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Divination Professor
Divination Professor

33 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 2 in.   ❤   Widowed
played by Bree
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Edna Shacklebolt

Full Name: Edna June Shacklebolt (née Jordan)

Nickname(s): Edie

Birthdate: April 29, 1857

Age: 33

Occupation: Divination Professor

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Irvingly, in a house that looks more like a witch hut than an actual era-standard home.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Alumna ('75)

Wand: Hornbeam, 13 inches, Unicorn hair, Swishy

----- Jordan, Father [18XX]
----- Jordan (née -----), Mother [18XX]
Theodora's Higgs (née Jordan), Sister [18XX]

Peridot "Perry" Shacklebolt, Husband [1857] | Although Edna felt nothing beyond friendship for him until marriage, she often refers to him as her Hogwarts "sweetheart". He perished in the laughing plague of 1884.

Myrna Shacklebolt, Daughter [1876] | A good and dutiful girl, Myrna helped support the family in the months after her father's death by assisting with her mother's fortune-telling business. She excels in school but struggles with anxiety and self-worth after being forced to mature at a young age.

Talulla Shacklebolt, Daughter [1878] | Though once her mother's pride and joy, Talulla has chosen to distance herself from her mother's "embarrassing" divination practices. She thinks herself better than her sisters, but is quick to jump to their defense if anyone outside suggests that her family is anything less than perfect.

Maribel Shacklebolt, Daughter [1879] | "Rebellious" is probably the wrong word to use to describe Maribel, because she doesn't go out of her way to break the rules and appears perfectly feminine and respectable upon first glance; however, her interests are far from respectable. She's obsessed with death and will talk about it in length with anyone willing to listen about the rate of decaying corpses or how the afterlife is nothing more than another plane of existence. Her mother has no idea what to do with her.
Edna has never quite fit society's expectations in terms of beauty. She's always been a little too broad, a little too wide, and a little too round. She's never cared much about societal beauty standards and instead opts for bright patterns and colors that contrast her dark complexion.

She has a round face, strong brows, and a wide mouth. She rarely cuts her dark hair and styles it in intricate braids and up-dos that are intended to catch the eye. She is very fond of accessories—necklaces, hairpieces, bracelets, scarves, and pins that she attaches to her robes. She wields her wand with her right hand.

Open-minded. Encouraging. Doesn't pry into other's lives, but always has an open ear for those in need. Absent-minded at times. Prone to staring off into space or talking to herself. Likes bright colors and feels compelled to brighten up dull spaces. Always enjoys a good party. Overly reliant on magic. Motherly.
    DIVINATION | Edna is a seer, but one unlikely to make history. Her visions, on the rare occasions she's had them, can best be describes as "pictures about important things that she only realizes are important in hindsight". Nonetheless, she's mastered other methods of the divine. Her favorites include astrology, cartomancy, tessomancy, crystal-gazing, and dream interpretation.

    HOUSEHOLD MAGIC | Edna is skilled in all manners of household spells, including ones to cook, clean, and do routine chores. She only keeps a single (under-worked) maid because of this.

    PATRONUS | Her patronus takes the form of a baby sea lion.

    ART | Skilled in both paint and ink work, Edna has released four sets of tarot cards, each with illustrations she's drawn herself. Her home is covered with her own artwork, and she's often said that her second job of choice would be the Hogwarts art instructor.
1857 | Edna Jordan is born the youngest of two daughters.

1861 | Edna's first display of magic happens at the young age of four during an outing for a friend's birthday. Upon hearing her friend voice her disappointment at the present Edna had hand-crafted, it promptly disappears into thin air and is never seen again (nor does Edna ever want to play with her again).

1865 | No one puts the pieces together that day, but Edna blacks out during a family meal while discussing Theodora's upcoming school year at Hogwarts, and she snaps out of it and immediately going into detail about the castle and the common room and the staircases. Everyone assumes she's been peeking through books about the school's history, but she swears she hasn't. She says she's seen it, and that it's beautiful. Little does she know that she's had her first vision into the future, even it was about nothing in particular.

1868 | Enda goes off to Hogwarts, and to her surprise, everything is as she remembered in her vision. The staircases, the corridors, the Great Hall—it's all the same. She is sorted into Ravenclaw, only to find that the common room looks identical to the one in her vision. It's fine. She's only going a little crazy. She finds herself quickly grouped in with the "eccentric" Ravenclaws. Making friends is a struggle, but she doesn't mind too much.

1869 | Edna meets Peridot Shacklebolt, a Hufflepuff in her year. She sticks to him like glue, and they form a "fake-it-'til-you-make-it" type of friendship that only succeeds because both struggle to make other friends.

1870 | Enda enters her third year with an additional two classes on her schedule: Earth Magic and Divination. She takes to the latter like a fish takes to water: swimmingly. She gets high marks on every single assignment during then term, and it doesn't take long before she begins stalking the professor outside of class. For reasons.

1872 | At the end of her fourth year, Edna shares her first kiss with Peridot. It wasn't about romance, she claims; she just wanted to know what how it felt, and he was the closest male friend she had!
1873 | Enda takes her OWL and does well considering she's been hyper-focused on 2-3 subjects since her third year. She continues into her sixth year with Astronomy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Divination, Earth Magic, and Transfiguration.

1875 | Edna graduates and debuts. Despite her love of parties and socializing, she struggles to fit society's strict expectations for debutantes. She's too loud and too bubbly; she overshares to the wrong people; and she hates the obsession over conventional beauty standards when she would rather wear a bright, patterned gown over a white dress any day. Everything comes to an end by August when Peridot suddenly proposes, and—shocking even herself—she accepts. (Apparently the kiss three years earlier meant something to him. She doesn't mind, because he's got a Ministry job straight out of Hogwarts and marrying him means avoiding the awkward "getting to know you" phase of courtship.) They marry in October, and she is pregnant soon after.

1876 | During her pregnancy, Edna designs and begins selling her first tarot collection with her own illustrations. It provides an income to supplement Peridot's pay, but not enough to make much of a difference in the short-term. Edna delivers a baby girl, and her friend, a self-proclaimed "naming seer", urges her to name the girl Myrna with a promise that she will always be there for her mother during times of hardship. Whatever that means.

1877 | Edna, Peridot, and baby Myrna move to Hogsmeade in the aftermath of the muggle riots. She's not fond of the bustle of Hogsmeade, but believes it's the safest place for their family considering their muggle neighbors were already aware that Edna was a bit "different". They stay in South Bartonburg in a rented home, but don't intend to stay there long-term.

1878 | Another baby girl is born to Edna and her husband. The naming seer friend advises them to name her Tallula, claiming she will one day be a famed beauty and marry well. The couple unintentionally treat the child like a porcelain doll, unintentionally filling her head with the importance of beauty and ladylike behavior.

1879 | Edna finds herself with child just as she's recovering from her second pregnancy, and she gives birth to baby Maribel in late August. She is told by the naming seer that Maribel is the only name that will suit her, but with a word of caution: she will one day cause great chaos no matter what steps are taken to prevent it. It's an ominous prophecy for such a harmless baby girl, but Edna and Peridot are determined to treat her no different for it.

1881 | Edna turns to art to cope with the inherent chaos of child-rearing, and publishes her second pack of tarot cards as the summer comes to an end. They become hot sellers with their depictions of magical beasts, and she is forced to print more to keep up with the demand. It provides more income than her first release, and it almost helps her make a name for herself in the village.

1883 | The Shacklebolts move to Irvingly, where they build a house. From scratch (well, there's magic involved). It's not a pretty home like the ones in Swallowbury, but betters fits the aesthetics of their lifestyle. There's plants and art everywhere, and the gardens are large and daunting enough to keep strangers out. Somehow she manages to be the neighborhood witch in a neighborhood of witches.

1884 | Tragedy has a way of striking when it's least expected, and that's what happened when Peridot was stuck inside the quarantine zone during the outbreak of the laughing plague. It takes two excruciating days to locate him, an three days later... he's dead. Gone. The family has nothing, save for their savings, Edna's dowry, and the small sum Peridot's father gifted the family to prevent ruin. There's no time for proper mourning. Edna immediately launches her own fortune-telling business out of her home, partly to preserve their standing in society and partly to avoid acknowledging the pain of losing her childhood best friend. Myrna so graciously helps her mother keep the business afloat, at times even pretending to be a seer to attract customers. Their financial state improves when Edna releases a third line of tarot cards centered around the macabre, but it takes much longer to heal as a family.

1887 | Myrna goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into ____. Though she struggle with her daughter's departure, she hopes the experience of being around other girls her age will help her come out of her shell.

1889 | Edna releases her fourth set of tarot cards using imagery from Hogwarts—the portraits, the archways, the ghosts, house symbolism, etc.

1890 | With her two youngest daughters going off to Hogwarts in September, Edna, not wanting to be home alone, applies for the post of Divination professor.

— Edna is a seer.

— She's published four separate tarot decks, the last two which have been immediate best-sellers.

— She began teaching at Hogwarts in September of 1890.

— She is a widow with three daughters.
— Her home in Irvingly looks like an old witch hut and no one is allowed inside besides her own relatives. Usually.

— Her and her husband were new graduates when they got married. She got pregnant long enough after that it didn't seem suspicious.

— Her older sister married up.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Holly Scrimgeour

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Nurse: the cranky af probably-just-too-old-to-marry spinster who is positive you're not dying, so stop crying.

Etiquette Professor: Super strict, slightly neurotic. "You hand is 1/2 and inch too low on your dance partner's waist, don't you know anything!?"

Magical Theory: a fabulous old widow who tells you like it is, but also sneaks you sweets.

May I add:

- The new DADA/Charms professor: Young, hotshot, thinks he knows it all—but really has no idea how to talk to teenagers. Thinks he's "down with the youth" but doesn't know anything about what the kids are interested in despite only being a decade or so older than some of them.

- Earth Magic professor: Would probably be better off as a modern-day elementary-aged teacher. Addresses the houses as the four elements (Gryffindor = fire, Hufflepuff = earth, Slytherin = water, Ravenclaw = air). Has more craft assignments than the actual art instructor. Worships mother nature as a deity.