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Librarian at Crowdy Memorial Library

24 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 9½ in.   ❤   Married
played by Kayte
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Odira Keene
“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book! When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.” — Pride and Prejudice

Full Name: Odira Temperance Keene née Browne, formerly Potter

Nickname(s): --

Birthdate: March 1st, 1865

Age: 24

Occupation: Librarian at Crowdy Memorial Library

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: 43 Thimblewhit Turn, N. Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Odira also lets houses at number 37 on the same street, as well as one in Wellingtonshire.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw


Rosewood, 9¾ inches, springy, veela hair Stolen by Jasper Bryce in 1885
Acacia, 12¾ inches, swishy, with a unicorn tail hair—made by Temerita Reid

Baxter Keene, Second Husband [1850]
Bennet Potter, First Husband [1859-1886]
Jane Potter, Daughter [1885]
Jameson Potter, Nephew & Ward [1883]
Elspeth Potter, Niece & Ward [1884]

Augustus Browne, Father [1822]
Aurelia Browne née Hebb, Mother [1837]
Sampson Browne, Brother [1858]
Esther Browne, Sister-in-Law [1860]
— Gracie Browne, Niece [1884]
— Verity Browne, Niece [1886]
Chastity Pettigrew née Browne, Sister [1860-1884]
Thom Pettigrew, Brother-in-Law [1855]
— Odessa Pettigrew, Niece [1881]
— Alexander Pettigrew, Nephew [1884]
Calliope Riley née Browne, Sister [1863]
— Daniel Riley, Brother-in-Law [1845-1882]
— Viola Riley, Niece [1883]
Gideon Browne, Twin [1865]
Loretta Browne, Sister [1867]
Prudence Browne, Sister [1872]

William Browne, Paternal Grandfather [1800-1884]
Eudora Browne née Greengrass, Paternal Grandmother [1804-1876]
Violet ----- née Browne, Aunt [1825], and family
Briseis Weasley née Browne, Aunt [1830]
— Caradog Weasley, Cousin [1853], and family
— Catigern Weasley, Cousin [1853], and family
Antonius Browne, Uncle [1833], and family

Odira has never knowingly met any of her maternal family.
Odira's build is that favoured by the women on her paternal side: tall, curvy, and sturdy. Having grown to her full height of five feet, nine and a half inches already sets her out from the crowd; the distinct dusting of freckles and full lips on her round face only distinguishes her further. Soft grey eyes and a pale complexion stand out against her long, dark brown mane. Though hardly a beauty by anyone's standards, Odira does have a measure of quirky charm about her that keeps her from being dismissed as wholly plain.

Tending towards what is comfortable, yet acceptable for a woman of her age and status, Odira is quite content to save a few sickles and wear her clothing past the point of it being fashionable, or buy from the less prestigious seamstresses, setting little store in the status of her clothing over that of her intellect. Her preference for darker shades does little to aid her complexion, but Odira favours them nonetheless.

THE PATIENT ONE: Her innate patience for even the most blatantly stupid makes interacting with those around her fairly easy for Odira, an attitude with little temper to balance it. Her accepting and forgiving nature makes her quite easy to take advantage of and is typically taken as naivety, but in reality, she simply doesn't like to make a fuss about things.

THE CLEVER ONE: Odira is a clever girl, she knows it, and she's particularly offended when others try to suggest otherwise. This doesn't extend solely to book-learning; the witch has a solid, generally practical head on her shoulders and is well acquainted with her own mind. Good at finding ways to solve problems, both in and out of academia, she is adept at conversing (well, debating) with intellectuals and good to have around in a pinch.

THE CAUTIOUS ONE: She'll never be a gambler. Before even considering a potential risk, Odira is the sort to weigh all the pros and cons—complete with tangible lists—and generally opts to avoid it. Though not avoidant of new things, if she judges something to be too unsafe, she's unlikely to give it a go. Such hesitation often makes her the stick-in-the-mud of a given social group, but her firm belief in "better safe than sorry" makes this reputation unlikely to change any time soon.

THE GRACEFUL ONE: Though her large size would, to many, suggest otherwise, clumsiness has never been something to plague Odira. An excellent dancer, she is surefooted on every terrain she has come across (in fairness, though, she has little experience on anything particularly taxing) and always maintains proper posture when in the company of others.

THE ROMANTIC ONE: Being otherwise practical, Odira's weak spot is for romance, spurred on by her fascination with the works of the muggle author Jane Austen. The result leaves her, in ways, more naive than many women in her acquaintance, with unrealistic ideas of love and marriage being a guiding factor in how she plans to live her life. From a young age she declared she wouldn't marry unless deeply and passionately in love, a notion which persists within her to this day.


Class Name OWLs
Ancient Runes O O
Arithmancy E
Astronomy E
Charms O O
Defence Against the Dark Arts E E
Herbology E
History of Magic O O
Muggle Studies E A
Potions E E
Transfiguration O E

  • Like all good middle class girls, she is proficient in French.
  • Has an excellent mind for numbers and details.

  • Patronus: Before her obliviation, Odira was able to cast a corporeal patronus in the form of a monarch butterfly. She no longer recalls what a patronus is, let alone knows how to cast one.
  • Amortentia: Old books, heather, and Baxter Keene
Early Years

March 1st, 1865 | Odira seemed almost an afterthought; the fourth child to her parents, she was born minutes after her twin brother Gideon, whose gender allowed him to somewhat eclipse her arrival. She would quickly make up for it, proving herself just as clever (she spoke two days later and walked over a week before) and far more assertive than her brother early on.

1871 | Though not precisely shy, Odira gradually became largely disinterested in her brother and her toddler-aged sister, Loretta (as siblings are wont to do) and decidedly uncomfortable around her elder sisters. As a result she began to seek the company of her father more and more, even going to the shop with him on occasion (though rarely as much as she would like). It was here that she began to show an interest—and as much aptitude as a five year old could muster—towards the shop and its intricacies, from organization to money matters. Her father was grateful for her company, for all that she wasn't particularly helpful, and the two began to grow quite close.

1874 | The last of the Browne brood came early in the year and entirely unintentionally. Nearly eight, Odira now had genuine curiosity as to where it was Pruedence came from, and was thus given her first lesson on the ins and outs of being a woman.


1876-1877 | It came as no surprise to anyone that the twins were promptly sorted into the Ravenclaw house upon arrival at Hogwarts, the only ones in the household, save for Augustus, to don the blue and bronze. Odira quickly found school life to be something of a paradise: books full of knowledge and wise adults to provide it to her, total strangers to befriend, and a period in her life during which time spent with her siblings would be voluntary (though she loved them dearly, the pre-pubescent was certainly ready for some space!). Though usually hesitant to raise her hand in class, and especially hesitant to question her professor's lectures, she quickly proved herself an apt addition to the classroom and a dutiful, yet enjoyable, friend to have around.

1877-1881 | The next several years went along reasonably unexcitingly, though Odira was quite excited to be made prefect. Her OWL scores were excellent. Chastity marries Thomas Pettigrew in 1880. Though the sisters were never close, that Chastity was the first of the Browne children to marry ensured Odira would feel at least a little bit strange about the matter. October '81 sees the birth of Odira’s first niece, Odessa.

1882 | Odira is appointed Head Girl for the upcoming school year. In August, Calliope marries Mr. Daniel Riley.

Courtship & Marrige

1883 | Odira makes her debut into society in May, taking a job shortly thereafter. September sees Prue begin her time at Hogwarts, and by autumn’s end Odira is, surprisingly, engaged to Mr. Bennet Potter, her employer.

1884 | Odira and Bennet marry in a comfortable ceremony on the 29th of February, but tragedy strikes as her brother-in-law is murdered that night. Later that year, Chastity perishes in the Laughing Plague, but Odira’s other relations mercifully pass through unscathed.

1865 | Odira rejoices at the news she is pregnant, only to be abducted by a mass murderer and later obliviated [Odira does not recall anything prior to this point] and taken in by muggle farmers. Against all odds, she eventually finds her way to Irvingly and is returned home by Mr. @'Baxter Keene' not long after—though not before he delivers her baby in the cemetery on Halloween.


1886 | Though still not wholly comfortable with her new old life, Odira is beginning to find her place in it once more, and takes a job as Junior Librarian to give her something to do with her hours other than fret. Tragedy strikes in November when Bennet suffers from cardiac arrest in the bedroom—he is dead before Odira even knows something is amiss.

1887 | Four months to the day after her husband’s passing, Odira moves into a home she’s purchased for herself in an effort to shed the memories and expectations of the house she had shared with her husband. The old house is let for some extra income, kept in trust for when young Jameson comes of age.

1889 | Early in the new year, Mr. Keene proposes marriage and an elated Odira accepts. The two are married on June 9th.

  • Odira was kidnapped by Jasper Bryce in May of 1885, and returned home on Halloween of that same year.
  • She was obliviated during said kidnapping and so does not recall anything that transpired before it.
  • She is not generally one for social functions.
  • Her second husband is Mr. Baxter Keene, director of Hogsmeade Hospital.
  • Her father and brother co-own Browne's a map shop/cartographer on the Hogsmeade High Street. Prior to 1877, it was located in Diagon Alley.
  • She is guardian of the children of the late Minister of Magic, Darcy Potter.
  • She works at Crowdy Memorial Library.
  • Her dearest friend is Elsie Beauregard.
  • Her first husband died mid-coitus.
Played By: Kayte

Contact: PM @'Aldous Crouch'

Plot Preferences:


❧ I am almost always down for throwing characters together if you have some sort of 'hook' for me because...

❧ I don't care for "meet & greet" threads and if I find myself in one, am prone to causing explosions.

❧ For planned (non-open) threads, I prefer to have a vague idea of setting and potential goals, but the the understanding that those goals may not come to pass—characters can be dicks that way ;)

I do not pre-plan romance. Even if my character is happily married, there should always be the understanding that this can change!

I prefer fade-to-black for sexual situations. I don't have anything against smut per se, but I would rather write no smut than bad smut!

❧ I am a teacher who also volunteers with young children. Student-professor relationships are firm no-go areas for me.

❧ My posts typically range in length from 100 to 300 words. They will sometimes be longer and sometimes shorter, depending on what the thread demands.

❧ Please give me a heads up if you intend on anything that can damage my character's reputation or send them into mourning!


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It occurs to me that posting up the thread =/= getting myself the stamp. Behold, my second EVER character on Charming, and my oldest one still active/alive!