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Victorians could hire 'professional mourners' to attend their loved one's funeral. These people would partake in the procession and were not allowed to speak, just look awfully sad! — Rune

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"The Prodigal Sister" for Ophelia Devine. Faked deaths, scandal, and schemes!
Kristoffer was going to be great at this, because he was great at everything. Also his memory was greater than everyone else's, because he bet no one else had ever lost their virginity somewhere exotic like Morocco. Hell, he bet no one else had even lost their virginity. Inexperienced losers.

Kristoffer Lestrange in Shining, Shimmering Splendour

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7 Deadly Sins

Complete seven threads, one where your character displays each of the Seven Deadly Sins — Pride, Lust, Sloth, Envy, Weath, Gluttony, and Greed. Each thread should be at least ten posts, with at least three being your own. Character accounts can be combined.


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  Solstice Festival Returns
Posted by: Daily Prophet - 26 minutes ago - Forum: The Daily Prophet - No Replies

— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
May 22nd, 1888
Solstice Festival Returns!
Carnival Set to Revisit Hogsmeade

The Hogsmeade Village Council has confirmed rumours that the Summer Solstice Festival will be returning to Padmore Park once again this summer, slated for a June 19th opening.

The festival was last in place in the summer of 1884, bringing with it a plague that decimated the population of magical Britain and was indirectly responsible for the fires that scorched the village of Hogmseade for days. Festival organizers insist that will not be the case this year, and have cited a number of precautions to ensure as much.

"We will be keeping all carnival workers under a fortnight's quarentine in advance of their opening," says a representative for Hogsmeade Hospital, "to ensure there is no repeat of last time."

In addition, a medical tent will be set up near the carnival's entrance to tend to any visitors feeling at all poorly.

On top of not dying a swift, uncomfortable death, festival patrons can look forward to animal shows, acrobatics, fireworks, games, fortune telling, and, after dark, some more mature pursuits.
Gulliver Doran
Written by Kayte

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Private Adventure meets Mischief
Posted by: Paxton Fudge - Yesterday – 2:12 PM - Forum: The Sanditon Resort - No Replies

May 19th, 1888 - Toward the Menagerie, off the path
Ah, the opening weekend of the Fudge Family resort's next season. Provided there was no laughing plague or death this time around, Paxton was certain he would enjoy himself this season for come September, he would be in Hogwarts with all but one of his siblings.

He wondered on what kind of animal he'd pick as he headed toward the small zoo; maybe he'd have a cat to go on adventures with? No, they were boring and got fur everywhere. An owl! They could fly and deliver mail! Hmm.. maybe not. Nobody wants a mailman as a pet.

A frog?

Just as Paxton began to think on the pros of owning a frog as a pet, he looked up to see a brightly dressed girl with reddish hair doing something. What on earth was she even doing over here?

Paxton was allowed because this was his house! It wasn't hers! She should be with the other people! Not... here?

What was she doing?

Curious, Paxton cautiously approached her and quietly spoke once he was stood a metre or two away from her.

"You know you shouldn't be here," Paxton huffed, furrowing his brows and crossing his arms, "You should be with your parents!"

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See Inside Paxton Fudge
Posted by: Paxton Fudge - Yesterday – 11:27 AM - Forum: Accepted - Replies (1)

In -Character
Full Name: Paxton Gilbert Fudge
Nicknames: None yet
Birthdate: February 6th, 1877
Current Age: 11 Years
Occupation: Incoming First Year
Reputation: 8 - An eccentric family with a ghost dad!
Residence: The Sanditon Resort, Sussex
Hogwarts House: To be sorted!
Wand: To be bought!
Blood Status: Half Blood
Social Class: Middle Class
Mother: Winifred Fudge née Fisk
Father: Herbert Fudge
Siblings: Somersby Fudge, Holliday Fudge, Irene Fudge, Sunday Fudge
Appearance: An average child, Paxton stands at 4ft 6in and has short, dark brown hair with matching hazel eyes. He is right handed and prefers to follow in his father's footsteps when it comes to his fashion choices (though his Hogwarts uniform, come September, will be his main apparel).
History: 1877 | Paxton is born to the Fudge family with a few siblings already.

1878 | Sunday is born.

1880 | The Fudge family go on a family vacation and Holliday transfigures a muggle into a turtle. Paxton finds this highly amusing and during his laughter, proceeds to electrocute a fisherman. This marked the end of any holidays for the Fudge family.

1881 | Paxton's grandmother moves in. Paxton vaguely recalls the house being remodelled.

1882 | The family move to Sanditon and Paxton is enthralled by it. The new places to explore! The unseen adventures! There was so much to do! Paxton barely notices when his brother goes off to Hogwarts that September.

1883 | Paxton notices people coming to stay at the resort and begins gaining a reputation for being a boisterous young child. He takes a keen interest in helping his father, however, and regularly suggests all sorts of animals for the Zoo. His father has to explain to Paxton no less than six times that a cockroach was not a suitable zoo animal. Paxton disagreed.

1884 | The laughing plague strikes and it is very quiet. Paxton sees Holliday off to Hogwarts to join their other siblings.

1885 | During one of his little expeditions around the resort, Paxton happens across another child his age who was staying with their parents. The two become fast friends over the few weeks the child was at the resort though they never see each other after.

1887 | Paxton's father is crushed to death and whilst initially in mourning, the return of Herbert in the form of a ghost was nothing short of a miracle. Paxton is overjoyed that he has a ghost dad! It means he isn't properly and fully dead and who else can say their dad can go through walls? He begins tormenting - though playfully - his father by hunting for him around the resort and it becomes one of Paxton's favourite activities, much to his fathers chagrin.

1888 | Due to start at Hogwarts in September, Paxton is excited for his future.
Other: Often seen running around the resort searching for his father.
Sample Roleplay Post: See other characters.
Name: Jon
Age: 24
Contact: PM / Skype
Other Characters: Character Directory
How did you hear about us?: RPG-D

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See Inside Future Dropouts of Hogwarts
Posted by: Madeline Bell - Yesterday – 4:16 AM - Forum: The Great Hall - Replies (3)

May 21st, 1888; Dinner — Gryffindor Table

She had done it. She had written her first examinations. She had failed them, but they were done.

“I think I shall drop out,” Maddy voiced morosely over her soup, “rather than let them ask me to leave. I’m sure that after a couple of years I’ll be able to find a quidditch team to take me—maybe Elias Grimstone needs someone to help him test broomsticks!”

The defeatist attitude was very unlike the first year, but given how abysmally Gryffindor had performed at quidditch that year, she was not starting off particularly high-spirited to begin with. This seemed as though the final nail in the coffin of a year that she would, in a few weeks, look back upon very fondly but that, in this moment, seemed a disaster.

Open to 1-3 other Gryffindors!

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Private by the pricking of my thumbs
Posted by: Cassandra Trelawney - May 21, 2018 – 10:48 PM - Forum: Swallowbury District - No Replies

31st May, 1888 — Miriam and Cassie's House
Miriam Trelawney

It had begun at dawn when, upon waking from a most peculiar dream that evaporated like mist from her mind the moment she woke, but she knew had been unnerving, Cassie had glanced in the mirror and nearly broke her neck looking over her shoulder rapidly for something that simply wasn't there. She had turned back to the mirror, only to see her own tired face looking back and, frowning, moved on.

The thing in the mirror she could ignore, the clump of tea leaves at the bottom of her cup that she looked at habitually and usually gave her a clue as to something mundane that was due to happen to her, made her drop the cup in fright.

"Miriam!" She screamed, running to the kitchen cupboard as she called for her sister again, knowing her son would sleep through anything in his small bed next to hers. "Miriam! Wake up!"

She rummaged through their cupboards, sparse though they were usually there seemed to be a plethora of things blocking her way and she pushed aside a number of things that had no business being there - a few bottles of whiskey probably stolen from Abe, a folded up tablecloth that needed airing after it's long sojourn inside, a few candles, a bottle of rose water and- ah! there!

Cassie pulled out her emergency sage and immediately raced back to the kitchen table, grabbing her wand to light a fire despite the warm weather outdoors. Upstairs she could hear movement and immediately fell to her knees, only just coming short of singeing her hand as she thrust the sage into the flame to let it take then pulled it towards her face, puffing out the flame and blowing the ember steadily, watching the smoke that rose off it with watering, intent eyes.

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Read Only The Edge of Hesitation
Posted by: Odira Potter - May 21, 2018 – 9:05 PM - Forum: 1888 - No Replies

May 21st, 1888 — Hogsmeade Post Office

Miss Charlotte Potter, Unknown Address the address read. Odira had been studying the outside of the letter for ten minutes now, still uncertain if she would be right to send it. Would Miss Potter think it an imposition? Would Miss Potter prove a danger to the children? Odira supposed she might have known more about vampires before her accident—but surely, if the Ministry of Magic considered beings, they could be trusted?

It was mad of her not to have an owl of her own by now. It was mad of her to be fixating upon that when in her hands rested a piece of parchment that could very well change the direction her future was set to take—not to mention those of Charlotte, Jameson, and Elspeth.

Charlotte, who had been named for the vampire in question.

Resolved, the witch handed over the coin to the man behind the counter, selected a sturdy-looking bird that looked as though it could care for itself, and twined the letter to its ankle. Without further ado, the owl was away, taking with it any chance for her to change her mind.

For now, Odira could do nothing but wait.

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  I Did a Thing
Posted by: Odira Potter - May 21, 2018 – 8:55 PM - Forum: Post - Replies (1)


May 22nd, 1888

Mr. Keene,

I worry that I have been too hasty in inviting

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  With Potential Regret
Posted by: Odira Potter - May 21, 2018 – 8:53 PM - Forum: Post - No Replies

May 21st, 1888

Miss Potter,

I cannot know if you know me, for I lost myself three years ago and finding myself once more has been a slow process. For my own benefit, then, I think it best that I introduce myself properly. My name is Odira, and I was the woman fortunate enough to marry your dear, kind brother Bennet on the night of the younger Mr. Potter’s death. It seems cruelly unfair that I was so attached to both their passings, and entirely tragic that they should have faded away without knowing that you were alive and well. I know that in my husband’s case, at least, it surely would have given him great comfort.

I write to you with no expectation of reciprocation, but did not feel right withholding invitation to you any longer than I already have. In my own home, I am mother and guardian to your niece Charlotte, a beautiful young girl with chestnut hair and, I am told, her late uncle’s ears. Those same ears can be found on my ward Jameson, your nephew, though his sister Elspeth was, mercifully, spared! These three children are my family, my very heart, but they are your family, too. If you should wish to know them then I would, of course, oblige as long as it is in their best interests to do so.

Please do not hesitate to respond if that is your decision.


Odira T. Potter

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See Inside The Cards Will Tell
Posted by: Inès Valentine - May 21, 2018 – 8:35 PM - Forum: The Sanditon Resort - No Replies

May 20th, 1888; Afternoon — Sanditon Tearoom

“Oh, I only dabble,” she replied modestly, a bright smile on her face, to the woman who had asked about the tarot deck that rested before her. Her hostess was on her left, two unfamiliar bodies across from her, and the seat immediately to her right lay still vacant.

Slyly, [friend] hid her face behind her hand, knowing that was altogether a lie. Inès Valentine might have escaped note here, but in her home country and even in France, that she more than dabbled with the cards was well-known!

“I am, though, always up for a bit of practice,” she added, addressing both of their companions, her right hand fingering the top card of the deck lightly as she spoke, “if either of you are inclined to oblige? I shall do my best not to foretell anything too dire!”

Her laugh was as melodic as her voice, designed to lull those around her into a false sense of security.

Open to one woman (present), one individual of any gender (present), and potentially a newcomer, too!

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Private Down by the Bay
Posted by: Inès Valentine - May 21, 2018 – 8:30 PM - Forum: The Sanditon Resort - Replies (1)

May 19th, 1888 — The Sanditon Boardwalk

This was precisely what Inès had wanted.

Irvingly had swiftly proved to be a quaint little village, but “quaint” was often a nice way of saying “boring” and the resort she had come to with her hosts easily blew it out of the water, largely because the Moroccan witch had been in the water and loving it. Reluctantly she had returned to the relative dry of the bathing machine to redress, magically tidy her appearance, and return once more to the boardwalk, reassuring her hosts that they should retire until dinner if they were so worn (though in truth, she suspected them more amorous than anything) and that she could quite entertain herself.

The booths along the boardwalk were at once more and less exciting and exotic than she had been expecting—good by English standards, but nothing akin to the port city in which she had been raised. With a snow cone in hand, she made her way along, enjoying a level of anonymity she was not normally accustomed to.

Enjoying for now, at least. Inès had always been better suited to life at the centre of things.

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