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Veela are the supermodels of the non-human community: eerily beautiful, but a force to be reckoned with. Because of their unique skillset, Charming only allows three full veela at a time, however this documentation also includes information on their part-human progeny.


Supernatural Beauty — It is impossible for a veela to be unattractive. Even without bathing they are sweet-smelling –like an individual's amortentia – and well-kept, and their skin never blemishes. Minor injuries heal swiftly and without scarring, though major injuries take longer.

A Vain Nature — Veela are selfish, vain creatures, though this varies from each to another. One veela might choose herself over her children any day, while another might see her children as an extension of herself. That said, they always will place themselves above humans.

The Famed Temper — A cranky veela is no one's friend – and they come out to play more often than their human counterparts. A veela can become enraged instantly and seemingly forever, though can shift back to cheerful and lovely just as quickly.

A Love of the Wild — Veela prefer nature to civilization; many who have integrated into human communities will spend a great deal of time in parks or for nature strolls. A veela who must spend all her time indoors or even on crowded city streets will be made more and more anxious as time wears on.

A Love of Beauty — As creatures of beauty, veela love beautiful things. This is why they are so skillful at creating works of art of pieces of music. It also means, though, that the unattractive is downright repulsive to them – though they might hate a beautiful woman out of jealousy, it would not be nearly as much as they would hate an ugly one for being an offense to the eyes.


The Veela Charm — The Veela charm is, perhaps, their most noteworthy attribute. While affecting each man differently, it has effects on every man, even those who do not always prefer women. How a man reacts depends on his nature—a sappy sort might delve into poetry, the aggressive sort might force himself on her, etc.

Veela Magic — Veela magic is primal, and not exactly something they can control. It effects first their good looks and charm. It is also what transforms them into flamethrowing birds of nightmare. They cannot really control their magic, but it impacts the world around them, provided they're not entirely isolated. A group of cranky veela might bring with them a violent thunderstorm, but a lone cranky veela couldn’t even make it drizzle.

A Fowl Temper:

"When Veela are angry, however, they transform into something more like Harpies —their faces turn into cruel-beaked bird heads while long scaly wings burst from their shoulders, and they can launch balls of fire from their hands" — HP Wiki on Veela.

Motherly Instincts: — Though not particularly maternal in nature, Veela are always able to find their hatchlings, up until the child reaches puberty. This ability does not extend to part-veela offspring.


Reproduction With Humans: — A female may reproduce with a human male in the typical way and without impediment. The resulting child will be half-veela (see below). Veela pregnancies carry with them the same risks and likelihoods as traditional human pregnancies. The exception to this is half-veela, which are unable to reproduce with full veela. Part veela develop as normal humans, save for traits outlined below.

Veela cannot reproduce with any other species, including vampires.

Asexual Reproduction — As there are no male veela, the only way to produce new veela is via ritual. On the blue moon, a flock of veela may come together, each bringing with them a stone to bathe in the moonlight. This stone then becomes an egg, supernaturally enchanted to look like a large rock and convince non-veela that they are of no interest. The eggs are largely left alone by the veela community until they hatch one year later.

A veela has the size and skills of a human toddler upon hatching. While this means it cannot entirely fend for itself, it is not as demanding as the typical infant. A veela does not come into her powers until puberty, though men will find the child-veela demands protection and appeasement even without the sexual attraction.

The veela's bird-y side does not come out until puberty, and in muggle homes is generally the first sign that something is terribly awry with that child they found.

Veela have a lifespan similar to that of a human, living naturally from seventy to a hundred years. Unlike humans, though, they age slowly once reaching adulthood, with many veela on their deathbeds looking no older than fifty.


As mentioned, veela can mate with humans to produce a part-veela child. A part-veela will have some measure of veela charm, but it will dilute depending on how much human blood is in them. Children born to 'wild' veela are almost always abandoned, as veela are both self-centered and unaware of human needs.

A half-veela, regardless of gender, will be incredibly appealing to the opposite sex. It would take a particularly mentally strong individual to resist their advances—less than 5% of the population. Though they age as normal humans, they maintain the rest of a veela's ability to keep their skin unblemished. While they have none of a veela's powers beyond this, they are more temperamental than full humans, and typically more superficial. They make exceptional artists and musicians.

Quarter-veela are in the same boat as half-veela, but to a lesser extent. They are somewhat less temperamental and far more able to look beyond the surface. Though they'll seldom break out in pimples and are still naturally attractive, an illness or accident can permanently mar their features, though to less of an extent than a normal person. They are quite appealing to those who don't know them, though continued exposure renders them merely incredibly attractive, not intensely drawing. They make excellent musicians and artists.

By the fourth generation, an eighth-veela has little magic in him or her. Though naturally attractive, they are only drop-dead gorgeous if their human genetics call for it, and though charming to the opposite sex, they are not unnaturally alluring. They often retain either a bit of the veela temper or a general peculiarity. They make strong artists and musicians.

Beyond this, veela genetics have no effect. It is worth noting, however, that a half- or quarter-veela will always present as a muggleborn witch or wizard when sired by or on a muggle.

Unless tied to an existing part-veela family or essential to your plot, we prefer members not make part-veela characters.

Documentation written by Kayte exclusively for Charming.
Many thanks to the following sources:
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