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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

Elsie Kirke
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Played by Bee
Librarian, Crowdy Memorial Library
26 year old Halfblood
Librarian, Crowdy Memorial Library
5 ft. 0 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Elsie Violette Kirke née Beauregard

Nickname(s): Els, El

Birthdate: May 13th, 1866

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Occupation: Librarian at Crowdy Memorial Library

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Bartonburg

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumna 1884

Wand: 11" Willow, Unicorn Hair, flexible

Tybalt Kirke [1865] | Husband, m. May 15, 1891
    Bentley James [12.05.1891] | son

Vincent Beauregard [1834] | Father, Trading Company Manager
Stella Beauregard née Walsh [1838] | Mother, Governess
    Shay Ross [1861] | Brother, DMLE
    Bentley Beauregard [1861-1883] | Brother
    Adella Calendar née Beauregard| [1863] Sister, housewife
    Philip Calendar [1847] | Brother-in-law, BBB Owner
    Harvey Beauregard [1867] | Brother, Personal Assistant
    Charlotte Beauregard [1871] | Sister, Ravenclaw
    Owen Beauregard [1871] | Brother, Gryffindor

Charles & Edna Beauregard née Quigley | Uncle and Aunt
    Lucinda Cavanaugh née Beauregard [8.23.1863] Cousin & family
    Sebastian Beauregard [1866] | Cousin, Mediwizard
    Phoebe Beauregard [1868] | Cousin

Maurice & Alice Beauregard née Endicott | Uncle and Aunt
    Chester Beauregard [1861] | Cousin, Ministry Worker
    Theodore Beauregard [1864/65] | Cousin
    Emmett Beauregard [1868] | Cousin, Quidditch Player
    Leah Beauregard [1872] | Cousin, Slytherin

The Beauregards are also first cousins to the (Sydney) Podmore family.
With clear blue eyes and a pale complexion, Elsie hardly finds herself attractive. Her face is a soft heart shape, with long lashes and subtly pink cheeks and lips. She smiles and blushes easily, both which light up her face. Her long, chestnut-colored hair won't hold a curl, as the current fashion demands. She tends to leave it plaited and pinned up, though tendrils escape of their own accord. She's slender, though of a little below average height (5'0"), neither of which are really to her advantage. Age has softened her features a little, rounded the angles a bit. She dresses comfortably, yet fashionably thanks to her mother's and sister's influences. Elsie prefers softer colors, blues, yellows and purples in her clothing, which is often simply and unadorned. She is right-handed for both writing and wand work.
June 1859
Stella Walsh marries Vincent Beauregard in a small family ceremony in Liverpool, England. Vincent manages a small fleet of ships for an international shipping company from the port and Stella has established herself as a local governess.
December 6th, 1861
The couple welcome their first child, Bentley Maurice.
February 14th, 1863
Adella Alice joins the family as the first girl.
May 13th, 1866
Another girl joins the Beauregard family, Elsie Violette is a shockingly quiet infant, her wide blue eyes always observing her surroundings. She is a fairly easy baby, though does not always like to sleep.
March 12, 1867
A second boy joins the family, Harvey Vincent is a much louder and rambunctious babe.
December 1870
Elsie displays her first sign of magic when she assists her pregnant mother in putting up the Christmas decorations by levitating a candle into its place on the tree.
May 23rd, 1871
Twins join the family, Owen ---- and Charlotte Jane are the last additions to the already large Beauregard family. Shortly after the twins are born, Stella starts tutoring Elsie and Harvey in basic reading and mathematics skills. Elsie shows a quick aptitude for reading and begins to absorb as much information through books as she could. Elsie had always enjoyed listening to her mother or older siblings read aloud to her and became even more enthralled with it once she could do it herself. She developed a sincere affection for fairy tales from an early age, though eventually found a fondness for non-fiction as well.
Summer 1872
Shay Ross becomes a late addition to the Beauregard family as a ward. He was disowned from his own muggle family for his magic and the Beauregards take him in as their own. He heads off to school in September of the same year where he was sorted into Gryffindor.
September 1873
Bentley goes off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor with Shay. The two had become fast friends in Shay's short time in the family and Bentley enjoyed having another boy his age around.
September 1874
Adella follows Bentley and Shay to Hogwarts where she is sorted into Hufflepuff. This year Vincent takes on a more involved position in his company and begins traveling more often. Elsie takes this harder than most of her siblings as she had always been a bit of a daddy's girl.
Summer 1877
Upheaval in the magical community causes the Beauregards to reconsider their living situation and the family relocates to Hogsmeade just before Elsie starts school.
School Year 1877-78
Elsie joins her siblings at Hogwarts, in a surprising turn of events in which everybody expected the bookworm to be sorted into Ravenclaw, Elsie joins Shay and Bentley in Gryffindor. She is at first baffled by the Sorting Hat's decision and feels very much an outcast in red and gold. However, she excels at her schoolwork, as expected and eventually settles into her house, despite her original hesitation.
School Year 1878-79
Harvey enters Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff. Shay graduates and begins his auror-in-training program at the ministry. He moves to London.
School Year 1879-80
Elsie adds Ancient Runes and Arithmacy as her electives. She excels in her classes yet again, even with the enormous workload. Bentley Graduates and begins an apprenticeship on High Street with a local craftsman.
School Year 1880-81
Adella and Lucinda debut and graduate from school. Adella and finds a job at the House of Lytton as a seamstress. Her first season does not produce a courtship, but she is unperturbed, enjoying her new occupation.
School Year 1881-82
Elsie starts off the year very much the same as the others. She does very well academically and not so well socially. Somehow she manages to catch the eye of Somerset Agrippa and the two become tentative friends, though Elsie is oblivious to his original intentions. Things become tricky that December when Grip is accused of rape and subsequently expelled; Elsie does not believe this is true and continues her friendship with him despite what anybody else might think.

That winter Bentley's friend Winnie falls very ill and spends quite a bit of time at the Beauregard house while she recovers. Bentley proposes to Winnie in February and the two start an adorable engagement. Shay's auror position pulls him abroad, though he often writes home. Els also befriends another housemate, Tybalt Kirke that spring and the two are fast friends, despite having been in the same house for five years, though Elsie still struggles with knowing when Tyb is teasing her (which is almost always). Her owl Grades come out exactly as she expected, after a ridiculous amount of studying.

Summer 1882
Bentley is drafted for the Hogsmeade Trail Expedition, he and Winnie struggle personally and ultimately their engagement dissolves. In August Grip causes a huge fire in Bartonburg which engulfs an entire house. He decides to leave the country and Elsie gets one last letter from him before he's gone. Elsie spends most of the summer volunteering at the Hospital where she meets Adam Parker.
School Year 1882-83
Back at school Els tries to move on from losing her friend and dives right back into her NEWT classes. Elsie discontinues taking Runes and Astronomy. She is taking the maximum amount of NEWT classes, but figures her lack of a social life and ample studying time allows her to work harder at her academics. She and Mr. Parker exchange a few letters and see one another a couple times, but things fizzle out despite her crush on him.
School Year 1883-84
Bentley is lost in an apartment fire in Boston, sending the entire Beauregard family into a deep mourning. Elsie breaks down, relying on her friends for support as she tries to pick up the pieces. Mixed with her grief over Bentley, Elsie realizes some unintentional feelings for her best friend, Tybalt Kirke. She tries desperately to bury them but things culminate in a post-disaster Coming Out Ball situation in which they reveal mutual feelings.
May 1884
Elsie begins working at Wizzhard's bookstore after graduation to avoid being an actual debutante, much to her mother's chagrin. It suits Els though as she loves books. She also starts shadowing her mother in her governess position in hopes of soon finding her own.
Summer 1884
PLAGUE FIRE DOOM. The Beauregards are largely unharmed in any of the summer’s tragedies, most of the house falls prey to the Laughing Sickness, aside from Owen, but they all recover.
A misunderstanding between herself and Tyb on New Year's Day sees them fighting and not speaking for months. Elsie blames herself of course and tries to bury everything, though she misses her best friend. They reconcile in the spring and find themselves in a very tentative and even more secret relationship.

A pregnant Odira goes missing! Elsie is worried sick for her friend, for months on end. She is found (and gives birth!) in October of that year, though she has no recollection of who she is or even that she's a witch! Elsie very tentatively and patiently tries to rekindle her friendship with Odira in the hopes that her friend will be alright.

November and some (innocent!) irresponsible decisions have Elsie telling Tyb she loves him. It's very important, OKAY?

Elsie, inspired by Odira, changes her career path and takes on a junior librarianship at the Crowdy Memorial Library in London and she couldn't be happier with that.

Adella marries Philip Calendar in May!

A New Year's Eve snowstorm leaves Elsie trapped for several days at Tyb's house. It's very... confusing for Elsie. On one hand she thoroughly enjoyed getting to have all that time together, but on the other it makes her miss it more than she would have expected. It gives her a glimpse of what they could have, but Elsie is entirely unsure about that being even a remote possibility for her...

Els continues to work at the library and it's a quiet year for her.
The year starts out with a BANG. After a foolish move at Lucinda's quidditch party in January, her cousin catches Elsie and Tyb getting cozy in the library and that's when everything starts to go downhill and fast. The pair are forced to face the harsh reality of their situation that they'd just kind of been ignoring up until then. In March everything fizzles out completely when she and Tyb decide to take a break, but Elsie doesn't have a lot of hope that things will work out in their favor in the long run.

In the meantime, Elsie has been exchanging letters with a library patron who helped her during an illness. Mr. Adlard seems to share her love of literature and dislike of social situations, which Elsie finds refreshing, though she doesn't think much of it beyond that. In June Elsie is promoted to a librarian slot!

Late in the year, Elsie and Tyb run into one another in Honeydukes. It's a bit of a mess, but they end up resolving their problems and decide to really give their relationship a chance. Tyb promises to retire from quidditch at the end of this season and joins the Ministry in the Dueling Commission. Elsie feared this, but he seems to be doing well with it. She keeps working and saving her salary from the library, because every little bit helps.

This summer, Elsie receives a sudden and unexpected offer of courtship from Mr. Adlard. Perplexed and panicked, she seeks comfort in Tyb of course and things get serious. She turns Mr. Adlard down as gently as she can, but clearly he's still upset by it. Following this fiasco a maid is fired from the Beauregard home for sub-par workmanship and she goes and blabs about the otherwise unannounced courtship refusal and Elsie's "late nights" which winds up in Witch Weekly somehow. Elsie is approached by her mother about it and it gets settled, but she is currently minding her manners to the extreme.
Another round of the Quidditch World Cup arrives in Hogsmeade and Tyb is yet again drafted to the second string. Even though Elsie encouraged him to try out, the flashbacks from the first time plague her indefinitely. She feels less guilty about him retiring now. Odira welcomes a son with her husband and things seemed to have evened out for now...
Things are looking up! As her New Year's Resolution, Els vows to get married before the end of the year. Little does she know how fast that is going to happen! In March she and Tyb are officially courting yay! The celebrate a little too much and by her birthday, Elsie knows she's pregnant. Things snowball from there into a quick wedding and her moving into Tyb's flat. They are casually and cautiously navigating these uncharted waters as best they can, which is tricker than they would like, but Elsie is happy to be finally married and starting the rest of their lives together, even if it's in an unorthodox manner.
incredibly bright; studious; a bit shy and a little naive; awkward; caring; loyal; selfless; hard-working; protective; often insecure; natural worrier; warms up to people slowly; likes to laugh; true friend. ISFJ on the Meyers-Briggs.
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Name Etymology/Reason | Diminutive form of Elizabeth // Bee's great-grandmother's name
Birthplace | Liverpool, England
Birthmarks/scars | none
Scent | Lavender and chamomile
Health | poor circulation
Languages | French
Phobias | crowds, large social events
Traditions/superstitions | never takes off her locket or Bentley's pocket watch
Hobbies | reading, piano/writing music
Instruments | piano
Pets | black cat; Hallie
Amortentia | old books, tea, whatever it is Tyb smells like XD
Patronus/Animagus | mourning dove
Quirks | clumsy, awkward, blushes a lot

Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Ancient Runes A --
Arithmancy E E
Astronomy A --
Charms O O
Defence Against the Dark Arts E A
Herbology O O
History of Magic E E
Potions E E
Transfiguration E E
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