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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

Lucretia Zabini
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Played by Dante
Italian Socialite
45 year old Pureblood
Italian Socialite
ft. in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Lucretia Megeara Zabini De Rossi

Nickname(s): Don’t even think about

Birthdate: 12th May 1845

Age: 45


Occupation: Socialite

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: N/A- Incantima

Wand: Spruce, 10 inchs, unicorn hair rigid

Family: ‘Luca’ Zabini -Husband
Savino Zabini - Son
Luciana Zabini - Daughter

Blaise De Rossi - Father
Maira De Rossi- Mother
Mario De Rossi - Brother
Antonetta ______ Nee De Rossi - Sister
Blaise De Rossi - Brother
Giorgio De Rossi - Brother
Avatar PB Morena Baccarin

Lucretia is a beautiful woman for her age and she is very proud of her appearance. She always wears the best of clothing and her appearance is always immaculate. She stands at 5,3. Her lady's maid is kept very busy in ensuring that her mistress is impeccably turned out.

She wears rich colours and opulent designs. Her appearance is typical of her italian heritage, her hair is dark brown, and dark brown eyes. Her skin is olive and she is identifiably Mediterranean. She is left-handed but was forced to learn to use her right making her functionally ambidextrous.
Lucretia De Rossi was born to a perfectly respectable upper middle class Italian pureblood family with a long and distinguished heritage. Appearance was rather important in her family, and any family member who stepped out of line was dispatched with rather quickly and the De Rossi’s have a long list of disowned family members - mostly consisting of blood traitors, squibs, the sickly, or otherwise less than perfect.

She displayed magic at 2 and when she was 10 she was shipped off to school where her 2 elder siblings were already in attendance. She remained in school until she was 18. When Lucretia was in school her father speculated with the family money and their fortunes were constantly in flux, almost no one, other than those she was in school year with would really be aware of this and they would only know because some years Lucretia would be in the upper-class dorms other years she would be in the middle-class dorms. It made her very sensitive about her family's position in society.

When she completed school she met and married her husband, and secured a stable position in the upper middle classes. It was - acceptable. It did sting somewhat when she discovered that her husbands family had an upper-class branch to it. She began putting rather a bit of pressure on her husband to be more ambitious and do his part in increasing their status. While she also did everything she could to secure their social assent.

Savino was born! Her first born child, her son, the apple of her eye. As far as Lucretia is concerned her son can do no wrong. There is almost nothing he could do that would disillusion her of the view that he is just the best and brightest young man that exists. He displays magic and makes her very proud.

4 years later her daughter Luciana is born, she is ….fine. She isn’t nearly as socially graceful or accomplished as Lucretia would like. Lucretia tries regularly to improve her daughter but nothing the girl does suitably impresses her mother. All in all she is ….disappointing. The best hope Lucretia has is that the girl might somehow marry well, although even that Lucretia might have to take control of.

She never liked Ama Zabini, mostly born out of jealousy of a woman she saw as her inferior that had secured a ‘better’ husband. When she began looking into the family tree it wasn't out of altruism, she did hope to find [i]something[/i] - ideally something which might entail the estate from Cosmo and increase her husbands status within the family -but BOY did she hit the motherload! Cosmos line were no longer pure! What a pity! While it didn’t result in the desired entailment it did bring a good amount of embarrassment on Cosmo’s line. So that was something.

For years the family successfully and fruitfully navigate the Italian social scene but her husband has now decided to take them to England and while she isn’t thrilled about the weather she is looking forward to the chance to show off her family to English society and see if she can secure the social assent she rather desperately craves.
Ambitious, Intelligent, Accomplished, Socially adept,
Speaks Italian, English, and French She is an animagus with the form of a European Bee-Eater
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Lady is amazing!
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