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Imogen MacFusty

Full Name: Imogen Rhosyn MacFusty (née Davies)

Nickname(s): Immie

Birthdate: 9th April 1860

Age: 28

Occupation: Herbalist

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: The Hebrides, Scotland

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumna

Wand: Chestnut, 12", Dragon Heartstring, Bendy

Malcolm MacFusty, Husband (b. 1858)
Isobel Lorena MacFusty, Stepdaughter (b. 1881)
Findlay Aidan MacFusty, Son (b. 1885)
Brendan James MacFusty, Son (b. 1886)

Gareth Davies, Father (b. 1831)
Betrys Davies (née ------), Mother (1833-1879)
Aderyn ------ (née Davies), Sister (b. 1858); and family
Gwyneth Davies, Sister (b. 1863)

Other notable relations include her brothers-in-law, @'Kentigern MacFusty' and @'James MacFusty', and cousin-in-law, @'Tilda MacFusty'.


Standing above average at 5'6", Immie favors her mother's side of the family with her soft brown hair and expressive dark eyes. Though her build, tall and willowy she inherited from her father's side, and while motherhood may have softened it somewhat, she still maintains a healthy figure from casual physical activity and good diet. In warmer months, her skin is slightly darkened from days mostly spent outdoors, and she also has the light smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks to prove it too. While she can always be found in an apron and gardening gloves, in terms of style she prefers the traditional wizards robes over the fashions of the era, finding in them a more practical alternative in both comfort and for her line of work. Lastly, she is right-handed.

Aries. ENFP. Protective. Nurturing. Fond of nature. Animal/magical creatures rights supporter. Playful. Loves to laugh. Affectionate. Impulsivity in her youth has developed into quick thinking skills in her adult life. Emotional - can allow her emotions to overcloud her judgement. Though slow to anger, her temper can reach explosive levels once she's hit her limit. Easily restless. Family-oriented. Honest. Open. Enthusiastic. Social. Friendly. Can be oversensitive. Encouraging. Inclusive. Enjoys the simple things in life. Naturally curious. Stands up for what she believes in. Creative. Likes a challenge. Not a long-term planner. A tendency to speak with her hands.
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-- Immie’s specialization is in herbalism and the use of plants for medicinal purposes; she grows her own herbs and sells them to local apothecaries for a small profit to help supplement their income.
-- Immie is proficient in Welsh.
-- Her patronus is a chestnut mare, though due to dropping out after her fifth year, she has never learned to cast it.
-- Her amortentia smells of herbs, dragonhide, and sea air.
Defence Against the Dark ArtsE--
Care of Magical CreaturesE--
Earth MagicE--
History of MagicD--
SPRING OF 1860 | Imogen Rhosyn was born on a misty spring day in April to Welshman Gareth Davies, and his wife, Betrys. Where their eldest child had proved herself to be more mild-mannered in temperament, Immie - a nickname affectionately given by her father, believing it fit her playful nature - was a bit more inquisitive, fascinated by her surroundings and always quick to explore. Traits that had gotten her into more than one scrape while growing up, and which her curiosity-driven father had always encouraged - much to her safety-conscious mother's chagrin.

YEARS 1861-1869 | While the Davies weren't a family of wealth or privilege, her parents had worked relentlessly to ensure that Immie and her sisters - Gwyneth was born in 1863 - were fed, educated, clothed, and had a roof over their heads, often at the expense of their own needs. Gareth Davies was a scholarly Private Tutor who loved knowledge just as much as he does his wife, a former Mediwitch turned in-home seamstress and part-time Herbalist after the birth of their first child. So despite the lack of steady finances, theirs was a loving - albeit, loud - household, and it's the values of hardwork and family loyalty that she's learned from her parents that Immie still carries with her to this day.

In spring of 1866, just after Immie turned five, she showcased her first act of magic by surviving a particularly long fall from a tree. She'd lost her footing while attempting to rescue the family's cat, and what would have resulted in a nasty injury was luckily avoided by Immie magically cushioning her impact after the fall.

AUGUST OF 1870 | At twelve, the first of the Davies' children had received her acceptance letter, and Immie had been both saddened and envious when Aderyn had went off to Hogwarts, getting sorted into ------. Their shared bedroom had felt entirely too large to Immie, who had shared with Addie for as long as she could remember, though sought solace in the fact that she wouldn't be by herself for long!

SEPTEMBER 1871 - MAY 1872 | Armed with a trunk full of second-hand school supplies - execpting her wand, a handsome 12" Chestnut wand comprised of a Dragon Heartstring core - Immie had followed her elder sister to Hogwarts where she'd been, unsurprisingly, sorted into Gryffindor. Social and fairly inclusive, Immie had had little trouble assimilating to her new surroundings, making friends easily (mostly within her own house and Hufflepuff, in particular), and always tried her best to ensure that nobody felt left out or excluded. A task that was always met with varying success, usually, as where some found her efforts appreciative, others labeled her as too "pushy".

Academically, though she was a hardworker and did well in subjects that offered a more hands-on approach, she was an average student compared to her older sister who consistently achieved high marks.

SEPTEMBER 1872 - MAY 1873 | At the behest of one of her classmates, Immie tried out for the Gryffinder Quidditch Team as Chaser. Sadly, she lost out to another student with more experience, which perhaps was fortuitous as she met Malcolm MacFusty - a Gryffindor two years above - a week later after joining Club Quidditch. What began as a friendly rivalry on opposing teams quickly turned into a long-time friendship.

SEPTEMBER 1873 - MAY 1874 | Third year saw Immie add Earth Magic and Care of Magical Creatures to her OWL course load.

SUMMER OF 1874 | Her mother becomes unexpectedly ill. Though she (thankfully) recovers, the same could not be said for her strength, which was considerably weakened as a result. She tries to hide it, but Immie could tell that she didn't have the same sprightly energy as she once did, and the two eldest girls did their best to try and ease her workload.

SEPTEMBER 1874 - MAY 1875 | After a summer spent caring for her mother, Immie contemplates a career in Healing, though it was more of an abstract idea than anything particularly solid (because who even knew if they could afford it), but it does encourage her to work harder on her studies.

Gwyneth joined her sisters at Hogwarts, getting sorted into the ------ house.

SEPTEMBER 1875 - MAY 1876 | Along with her fifth year came with it the dreaded OWLs. After inadvertently overhearing an argument between her parents over the holidays of their financial woes, there had been a certain amount of pressure to do well on her examinations, and she'd worked hard to try and be less of a financial burden.

Mac graduated at the end of the 1875-1876 school year, surprising even herself by how sad this makes her.

SUMMER OF 1876 | As her mother's health once again deteriorates, so does the state of their financial affairs. It took a lot of convincing on her part - Betrys was too proud to admit that she needed the help and her father was adamant that she see her education through - but come August, Immie took her hard-earned OWLs and, just as her mother had done before her, applied to become a Trainee Mediwitch at St. Mungo's.

YEAR OF 1877 | Though the work was demanding and the hours were long, she seemed suited to the job, much to her surprise. Quick on her feet and already having some healing knowledge thanks to her mother's expertise in the area, it wasn't long before she was promoted to a full-fledged Mediwitch early in the year. While she doesn't regret foregoing her last two years of schooling - for Immie, it had been something of a no-brainer decision - Aderyn graduating in the summer with her NEWTs (and subsequently moving to Hogsmeade) made the deep-hidden disappointment resurface briefly before leaving as fast as it had come.

WINTER OF 1879 | Although it was inevitable, Immie was still irrecovably shaken when her mother suddenly passes away soon after the holidays. It had been a happy Christmas - her mother seemed to have been doing better than she had in months, her older sister had gotten engaged, the first of the sisters to do so, and there had been little reason to suspect that things would decline so swiftly. Except that it had, and Mrs. Betrys Davies was buried just after the 1880 New Year.

YEAR OF 1880 | The year of her mother's passing had left Immie feeling a little lost. The past three years leading up to this point had been spent in caring for the woman, assuring her comfort and easing the financial burden on her father - so the loss of this purpose threw everything else into a cloud of uncertainty. Could she move out - could she even afford to? Switch jobs - what would she even do? Find a new hobby? Meh, where would she even find the time? Sensing his daughter's increasing restlessness, Immie was persuaded to spend a few months with her sister at her new home in Liverpool, believing that the change of scenery might do her some good if nothing else, and left home in September.

It was there, in Liverpool, where Immie had met Shawn Delaney, a ship merchant from America. As if his heritage wasn't interesting enough, he was also charming, intelligent, witty, a little closed off emotionally she'd noticed, but had the prettiest pair of blue eyes she'd ever seen, and it didn't take her long to become smitten with him - and he, with her. What began as a fast friendship had turned into a tentative courtship just before he had returned back to America, and it's from there that most of their interaction was made through letters.

YEAR OF 1881 | A few weeks after she returned home, a panicked letter from Mac revealed that he had accidentally gotten a woman - a Miss Roxana Rios - pregnant. Although she reassured him that he was doing the right thing by marrying the woman and supported his decision wholeheartedly, a small part of her was... disappointed? Sad? The combination was both confusing and utterly unexpected, and with no clear idea of what to do about it, she kept her distance after the affair.

YEAR OF 1882 | After a lengthy time apart, Shawn surprises her with a visit and a proposal in spring. Not expecting it, she'd said yes without really thinking about it, and before she knew it, she was on a ship sailing for America to meet his family that summer. And for all that the Delaneys seemed like kind people and she'd always known that they were more well-off that most, it never occurred to her just how much. On the cusp of being considered newly Upper Class, they seemed to aspire to a lifestyle that Immie knew very little of - or even envisioned for herself - and she had her doubts as to how she could ever measure up to that image. Which was perhaps why, when they'd set the date for June of next year, her heart wasn't as entirely in it as it should have been.

YEARS 1883-1884 | As if their relationship wasn't fragile enough at this point, Shawn discovered the letters she'd written to Mac over the years, and a confusing confrontation ensued from a lack of clear communication and misunderstanding between them. What resulted was Shawn leaving for a job assignment without any clear indication of when he'd be back, and a very conflicted Immie wondering if she'll ever see him again. She doesn't.

Desperate for change and feeling like she's floundering, Immie makes the decision to finally move out of her father's place, using what savings she acquired, and purchasing a two bedroom flat with her younger sister. The change seemed to have done them both a world of good, including bringing them closer, and it was actually at Gwyn's behest that Immie finally confronted her feelings for Mac - and realizing, to her great happiness and general surprise, that he felt the same.

YEAR OF 1884 | 1884 was spent exploring what she had with Mac. It was in mutual agreement that they decided to take things slow for the time being, though after being quarantined in Hogsmeade during the Plague and Fiendfyre, it really gave Immie a renewed perspective on how relatively short life could be, and she'd realized that she was done waiting. They eloped in September of 1884.

YEAR OF 1885 | Married life seemed to suit Immie, surprisingly. Though perhaps it had more to do with whom she married rather than the life itself, and despite how quick everything came about - she delivered their baby, a son named Findlay Aidan, within the first year! - she doesn't regret it in the slightest.

YEAR OF 1886 | She wasn't expecting to fall pregnant so soon after her first, and though it had been a valiant attempt at balancing work life, married life, and motherhood, she knew that something had to give. And Six months before she was set to give birth to their second son, Brendan James, it was with some sadness that she'd handed in her resignation to St. Mungo's.

YEAR OF 1887 | Never one for being idle - though with three small children, two dogs, and a dragon-keeping husband, idle she certainly wasn't - Immie replaced the loss of employment with starting her own herbal garden. She'd tried keeping up with her mother's once before, after her passing, and had failed miserably at it. But this time, she'd devoted herself to it, even going so far as to begin selling herbs for a small profit, which came in handy for extra or unexpected expenses.

PRESENT | Mac finds himself wanting an out to working with dragons, and Immie could happily say that she didn't disagree. Magizoology was such a broad field that she didn't doubt that he'd find something he wanted to do eventually, and at the moment, it seemed that he was intent on writing a book. Hence Miss Bella Scrimgeour's new appointment as his research assistant, even if it was more borne out of a need to help the young woman get back up on her feet than anything, but Immie didn't mind - it was actually her idea.

-- Married up from WC.
-- Immie eloped with Mac MacFusty in September of 1884. Their first baby was born in June of next year.
-- Though it wasn't publicized at the time, Immie had once been engaged to an American ship merchant - Shawn Delaney - from 1882-1883. When he had left on a "business trip" and never returned, it was generally assumed that he'd had second thoughts about the marriage.
-- Her husband is a divorcee.
Played By: Miri

Contact: Skype, but please PM for details!

Plot Preferences: I'm generally not the fastest RPer around, and as such, would prefer threads that could lead to potential plots/friendships rather than just random meet and greets! Though I try to match word length, an average post of mine is usually between 200-500 words - it just depends on how long I feel the post needs to be.

Strong language and violence are acceptable (within reason), though I would prefer to fade-to-black in sexual situations.


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