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Parselmouth Child
Parselmouth Child

7 year old Pureblood
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played by Nichole
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Serpentine Malfoy

Full Name: Serpentine Celeste Malfoy

Nickname(s): Serp, Tinnie

Birthdate: May 31, 1882

Age: 7

Occupation: Parselmouth Child

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: unknown

Wand: none

Gaius Malfoy, father [1854] - Celeste Malfoy née Avery, mother [1862-1882] - November Malfoy née Crouch, stepmother [1863] - Callistus Malfoy, half-brother [1886] - Flavius Malfoy, half-brother [1887] Barnabas Malfoy, grandfather [1814] - Gwenaelle Malfoy née Pierce, grandmother [1831] Clarissa Rowle née Malfoy, aunt [1862-1884] — Nero Rowle, uncle [1850] — Jocasta Rowle, cousin [1883] Brynn Malfoy, aunt [1866]
At seven, Serp is already the poster child for the typical Malfoy. Pale skin set off by equally pale blonde hair and brilliant, piercing blue eyes. At nearly eight, she has started to shed just enough of her baby fat that angles just as sharp as her eyes are already starting to appear, making her look slightly older than she is. She stands just a little shorter than the other girls her age, an inch and a bit behind her companions. She doesn’t choose her own outfits yet at her age, but she is typically dressed in a muggle fashion and in darker colors. Since starting to write, she has been trained out of using her left hand and now writes strictly with her right hand. While not technically a part of her, she is rarely seen without her pet snake, which is normally curled loosely around her neck.

She tends to behave just as piercingly as she looks. Overall, she is often quite quiet and if she does talk, it is often to Igor or in short sentences. However, she tends to always be watching everything around her, the gears of her mind-twisting to process everything as fast as she can. While she has always been judgemental and manipulative, she has grown more so over the years, prompted by her ever-growing insecurity in being the only child and daughter of a deceased first wife. Despite her harsh exterior, she craves acceptance and attention from the adults in her life. Not all negative, should one get to know her past the rough exterior, she will thrive on the interaction and is overall more pleasant, showing an insatiable curiosity and desire to know everything possible. She even smiles and acts far more her age. She is prone to asking anyone she can to have tea parties.
[b]1882 |[/b] After a long labor, a girl is born to Gaius and Celeste Malfoy, the first Malfoy born of her generation in the immediate family. However, due to complications with the birth, her mother passed away shortly after leaving the father and newborn daughter alone. The sickly child is left under the care of a nanny and she rarely sees her father. [b]1883 | [/b]The father-daughter duo and most of their staff relocate to Hogsmeade. Two of her cousins are born but she is still too young to care. [b]1884 | [/b]Many of her relatives died this year in the plague - Clarissa namely. [b]1885 |[/b] Her father remarries to a November Crouch. The two don't know how to act around each other, but she holds no bitter feelings towards her new stepmother as she has no memory of her own. She still considers the nanny more of a mother than anyone else. She starts to attend Flint Institute. [b]1886 |[/b] Her first half-brother was born. She dotes on him as much as a four-year-old can but she hosts a collection of bitter feelings towards him at the attention he receives from their father. [b]1887 |[/b] Her second half-brother is born and she likes him less than she likes her first brother. They get more attention than she does. One weekend in August she is allowed to travel with the nanny to visit her Grandfather's dragon breeding program. He teaches her about the family history and gifts her a pet snake, particularly a individual of the dragonsnake species, which he breed for their ironic name. Her own mini dragon. She names it Igor and it is revealed that she is a parselmouth. It also functions as her first sign of magic. This ability raises her status in her father's eyes and she starts to receive a bit more attention. [b]1890 |[/b] On top of her governess she receives outside lessons on the basics of household management. She finds it boring and at seven, she sees no need to yet learn this. She would rather be playing with her dolls. At this point, Serp and her stepmother seemed to have reached neutral ground. They aren't highly affectionate but their relationship leans towards the positive now rather than negative. November's sons, however, they aren't that close, but that easily comes to age. They are too young to play the games she wants to play - though she tries. She still gets a little iffy when more attention is paid to them than her.
Played By: Nichole

Contact: Skype

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