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Museum of Magical Miscellany Curator

20 year old Pureblood
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played by Renny
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Charles Operine

Full Name: Charles Operine

Nickname(s): Charlie

Birthdate: July 15, 1869

Age: 20

Occupation: Museum Curator at the Magical Museum of Miscellany

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Spruce, 8", rigid, single thestral hair

Mother: Jade Operine née Rey (1846)
Father: Alex Operine (1840)
Brother: John Operine (1867)
Brother: Eric Operine (1872)
Brother: Michael Operine (1873)
Brother: Terry Operine (1876)

Maternal Grandfather: Edgar Rey (1816)
Maternal Grandmother: Lacy Rey née ____ (1827)

Aunt: Guinevere Lukeson née Rey (1848)
Uncle: Ryder Lukeson (1842-1888)
Cousin: Ace Lukeson (1869)
Cousin: Avril Nott née Lukeson (1871)
and family
Cousin: Leroy Lukeson (1872-1887)
Cousin: King Lukeson (1873)
Cousin: Jolie Lukeson (1875)
Cousin: Sybille Lukeson (1877)
Cousin: Roselle Lukeson (1888)

Uncle: Charles Rey (1850-1887)

Uncle: Hubert Rey (1850)
Aunt: Brenda Rey née ____ (1851)
Cousin: Edgar Rey II (1873)
Cousin: Bellerose Rey (1875)
Cousin: Fleur Rey (1877)
His appearance is grizzly in comparison to others with a cleft lip, animal like snout, and a mane of hair that is unlikely to be tamed despite whatever potions or spells one might try. He is predominately right-handed and 6'6. His since of style however is impeccable, only the finest cloth, and everything most certainly matches.
Kind, thoughtful, well mannered, compassionate, inquisitive, a bit of a nerd, romantic.
He has mastered the courtier arts from the language of flowers, hankies, and fans to the various country dances one is expected to know at balls.
Charles was the second eldest of his brothers, and despite the usual antics of boys, he had a well-adjusted childhood with loving if not somewhat purist parents and amazing playmates via his siblings and cousins. One might even say his life was charmed from the start as his first display of magic was on his second birthday where fireworks snapped and crackled from the candles on his cake in glee. However childhood must come to an end, and for him that occurred in 1877 when his family was forced to relocate to Hogsmeade.

Granted this wasn’t necessarily due to the move as much as it was due to the fact that he was expected to buckle down on his studies in preparation for Hogwarts as well as ease back on the many hours of play so that he could learn the finer aspects of being a gentleman. Oddly enough, Charles didn’t mind this so much. Dancing was fun, canes and parisols made amazing makeshift swords he could attack his brothers with, and he never ceased to be amused by the continuous hanky out of the sleeve trick and how it made the other children giggle.

By the time school started he was well on his way to being quite the eligible bachelor without even realizing it, and indeed throughout his schooling there were many appropriate matches, and one in particular even caught his family’s fancy. This of course lead to a betrothal. Unfortunately, months after his graduation from Hogwarts a date was set, and that same date came and went with no celebration once a slip in potioneering disfigured him into a hideous ghastly man beast.

Charles, a happy and loving individual in generally all cases, took a turn for the worst in 1889 after the accident. He went from being one of the most eligible bachelors to a freak of nature all in the heart beat of a single sip. Who would want him now? A lone hideous bachelor would be his fate. These days he refuses to attend balls muchless leave his parents manor outside of the need to go to work. One can only wonder if he will ever be pulled out of this funk.

His one social grace these days is that he just started a job at the museum not due to the necessity for money, but as a means to keep with the happier times as child when he would take impromptu history lessons from his Uncle, who is now deceased. His parents desired him to work for the Ministry, but with his looks Charles does not desire to draw more negative attention among the elites. The items after all are quiet in nature.

Played By: Renny

Contact: PM, Discord, Skype

Plot Preferences: - I'm cool with anything and have no triggers.

- I like to plot, but only loosely. Let's come up with an idea and see what happens.

- I tend to write long posts, but don't feel as though you have to match.

- After two weeks of no word I tend to check to see if the thread is still active.

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