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23 year old Halfblood
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Astrild Fraser Scamander

Full Name: Astrild Fraser (Scamander?)

Nickname(s): Trildy is her childhood nickname, but mostly she’s just Astrild now

Birthdate: May 3, 1865

Age: 23

Occupation: Unspeakable

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Swallowbury, Irvingly

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Cedar, 10 3/4", bendy, single phoenix tail feather

Ewart Fraser, Father [1834] Ailsa Fraser nee —, Mother [1842] Aegir SURNAME nee Fraser, Sister [1860], and family. Tyr Fraser, Brother [1872] Idunn Fraser, Sister [1875]
Astrilde’s physique matches her personality - she is not a frail, whisp of a girl. She has womanly curves with plush padding about her in all the right places. Her oval shaped face is framed by fiery red, wavy locks that fall past her waistline. She has green eyes, full lips and a slightly upturned nose dusted in freckles. She’s shorter in stature than her youngest sister, coming in at even 5’4”. She’s particularly fond of muggle fashions since they emphasize her curves. She is right handed.

Stubborn, independent, flirtatious, go-getter, has difficulty coping when things don’t go her way, (inspired by Miss Phryne Fisher :P)
[b]1865[/b] Astrild is born the second child to an eccentric couple. Being the youngest child for nearly six years, she becomes fiercely independent and can be rather difficult at times - she does not like to take ‘no’ as an answer. [b]1870[/b] Astrild’s first act of magic is having an infinite stash of cookies appear beneath her bedroom pillow. Every time she lifts it, a new one appears - and disappears from the kitchen. After that, she discovers that she has a knack for making things disappear and appear at will. [b]1872[/b] After a lengthy gap, a brother is born. Astrild takes to mild curiosity, though doesn’t mess about with him much until he can properly toddle about and understand her commands. She takes a liking to him after that. [b]1875[/b] Unexpectedly, another sister joins the family. Astrild isn’t overly excited, now nearing Hogwarts age, and dutifully accepts that their family grew. [b]1876[/b] Astrild is off to Hogwarts and sorted into Slytherin. She immediately takes up dueling club and excels at DADA. [b]1877[/b] Puberty hits, which sees her body blossom into a woman’s rather quickly. She gets her first monthly in the girls lavatory and misses a potions exam, which leads to missing house points and a detention. A few weeks later, she discovers the adorable cinnamon roll that is Eugene Scamander. A bit scrawny, she finds she’s attracted to his genuine kindness, dedication for his sisters and that he obviously has ambition - he’s a prefect AND on the quidditch team! Not one to shy away from such things, she attends his practices and matches, memorizes his schedule and does everything a teen girl would to try to get the older boy’s attention. He mostly just gives her odd looks. [b]1879[/b] She manages to get Eugene as a tutor for Care of Magical Creatures class (which she’s purposely barely passing, specifically for this purpose.) It’s his last year and she’s determined to get his attention this time. Despite her obvious efforts at flirtation, she doesn’t seem to be able to take her interest seriously. [b]1880[/b] This year is a dull one, as Eugene is gone and she has to focus on her studies. She takes her OWLs and still excels at DADA - and finds that she actually does enjoy Care of Magical Creatures - possibly because they remind her of Eugene. She loses her virginity in the boys dormitory one Hogsmeade weekend to a fling that vaguely looks like her all-time-crush. [b]1882[/b] NEWTs and career planning have her as aiming toward becoming an Auror or an Unspeakable. She is one E short of being able to score high enough to apply to the program, so instead secures a junior position at the Ministry. She has a few low-key romantic dalliances here and there, ever the strong, independent woman. She is discreet and careful to toe the line that society has carefully but into place. [b]1884[/b] She proudly becomes an Unspeakable. Once in a while she see Eugene, but she expects now that they’re both grown, her advances make him uncomfortable. She feels bad, but she can’t quite help herself. [b]1886[/b] Astrild is put on a special assignment that she can’t talk about - obviously - which keeps her too busy to bother putting herself in Eugene’s way. This is also the year that Eugene’s sister joins the Unspeakable ranks, which makes it very difficult for her to stop asking Marlena all kinds of personal questions about him. Baby sister Idunn is off to Hogwarts, though Astrild admittedly, forgets. [b]1887[/b] With a bit more time on her hands, she is able to see Eugene a bit more, though is frustratingly evaded more often than not. Finally, she’s able to score a conversation with him that lasts longer than a few minutes at a time. Her interest in hippogriffs is what does it. She’s already decided she’s in love with him, but doesn’t want to marry until she’s older and more mature. She wants to be a career woman first. Astrild doesn’t tell him any of this, of course. [b]September 1888[/b] After being a bit [i]too[/i] open about her feelings for Eugene in a cafe with ladies she’d thought were confidants, she is taken up in the amortentia letter scandal and is overjoyed to learn that Eugene is absolutely, ridiculously in love with her -  and she with him. The two run off and wed in an amortentia-induced stupor. Her amortentia wears off before his and she is horrified to discover that she’s now shackled down. She does everything in her power - short of obliviating him - to pretend like it never happened. She nabs the marriage certificate and the rings and slips out in the dead of the night, not even leaving a note in her wake. Luckily, Eugene seems none the wiser. Terrified that she’d be found out, she avoids him like the plague. [b]November 1888[/b] Guess what’s [i]really[/i] late - her monthly. In a panic, she sneaks into the vault where the time turners are kept and intends to go back in time to stop herself from receiving the letter. She wanted to marry Eugene eventually, but not like this - and not with a baby on the way! Again without consulting him, she aims for the day before she receives the letter, but is too nervous and turns the clock back too far. She finds herself back in June 1888. At least this gives her time to undo the letters scandal. She hides out at the family home in the attic, with only the responsible housekeeper being in on her secret. Astrild owes the woman everything for feeding her and keeping her presence hidden. Despite having multiple attempts at keeping herself and Eugene from getting too close, she fails. She tries to put as many blockades in the way to keep herself from blabbing to her gossipy friends, but also fails. It would seem that fate is against her. There doesn’t seem to be a single obstacle she can put into place that the couple don’t overcome. Once November hits again, she is able to return to her normal life with the past-Astrid now gone. Unfortunately, she has to wear less than fashionable clothing to keep her growing belly hidden, something a bit easier for her since she doesn’t seem to be showing [i]too[/i] much as it is. [b]February 1889[/b] The housekeeper finally talks some sense into her - she needs to go to Eugene and tell him everything so that she doesn’t have a child that is born ‘out of wedlock.’ She’s crushed that he will have to settle for her out of duty, rather than any feelings he may have one day had for her. Knowing that once all is revealed she’ll likely lose everything - her job, her identity and her acceptance in society, she waits until the last possible moment before she reveals all.
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