpredictable results," she told reporters this week. "You get what you pay for. It's also important to mind the instruction labels, and start taking the potion during the recommended stage of pregnancy. After a certain point, the baby's gender is already made up, and it's too late to have any positive effect."

Is the potential gain worth the risks of using one of these potions during your next pregnancy? In such a burgeoning new industry, only the consumer can decide whether a particular potion is right for them. Witch Weekly urges our readers to do their own thorough research (and to report your results back to us, so that we can help enlighten other women in similar situations!)

A child whose masculine genes went too far!

How will this baby boy ever be able to write, or hold a wand?

A Disfigurement Too Far: Elias Pillsworth died moments after birth

RE: Issue #180 - Magical Menagerie - Witch Weekly - May 20, 2018

Magical Menagerie
In her first event since her return from her honeymoon, Mrs. Ophelia Devine seems to have found an interest in a foreign designer. In order to introduce the designers work to society, she held a fashion show that then gave away to what amounted to a masquerade ball. And not just any masquerade ball, the attendees were made to choose a animal mask to fit the theme which gave the event the appearance of being a menagerie masquerade.

With everyone in masks, it was quite difficult to discern who was who at the party unless they removed said mask.
Fashion was not the only highlight of the show however as there seemed to be quite a bit of mischief happening among the attendees. It isn’t certain what the cause was but many people seemed to take the imagery of their mask a little too close to heart.

A woman dressed as a hare who is believed to have been the hostess herself was seen getting a little too friendly with a man that was dressed as a monkey. It was difficult to make out who they were but if the hare was indeed Mrs Devine then this would not be the first time she got a little too friendly with a man other than her husband for Mr Roberto Devine was seen elsewhere at about the same time with a tiger mask!

A man in a hound mask was said to have been particularly forward when chasing down a woman in a goose mask in hopes of a dance. Witnesses say it was as if he was practically hunting her as a dog might do to wild game during a hunt. Either way, it had to have been terribly awkward for the woman in question.

The refreshments were also utterly unsafe from a couple that had donned the mask of a pair of pigs. Both individuals were said to be quite protective of the food and drinks that were being served. They also displayed a revolting lack of table manners as they ate by the handfuls and the man was even seen burying his face into the food!

While the fashion being introduced was quite marvelous, the party itself seemed to be more of a zoo. Is it due to identities being obscured for the most part that causes people to act like wild animals as soon as they are able? While we don’t know what really caused all the ruckus, we certainly look forward to seeing what else Mrs. Devine has planned for society and how the designer she has introduced to us will fare.

RE: Issue #180 - Magical Menagerie - Witch Weekly - May 20, 2018

Heard Around Town!
August Echelon-Arnost was spotted at the Ministry earlier this week! Do you think he was there to secure blood for his ex-fiancee, Lyra Potter? I can't imagine he's just ignored her sudden appearance; what a love story that would make!

Annabelle Scrimgeour hasn't been seen in public since her father was arrested. Do you think her family sent her off somewhere? I wouldn't be surprised; they probably don't want her causing more of a public stir until her father's trial!

Fletcher Langley, one of the department heads at St. Mungo's, was seen going into the home of Eavan MacKay! Those two have definitely been seen together before — do you think they're officially a couple? Doesn't he know he could do better?

Regina Lacey was apparently being very rude to her dance partners at the Welcome to the Jungle Fashion Show! She obviously let that mask affect her mindset!

The Sanditon Resort had a new Spa installed recently, but some sources have said that it's a distraction from the device hidden in the basement of the resort intended to bring Herbert Fudge back to his living, human state!
Has Miss Regina Lacey lost her manners?Mr. Fletcher Langley — courting a woman far below him on the social ladder?

RE: Issue #180 - Magical Menagerie - Witch Weekly - May 20, 2018