Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Extended Profile

    Brutus Kettleburn

    First String Beater for the Kenmare Kestrels

    First String Beater for the Kenmare Kestrels

    Played by Olive
    Unattached 6 ft. 1 in.

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    Early Life
    1865 — Brutus was born the second and only son to survive infancy to Madeleine and Damocles Kettleburn on a particularly nippy October at four in the morning which helped inspire his middle name 'Manlius' meaning morning. He was a particularly boisterous infant which was a relief to both his parents seeing as his older brother had passed very quietly in the night a few years earlier.
    1870 — He showed his first signs of magic early on in his childhood as his temper being easily provoked caused a window pane to smash. As a young boy, he was not given a great many toys owing to his parents' lack of money and so he eventually turned his attention to fighting. He wasn't particularly good at making friends as a young boy and the muggles he lived near weren't very accepting of him as his occasional fits of accidental magic unnerved them so instead he would get angry at them for not accepting him and fist fights would result. It was not unusual for him to return home with cut lips and bruises. He didn't win his fights for a long time owing to his being smaller and scrawnier than the other boys but he soon learned the best way to defend himself and began returning home with fewer black eyes and scratches.
    1873 — At the age of seven, Brutus became an older brother as Callista was born the first daughter in the family. Brutus wasn't at all sure what to make of the new addition and decided she wasn't all that interesting. Being an anti-social child as it was, he didn't crave or miss his parents' attention that he now shared with a sister but as his sister grew older, he found her to be highly irritating in that she tried to follow him around and soon it seemed he had to take care of her which wasn't something he wanted to do as the other boys teased him even more for having his younger sister constantly following him places. Eventually, his resentment toward his sister subsided and he came to feel protective over her though he made no outward show of this.
    1876 — When Brutus was ten, his father took him into a forest where magical creatures resided to collect rare ingredients to sell that would help pay for his education the following year. Unfortunately they came across a stray hippogriff which attacked them both. Brutus' father did his best to protect his son but managed to sustain a large and very deep wound at a main artery and died from blood loss very quickly though Brutus survived only with a cut across his lower back, the scar from which he still has. He was greatly upset by his father's passing though bottled it up inside. His mother, on the other hand, was distraught and consequently the family moved to reside with her late husband's father, Orpheus Kettleburn, the owner of a small apothecary in Knockturn Alley.
    1877 — It would soon be apparent that there would be a final addition to the family, Decima Kettleburn who would be the last of the Kettleburn children, the birth of which killed Madeleine who had always had difficulty with pregnancy. The three Kettleburns would reside with their grandfather from then onward. Brutus' Hogwarts letter arrived soon after and a somewhat more somber Brutus went off to Hogwarts in September.
    Hogwarts Years
    1877 — He was sorted into Slytherin even if he wasn't particularly cunning, but he wasn't exactly brave, intelligent or hard-working either. It seemed he had just enough vaguely Slytherin qualities to convince the hat he was best suited there. He would likely have ended up in Hufflepuff had he been less aggressively inclined. His first few years passed by with minimal problems save for fairly poor grades and more than a few fist fights but he found himself a couple friends and worked his way out of his shell a little. In the summers he returned to his grandfather's shop and helped him with it though he found it tedious. It was in his first year that he found himself talented on a broom and while he privately made time to fly, he couldn't pluck up the courage to actually try out.
    1881 — With a ban on girls playing quidditch introduced, the teams required a fairly heavy influx of new players and this year Brutus decided to try out and managed to land himself a spot as beater.
    1882 — Brutus miraculously manages to scrape grades good enough to continue on to NEWTs, even if his head may as well be filled with rocks. This likely had something to do with some help from friends.
    1884 — Brutus performs poorly on his NEWTs. Is anyone surprised? No. He goes on to get a reserve spot on the Kenmare Kestrels so his NEWT failures don't turn out to be all too damaging, or at least until he can't play quidditch anymore.
    After Hogwarts
    1885 — Brutus earns a promotion to first string beater for the Kenmare Kestrels.
    Brutus is still playing quidditch, going around picking fights with people and being, generally, a mess.


    Brutus Manlius Kettleburn
    School: Hogwarts
    House: Slytherin
    Attended: 1877 - 1884
    Care of Magical Creatures
    Ghoul Studies
    History of Magic
    Care of Magical Creatures
    Ghoul Studies
    Other: Etiquette
    Kenmare Kestrels Beater
    1885 — Present
    Kenmare Kestrels Reserve Beater
    1884 — 1885
    Kenmare Kestrels
    1884 — Present
    Born: October 11th, 1865
    Star Sign: Libra
    Wand: 14” Blackthorn and Dittany Stalk
    Blood: Halfblood
    Dominant Hand: Right
    Languages: English
    Amortentia: Mud, blood, steak
    Boggart: ???
    Pets: Bitey — Cat
    — Fighting
    — Bosoms
    — Quidditch
    — Drinking
    Harrison Primpernelle
    Yarrow Macnair
    Angie Sinnett — One-sided crush
    Eli Swan
    Cassius Lestrange
    Reputation Log
    Post Log
    Seeking hurls, plots, and FRIENDS!


    Perfect set all thanks to Té<3