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Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot

61 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 10 in.   ❤   Married
played by Kayte
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Lucius Lestrange

Full Name: Lucius Algernon Lestrange


Birthdate: October 17th, 1827

Age: 61

Occupation: Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot and Lestrange Family Patriarch

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London, though there is an estate in a location I've forgotten #oops

Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alumnus

Ceder, twelve inches, dragon heartstring. Rigid, and wielded with his left hand.

Alexandria Lestrange née Rosier, First Wife [1839-1884] — Alexandria only ever had three things going for her: appealing looks, a pure bloodline, and an unreasonably large sum of money. The only child of a notable wizard, the two were betrothed from the time that Lucius was sixteen years of age, a match he paid little enough attention to until the time came to be wed. Her only sensible action in life was to accidentally impale herself, removing her soul from the mortal coil.

Claudius Lestrange, Son [1859] — Though Lucius was always (quietly) proud of his firstborn, he wishes that they were as similar as he is with Tiberius, finding his son altogether too indecisive for the role of family patriarch.

Valeria Greengrass née Lestrange, Daughter [1865] — Exists. He’s fond enough of her, though given her sex, does not hold her in particularly high esteem.

— Theseus Greengras, Son-in-Law [1856]
— Tobin Cannon Greengrass, Grandson [1884]
&mash; Venus Greengrass, Granddaughter [1886]

Cassius Lestrange, Son [1866] — The family disappointment.

Unnamed male twin, slain not long after birth.

Cornelia Lestrange, Daughter [1870] — Exists. He’s fond enough of her, though given her sex, does not hold her in particularly high esteem.

Seneca Lestrange, Daughter [1873] — A metamorphmagus. Had she been born male, Lucius suspects she would have done great things. He hopes that her own nature coupled with her step-mother’s example will enable her to do that in spite of her sex.

Belphoebe Lestrange née Trimble, Second Wife [1850] — A match of affection rather than convenience. Lucius respects his wife greatly, and is terribly fond of her.

Cicero Lestrange, Son [1887] — Already preferable to Cash.

William Lestrange, Father [1763-1879] — Even from his earliest years, Lucius always took after his father immensely. That he was the eldest son in the household worked to his advantage; it came as little surprise when Lucius inherited everything upon his father's death. William died mid-conversation at his retirement party in 1879.

Octavia Lestrange nee Yaxley, Mother [1803-1852] — Though saddened by the loss of her, Lucius had little to do with his mother in life or in death.

Klaus Lestrange, Half-Brother [1801-1875] — Born well before any of his siblings, Klaus was the only child to William and Maria nee Krum. He had little to do with his siblings at any point in his life, though his children did interact with them to varying extents. A Department Head, he was slaughtered by his brother in 1875.

— Orestes Lestrange, Nephew [1836-1885], and family
— Andromache Pettigrew née Lestrange, Niece [1839], and family
— Priam Lestrange, Nephew [1844], and family

The boys found themselves too old to be proper nephews in Lucius' eyes, but too young to be as if brothers; as such, he had next to nothing to do with them in their earlier years, and only as they proved useful in adulthood. Lucius has never paid much attention to his late brother's daughter, though has threatened her son on occasion.

Sebastian Lestrange, Brother [1830-1882] — Sebastian was a twin to Katherina, the inferior of the pair.

— Mirella ---- née Lestrange, Niece [1862]
— Sebastian Lestrange Jr., Nephew [1865]
— Priscilla Lestrange, Niece [1867]

Katherina Selwyn née Lestrange, Sister [1830] — The living sister with whom he is closest, though that hardly says a great deal.

And family

Tybalt Lestrange, Brother [1834] — Tybalt was always just a little bit more on edge than his siblings, and a little bit too interested—publically; there is scarcely a Lestrange man who hasn't at least dabbled—in the Dark Arts. This, unfortunately, culminated in 1875, when, in an attempt for more power, he murdered thirteen Ministry workers, including his brother Klaus. Tybalt was given the Dementor’s Kiss in 1885 after ‘escaping’ from prison.

Tiberius Lestrange, Nephew [1864], and family — Lucius had no qualms about taking the boy in, now viewing Tiberius as a third son.
Tatiana Lestrange, Niece [1866]

Olivia Pendergast née Lestrange, Sister [1837-1887] — Generally his favourite sibling. Inconveniently, she died.

— Regan Pendergast, Nephew [1861]
— Eloise Manwaring née Pendergast, Niece [1862], and family
Evelyn Abercrombie née Pendergast, Niece [1863]. and family
— William Pendergast, Nephew & Future Son-in-Law [1864]
— Rosalind Pendergast, Niece [1866]
— Ellory Pendergast, Niece [1867]
— Regina Pendergast, Niece [1883]
— Warrick Pendergast, Nephew [1883-1884]

Mariana Macnair née Lestrange, Sister [1840] — Lucius finds his younger sister absolutely baffling with her strange interests and her incredibly fluid morals. Though he endures her company and respects her intellect, he finds Mariana to be too tiring to be around long-term.

And family

The Lestranges have ties to the majority of pureblooded wizarding Britain.
Lucius is what you would expect for a man of his age and affluence. Not particularly tall, he stands at a flat five feet, ten inches, his sturdy frame filled out somewhat by age and lack of activity. He dresses well and always appears neat, of not religiously fashionable. His dark hair is kept short, hazel eyes large on his face. A beaky nose shared with some uncle or another rests above the thin lips of his mother, and various scars dot his body from his years as an Unspeakable—if you know where to look for them.


Lucius is a staunch blood purist, and is not quiet about the fact. He surrounds himself with pureblooded family and associates, never forming more than a casual acquaintance with those of mixed blood—and scarcely finding a word to say to a mudblood or muggle. His children will wed purebloods or find themselves cast out, and no muggleborn shall find a place at his table even when social convention would otherwise demand it. He views squibs as lower on the pecking order even than mudbloods, and abides them no more than he would a muggle.

The status quo ever having worked in his favour, Lucius does whatever he can to ensure nothing ever changes. Furthermore, his views are the older, more established ones, favouring arranged marriages, class hierarchy, and the like. While he would never debase himself by protesting for such things, it is laws that adhere to his own conservative values that he champions within the Wizengamot, and like-minded acquaintances that find themselves becoming friends.

For all that he can come across as an arrogant ass, Lucius is truly in his element in social situations. He can get along with just about anyone—f he chooses to. He makes friends with ease, though is less skillful at maintaining such relationships.

Lucius is quick and rational to act, and he seldom does so without knowing what the consequences of his actions will be. To this end he is also quite stubborn; his mind is very seldom swayed.
  • Lucius is an occulmens and a legilimens
  • His animagus form is a raven
  • Lucius is a particularly skillful chess player
  • Fluent in English, French, German. Proficient in Latin.

  • Animagus form: Raven
  • Lucius was Tybalt's companion in the practicing of the Dark Arts, and so was able to watch as his brother became more and more infatuated with them. Though he was never quite as aggressive a practitioner, he did not dissuade his brother in his plans—which he used to his advantage, ensuring that Klaus would be present when all hell broke loose. From then on, Tybalt was too much of a loose cannon to remain present, and so Lucius deftly took steps to ensure his brother would never see a day of freedom again. He may or may not have been involved in the death of his father-in-law, though was legitimately displeased by his own father's sudden passing.
  • Lucius steadfastly refuses to believe in any sort of higher power or destiny

Early Years

October 17th, 1827 | Lucius is born the first child to Mrs. Octavia Lestrange and the second to her husband, William.

1830 | Octavia delivers twins, Sebastian and Katherina.

1834 | Lucius is given his third and final brother, Tybalt.

June 1835 | Lucius reveals his first signs of magic, having used it to steal a toy from his infant brother.

February 23rd, 1837 | Olivia is born.


September 1st, 1839 | Lucius begins his schooling at Hogwarts, where he is placed without hesitation into Slytherin. Much of his socialization is limited to the children with whom he was brought up in his earlier years.

August 2nd, 1840 | Octavia gives the family their last child, a daughter called Mariana.

Spring, 1841 | During a particularly damp weekend, Lucius stumbles upon some interesting reading in the library about some trial or another. Further investigation prompts the beginning of his interest in the Dark Arts.

September 1st, 1841 | The twins begin their time at Hogwarts. Neither is sorted into Slytherin, and so this change has little bearing on Lucius.

September 1st, 1843 | Lucius returns for his fifth year at Hogwarts, now as a prefect.

November 7th, 1843 | Lucius is informed that a match has been found for him in Alexandria Rosier, currently a toddler. That same day he claims the virginity of a lower class fourth year in his house, losing his own in the process.

September 1st, 1845 | Lucius begins his final year at Hogwarts, having been named Head Boy. Tybalt begins his time at Hogwarts, joining his brother in Slytherin.


Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Arithmancy E A
Astronomy A --
Care of Magical Creatures A --
Charms E E
Defence Against the Dark Arts O E
Herbology A --
History of Magic O E
Potions E E
Transfiguration O O


May, 1846 | Having finished with his schooling, Lucius begins travelling in the East, searching for whatever peculiar magic the region might have to offer him.

February 28th, 1847 | Always good at transfiguration, Lucius attains his animigus form at last, that of a raven.

Spring, 1848 | Lucius returns from his travels and joins his father in the Department of Mysteries, finding a place as an Unspeakable.

June, 1853 | Lucius meets his betrothed (fourteen) for the first time, and finds her pleasing to the eye and not at all chatty.

March 20th, 1857 | Lucius is made assistant head of his department.

June 7th, 1858 | Lucius and Alexandria marry with little ado.

August 16th, 1859 | Alexandria gives him his first child and son, Claudius.

December 12th, 1860 | William retires from the DoM, though maintains his position in the Wizengamot, leaving the role of Head of the Department of Mysteries to his son. Lucius claims, too, a position in the Wizengamot later that month.

July 1st, 1865 | Valeria is born.

May 25th, 1866 | Cassius is born.

1870 | Cornelia is born.

September 1st, 1870 | Claudius begins at Hogwarts, sorted into Ravenclaw.

January 1st, 1873 | Seneca is born, Lucius' fifth and final child.

March 3rd, 1875 | Tybalt launches his assault on the Ministry, killing their brother Klaus in the process. Though he promptly flees the scene, Lucius is well aware of where to find his youngest brother, and quietly alerts the authorities.

August 4th, 1875 | Tybalt is sentenced to life imprisonment in Azkaban. Lucius takes in his son, Tiberius.

September 1st, 1875 | Tiberius leaves the Lestrange home for Hogwarts, where he is sorted into Slytherin.

Christmas, 1875 | Lucius catches Tiberius taking an...interest in his father's old hobbies. Lucius encourages him in his endeavours.

April 13th, 1876 | Alexander Rosier passes away quite unexpectedly, leaving the entirety of his fortune to his daughter—and to her husband.

June 1st, 1876 | Now that it is evident that money will never pose a problem for him or family, Lucius leaves his positions in the Department of Mysteries.

September 1st, 1876 | Valeria begins at Hogwarts, joining her cousin in Slytherin.

September 1st, 1877 | Cassius joins his brother in Ravenclaw.

1879 | Lucius is quite startled to learn that Seneca is a metamorphmagus.


May 3rd, 1879 | William passes suddenly at his retirement party from the Wizengamot. Lucius inherits much of his father's fortune and estate.

September 1st, 1881 | Cornelia finally joins her siblings at Hogwarts.

1884 | Valeria marries and Alexandria accidentally impales herself in the night. The two are unrelated.

1885 | An accident at Azkaban sees Tybalt temporarily moved to asylum. Lucius combines Seneca’s special skills and a poisoned Cassius as a diversion to break out his brother and a handful of other prisoners. Tybalt is ultimately reclaimed by the authorities and subjected to the Dementor’s Kiss.

Autumn, 1886 | Lucius remarries to the now Belphoebe Lestrange, a woman who he had grown to respect tremendously since her appointment as head of the Department of Mysteries.

Summer 1887 | Cassius is a trainwreck, Olivia dies, and Cicero is born.

Chief Warlock

1888 | After Herschel Dawlish’s tragic death, Lucius wastes little time in securing the position of Chief Warlock for himself.

1889 | May sees Belphoebe deliver a stillborn son. He is informed that it is unlikely his wife, given this turn and her age, will produce another healthy pregnancy.
  • He is Chief Warlock
  • He has a reputation for being fairly conservative
  • He is very fond of his wife
  • His brother killed a bunch of people, but has since been subjected to the Dementor's Kiss
  • His youngest daughter is a metamorphmagus
  • Dark Arts are his forte
  • About the tensions between him and his adult sons
Played By: Kayte

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  • I prefer fade-to-black for sexual situations. I don't have anything against smut per se, but I would rather write no smut than bad smut!
  • I am a teacher who also volunteers with young children. Student-professor relationships are firm no-go areas for me.
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    Meet. @Cassius Lestrange—a strapping young lad from an illustrious family. Who wouldn’t want to marry him? Sure, his father actively dislikes him and yes, he “actively” likes the menfolk, but we can’t all be perfect, can we?

    Lucius has decided it’s time to stop faffing about and time to start making arrangements for his greatest disappointment. Sure, Cash is young, but also, Lucius is rich! There are few impediments.

    To that end, he has enlisted his nice @Evelyn Abercrombie and her knowledge of the up-and-coming debs of the world to find his son an appropriate match. She has semi-outsourced to @Inès Valentine, as one does.

    What does that mean for you?

    I am looking for unmarried, unattached young ladies aged 12-20 who are MCPB or UCPB. Those who “pass” their interview with the ladies will get a chance to wet themselves (in the urine way) in a face-to-face with Big Daddy. Only his top candidates will actually get to meet the man they might be marrying!

    DISCLAIMER: there is a plot in the works for Cash outside of this so like, don’t make it your reason to live or anything. Tis but a FUN EXCURSION. Interviews for students can be arranged on Hogsmeade week-ends.

    Girls or their parents may contact the answering service directly to book an appointment.

    Any takers? Wink