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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree

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Ester Montgomery for Thomas Montgomery. The one that got away (with the pornographer...)
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.

Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa

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Open Defense Mechanism
Posted by: Billie Farrow - 1 hour ago - Forum: Bartonburg - No Replies

November 18th, 1888 — North Bartonburg Streets

Although the kitten Gideon had gifted her had grown in size, his curiosity and energy level was far from fading. She had secluded him to the shop for a few weeks, so they could get to know one another (and so she was sure he wouldn't just disappear) before taking him out on some of her adventures. He proved to be an equally as mischievous companion whom she sometimes struggled to keep up with. There were a few places Soot wasn't allowed to go.

They had been on their way to visit Quin, which should have been a rather short trip, when Soot had taken off, in pursuit of some sort of rodent. He bounded right through a cluster of people and headed off toward North Bartonburg instead. After nearly plowing a few grumpy wizards over, Billie scurried off in pursuit of her overly curious furball.

"We ain't huntin' no rats t'day!"

She located him just as he bounded his way right through a window that was fairly level with the street. Without thinking, she dived after him, landing with a loud thump as her abdomen connected with the ground slid so half of her body was now dangling through the window.

"SOOT!" She shouted in frustration, followed by an unintelligible stream of what was definitely some very colorful curse words. Of all the places for the little scoundrel to toss himself, through someone's window. Her hair, that had been starting to grow, flopped uselessly into her eyes, not allowing her to fully see where the feline had gone to.

As she sought to swipe the hair away to clear her vision, she felt two hands grasp both of her ankles and start to quickly drag her out of the window. She had no idea if the person was seeking to help or harm her. In a panic, she twisted her body in an awkward fashion and tried to paw at the hands that held onto her. In doing so, the terrified hammering in her heart manifested into something else. The magic that she could not control burst forth from her and headed straight for the poor soul who had decided to latch onto her.

Open to anyone! You could be someone passing by or even the owner of the house. Helping or trying to harm. It's up to you what magical accident you wish to befall your character. >D It just has to be something defensive! Such as being blown back, being set on fire, randomly getting attacked by bees?, being made to float uncontrollably, etc. Have fun with it!

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Private Wand Woes
Posted by: Bella Scrimgeour - 2 hours ago - Forum: High Street - No Replies

November 18th, 1888 — Ollivander's Hogsmeade Branch
Gideon Ollivander
Breaking her wand following graduation hadn't been a catastrophic turn of events. She'd been in the Scrimgeour household, (reluctantly) did as they pleased, and reaped the benefits of their wealth and privilege. Whereas the price of a new wand back then hadn't broken her father's Gringotts account, Bella circumstances were different in the present. She relied solely on the MacFustys for everything—housing, food, and income—and has been slowly saving up for a few months worth of rent in the event that Mr. MacFusty no longer needed her assistance.

The sudden need to buy a new wand, she thought sourly, impeded her progress. She would have disregarded a wand as nonessential to her work, but over time she'd grown more insecure without it in her hand. Her wand was like a comfort blanket; she no longer had her fancy robes, daily baths, and the social status that protected her from harm, but magic was something even disownment couldn't take away from her.

She entered Ollivander's, her cheeks flushed with poorly-hidden embarrassment. She held the snapped hawthorn wand in her hand, desperately hoping Mr. Ollivander wouldn't press her on just how she'd managed to break it.

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  Paging Gryffindors: Christmas is Coming!
Posted by: Madeline Bell - 4 hours ago - Forum: Post - No Replies

Posted in the Gryffindor Common Room

Christmas is Coming!

All Gryffindors with interest in participating in a Christmas secret swap this year are asked to please meet in the common room after dinner on Sunday, November 25th to draw names and set the rules.

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  Help Make a Bad Decision not so Bad
Posted by: Fortuna Bixby - 8 hours ago - Forum: Plottage - Replies (3)

So I've got a dude in mind but I'd like some sort of familial ties if possible. Doesn't have to be anything too serious or direct in ties. He'd be mid-late 20s. A bit eccentric and extravagant. Very artistic but also very into fashion. Would likely be considered one of those overly metro type guys in modern society. The plan is for him to have spent a lot of time in France for artsy/fashion things following graduation and likely traveled other places as well but will have come back to Hogsmeade this term to be the art teacher.

So if you have any options where he could land in a family, gimme a shout!

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Private The Smell of Success
Posted by: Florence Jewell - 8 hours ago - Forum: High Street - No Replies

October 30th, 1888 - Hogsmeade, High Street, Jewell Family Distilleries at the Grand Opening
Jameson Jewell

The event had turned out to be a grand affair, Florence noted looking around the bustling room. Really, it almost seemed as if she had quite outdone herself this time. Around the edges of the walls Florence had even manged to charm fog. In the corners bats swooped charmingly around, enchanted of course so no accidents might happen to their guests. The classes mingled together enjoying the drinks and dancing. The samples that Jamie had suggested were proving to be quite the success as well. Even the limited edition fogsmeade whiskey seemed to be going over well. The store front was alive and happening, laughter and chatter and a full bar. Yes, this was a success.

Florence happily chatted her way across the room. Stopping to talk to those here and there about the drinks and the party, her green dress and red hair in the perfect fashion. Finally she reached the bar and smiled at her son. "Well it seems we have a success on our hands." She told him cheerfully.

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Private An Old Man's Musings
Posted by: Ellsworth Ruskin - 9 hours ago - Forum: Classrooms - No Replies

November 17, 1888 - Hogwarts, Professor Ruskin's Office
Acacia Ruskin

How quickly the school year seemed to pass, already they had found themselves halfway through the term with the holidays quickly approaching. Although each year it happened the same it never ceased to surprise Ellsworth. About this time his students would begin to think of the holidays and Christmas break instead of their courses and Ellsworth would quietly indulge them in this thought for a few weeks until they returned in January. Then they'd be fresh faced and ready for work for at least a month of two and then drag through the rest of winter as if break had never happened. When spring rolled around it was always a constant fight to keep their attention with the pleasant weather until exams rolled around. But he supposed it was the way things were and he was quite accustomed to it after all these years.

Ellsworth was musing on the subject with a cup of tea before the fire in his office. Piled on the desk behind him were scrolls of paper to be graded, something he was taking a much needed break from this Saturday afternoon. The window behind his desk looked out at the cold world that surrounded Hogwarts. A cold that would ache in Ellsworth's bones if he hadn't enchanted his rooms against drafts. A handy spell that one.

A knock on the office door pulled Ellsworth from his rambling thoughts, he turned to face the door calling, "Come in!" A pleasant smile on his face as the visitor stepped in.

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Private Strange Strangers Meet
Posted by: Blossom Spinnakers - Yesterday – 7:36 AM - Forum: London - No Replies

November 16, 1888 - London
It was certainly not a day off. No matter how many times several of her employees had insisted that she should take one. Simply because she wasn't at the home did not mean that she had the day off. It was a supply run. Nothing more, nothing less. Wood was one thing she needed to get, as well as possibly getting another outfit for work. Stains were becoming quite a pain, and asking her few wizarding employees for anti-stain spells constantly was getting annoying. That, and she liked to keep up with current fashion sometimes.

As she looked at her list, she hadn't really thought about stopping to do so. That led to bumping into someone. Looking up, she sighed to herself. "My apologies. I should have been far more careful." She stated politely. Taking more of a look at the other person, she noticed that he was... like her. Another vampire. Not a strange sight for the owner of a funeral home run by them. But still, it was strange to see one that didn't work for her.

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  What do the Cards say?
Posted by: Regina Lacey - Yesterday – 7:08 AM - Forum: The Past - Replies (4)

November 1, 1888 - Blackwood Estate; Halloween Celebration
Having a nice night this evening, Regina was glad to have more freedom. Parties were wonderful. What was to complain about them? As long as no one acted silly, everything was lovely. No masks. Regina made it a point to avoid participating in masked events. At least when she had to wear a mask that was not her own. It was likely that she would never forgive Mrs. Ophelia Devine for that. Now it would be nice if she could get up the courage to talk to someone.

Had the world answered her hopes? Spotting a familiar face, she smiled lightly. Walking over, she gave a friendly nod to the gentleman in question. "Hello Mr. Gladstone." It wasn't much of a greeting, but it was the start of one. Along with a kind smile, she did hope that her demeanor was a welcoming one.

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Private Long Time, No Letter
Posted by: Warwick Nott - Yesterday – 5:54 AM - Forum: Post - No Replies

November 18, 1888
Dear Carius,
How is school? Your mother had informed me that you have earned a place on the quidditch team. Congratulations. Apologies for not writing sooner. I have some news of my own to inform you of, though I assume your mother might have told you already. Your new aunt Oceane is pregnant with our first child, a new cousin that you will get to know with time. I will also write to your sister with the exciting news. Do tell me of all of the interesting experiences that you have had at school.
Uncle Warwick

Carius Bulstrode

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Read Only Another Day, Another Daughter
Posted by: Juniper Lyness - Yesterday – 4:23 AM - Forum: British Isles - No Replies

November 17, 1888 - Rosestone Estate
Still on bedrest from having her second daughter and fourth child, Juniper did not mind. Pleased with the fact that she had brought another girl into the world, into their household, Juniper felt that more bedrest was completely worth it. Holding little Delilah, the veela smiled down at her little girl. She was sure that Emily would be pleased to finally have a sister. The doctor had suggested that she wait a week before having the excitement of her other children by her side. Calm was best for the healing process. Or so she was told.

Her little girl's eyes looked similar to her own eyes, in Juniper's opinion. This made her happy. Perhaps this daughter would look the most like her. It would be perfect. While her husband looked like the most perfect human, Juniper was perfect. The veela was quite certain of that to be a fact. "My darling girl, I do hope that you find a love like that of mine and your father's. One for the ages." She sighed softly, gently rubbing her daughter's little cheek.

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