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Second Year

12 year old Halfblood
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Archie Diggory

Full Name: Archibald William Diggory

Nickname(s): Archie

Birthdate: October 28th, 1877

Age: 12

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Hafblood

Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Rosewood, 9 inches, Phoenix feather, Unbending

William Diggory, Father [1844]
Eva Diggory (née -----), Mother [1856]
Gertrude Diggory, Sister [1875]
Egbert "Bertie" Diggory, Brother [1878]
Compared to other boys his age, Archie stands a little on the tall side at 4'11½" and is of average weight. He has fair skin and light brown hair that grows faster than he can cut it. His eyes are a greenish-blue. He dresses similar to other boys of his age and class, but is quick to end up covered in dirt if not supervised. He is right-handed.

Eager to please. Adventurous. Self-assured. More of a follower than a leader. Bookish. Can be shy around people he doesn't know very well, but is quick to open up once he dubs someone his friend. Curious. Easily bored when he isn't challenged.
    ❧ Speaking fluent Arabic after spending part of his childhood in Egypt.

    ❧ Strong survival skills for a boy of his age and social class.
1877 | Archibald, affectionately dubbed "Archie", is born to muggleborn William Diggory and his wife, Eva. Although British-born, William and his wife travel across the globe as a curse-breaker and historian pair. They co-publish books on their findings, particularly regarding the "secrets" of ancient magic, specifically magical practices that are unique to certain regions.

1878 | His mother gives birth to another child, a son named Egbert. "Bertie" quickly becomes his household nickname, and although too young to appreciate his brother, he is very fond of watching the baby giggle and squirm around on the floor.

1879 | By the time Archie is walking, the family has moved on from Britain. They take up residence in Egypt for a time, where Archie learns both English and Arabic from his family and the locals. He develops and adventurous spirit, often accompanying his father on low-risk expeditions like archaeological digs and visits to the local villages for interviews.

1882 | After watching a nundu in its natural habitat precisely once in his lifetime, Archie is forever terrified of beasts that surpass the size of a horse.

1884 | Archie shows his first sign of magic while playing with a few boys from the village. He tries to mimic their efforts to produce magic from his fingertips, but only ends up exploding a nearby vase. The boys are promptly chased off by a nearby merchant.

1886 | With their manuscript compiled and ready to be turned into a fully-fleshed book, William and Eva pack up their belongings and head back to Hogwarts—just in time for their daughter to attend Hogwarts. Archie cries and cries and cries when his sister leaves, even going as far as beginning to her stay. He calms down after a few hours and is comforted by the fact that he will see her during the holidays, and will even join her in three years.

1889 | The three years come and go without trouble, save for the Irvingly fog incident that left the family trapped inside their homes a year prior. William and Eva publish their book, which make them a pretty penny, and Archie gets brand new supplies instead of hand-me-downs. He goes off to Hogwarts in September, and is met with a rather unexpected misadventure before the sorting ceremony: he meets and helps rescue one Sunday Fudge, who falls into the lake from the boats. The two become fast friends even after he's sorted into Ravenclaw and she into Gryffindor. He makes the Ravenclaw quidditch team as chaser.

1890 | After a successful first year, Archie spends the summer at the Sanditon with his parents (and Sunday!).
❧ His mother and father co-publish books in the field of magical archaeology.

❧ His father is a muggleborn.

❧ He spent a portion of his childhood in Egypt.
❧ He arrived to Hogwarts first year with a soaking-wet Sunday Fudge after a boat incident.

❧ Despite his position on the quidditch team, he's not too fond of the sport, playing only because he was pressured into it.
❧ His father left home after becoming a wizard and is not in contact with his parents or siblings.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Holly Scrimgeour; Skype

Plot Preferences:
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Mature Threads | I don't mind violence or sex assuming that it's necessary, but I'll usually fade to black if the act itself isn't detrimental to ~development. Ask me beforehand!

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