Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Extended Profile

    Eli Swan

    Curse Breaker

    Curse Breaker

    Played by Lynn
    Complicated 5 ft. 8 in.

    AIM: rebellollipop
    Yahoo: rebel_lullaby

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    02-10-1996 (21 years old)
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    Chronicles of Cashli: Prologue

    The prologue sees Cash and Eli start out as good friends, and somehow end up as more than that.

    » 06 april 1882 promise not to tell, in which eli has an awkward crush on his best friend who is oblivious;
    » 11 april 1882 skins, in which cash is high and says some things he doesn't remember;
    » 16 april 1882 can you hear the sound of hysteria, in which they fight;
    » 16 april 1882 holding on by letting go, in which eli seeks solace post fight and accidentally ends up with one of the only other gay boys in hogwarts;
    » 19 april 1882 versions of ourselves, in which they (sort of) make up;
    » 22 april 1882 dirty little secret, in which eli talks in his sleep;
    » 13 may 1882 syncing up to the beating of our hearts, in which eli denies talking in his sleep;
    » 23 may 1882 piece of your heart, in which eli apologizes for breaking cash's stuff and cashli becomes a real ship!
    » 01 september 1882 don't hold your breath, in which decisions are made;
    Chronicles of Cashli: Chapter One

    This chapter sees the beginning of Cash and Eli's relationship and their struggle to keep it from people at school.

    » 4 november 1882 comfort, in which everyone's bi when they're drunk;
    » 4 november 1882 crashing in confusion, in which cash is angry;
    » 5 november 1882 rude awakening, in which the fallout from the night before rather confuses their roommate;
    » 10 november 1882 duel, in which they duel;
    » 10 november 1882 wounded soldier, in which everyone is awkward and eli is half-blind;
    » 24 november 1882 bite my tongue, in which eli and angie make up;
    » 20 december 1882 green-eyed monster, in which things are misconstrued;
    » 24 december 1882 i've been telling all your secrets. which is exactly what it sounds like;
    » 31 december 1882 the disappearing act, in which things take a turn for the worst;
    Chronicles of Cashli: Chapter Two

    After being spirited off to Singapore by Cash’s cousin and obliviated, Eli struggles with his resulting memory loss.

    » 8 january 1883 only in dreams, which is sappy because we were having withdrawals;
    » 17 february 1883 the reunion, which does not go as cash had intended;
    » 17 february 1883 remember remember, in which he comes back with reinforcements;
    » 18 february 1883 going through the motions, recovery letters feat. angie;
    » 20 february 1883 conceal, disdain, do all things but forget, recovery letters feat. cash;
    » 4 march 1883 falling slowly, in which eli quietly breaks cash's heart without meaning to;
    » 4 march 1883 because you kill me, in which eli wonders why he isn't straight;
    » 8 march 1883 the hazards of love, in which eli tries to figure out whether cash is straight;
    » 10 march 1883 walking on moonbeams, in which eli talks in his sleep;
    » 11 march 1883 never spoken, always heard, in which eli has a realization;
    » 11 march 1883 break it, in which he freaks the fuck out about it;
    » 13 march 1883 the truth has a habit of falling out of your mouth, in which eli is upset and cash is bad with words;
    » 26 march 1883 words you long to hear, in which cash is drunk and eli says things he probably shouldn’t;
    » 27 march 1883 under covers, when they wake up the next morning;
    » 07 april 1883 take this sinking boat and point it home, in which they try to be friends;
    » 24 april 1883 cat-tastrophy, in which eli accidentally manages to get cash’s cat killed;
    » 24 april 1883 losing grip, in which this unexpectedly brings back some things he’d forgotten;
    » 25 april 1883 what you never knew, in which eli has internal struggles;
    » 25 april 1883 it's time that you won, in which they finally verbalize some things
    Chronicles of Cashli: Chapter Three

    Things go back to sort-of normal for a while

    » 5 may 1883come home and stop the pain tonight, in which they are teenager and adorable;
    » 10 august 1883 we can't go on forever this way, in which they try to start thinking like adults;
    » 31 our time now, the obligatory adorable new year’s eve thread;
    But then they graduated and stopped seeing each other, because that was the agreement. Neither of them were very happy but Lynn and Beanie were both too busy to have miserable threads.
    Chronicles of Cashli: Chapter Four

    Cash and Eli reconnect. It’s a little bit of a roller coaster.

    » 27 october 1884 probabilities, which starts with awkward small talk;
    » 27 october 1884 the bad choices duet, which contains a lot of liquor;
    » 28 october 1884 in the light of morning, in which eli tries to explain to angie what happened last night but doesn’t remember much himself; also, eventually, cash wakes up;
    » 10 november 1884 so close so far, in which they decide not to deal with it;
    » 15 february 1885 what once was lost, in which cash thinks that eli pawned the pocket watch he got him for his birthday;
    » 21 february 1885 who i am hates who i've been, in which things continue to be awkward;
    » 21 february 1885 but hey, who's on trial? in which eli gets a tiny glimpse of how crazy cash’s family is;
    » 13 april 1885 you're gonna be the death of me, in which eli almost dies;
    » 25 april 1885 cat & mouse, in which cash almost dies;
    Chronicles of Cashli: Chapter Five

    In which Eli has a brief venture into being straight due to a mishap with a potion, and things are predictable awful all around.

    » 03 july 1885 welcome to the new world in which eli is rather surprised to find that his hormones are all wonky;
    » 03 july 1885 ch-ch-ch-ch-changes, in which eli erroneously thinks cash is a great way to fix this;
    » 06 july 1885 you're the one that i want, in which eli plays around with people’s feelings in a misguided effort to be happy;
    » 18 july 1885 me without you, in which eli has to try and explain himself to cash and really can’t;
    » 27 july 1885put another x on the calendar, in which he is still attempting to convince himself he could be straight for realsies;
    » 21 august 1885 anticipation's on the other line, which is an [M] rated angeli thread;
    » 23 september 1885 the things we do for love in which eli makes himself sick attempting to make himself straight;
    » 08 november 1885 comms check? in which eli is obnoxious to try and get cash’s attention;
    » 20 november 1885speaking a dead language, in which eli tries to communicate to cash that he’s back to normal but is not very good at words.
    Chronicles of Cashli: Chapter Six

    Eli and Cash make amends, Angie makes bad choices, and then everyone has feelings about everything.

    » 26 july 1886 red-handed, in which cash and eli accidentally reconnect;
    » 14 february 1887 good and gone, in which angie runs away;
    » 14 february 1887 gone girl, in which eli plays detective to find angie;
    » 15 february 1887 paris is for lovers in which everyone makes a scene;
    » 06 march 1887 little talks, in which eli makes angie an offer;
    » 10 march 1887 just so there's somebody else, in which eli breaks some news to cash;
    » 15 march 1887 my head is an animal, in which angie breaks some news to eli;
    » 26 april 1887 san cristobal, in which a creepy lady tells eli he's going to die;
    » 25 may 1887 cleopatra, which is cash’s birthday night.

    I was late for this * late for that
    late for the love of my life
    but when I die alone * when I die alone
    when I die, I'll be on time