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Seraphina Nott

Full Name: Seraphina Marcella Nott

Nickname(s): Sera

Birthdate: April 7, 1864

Age: 24

Occupation: Ambitious Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Applewood, 11”, solid, dragon heartstring

Cassian Nott | [1827] Father
Aurora Nott nee Bellchant | [1833] Mother
Warwick Nott | [1856] Brother and family
Carina Bulstrode nee Nott | [1857] Sister and family
Cassian Nott II | [1874] Brother
Seraphina stands at an average five feet four inches. She carries herself with grace, poise, and confidence which can sometimes give her the appearance of looking taller than she is. She is respectably slender with petite like features despite her height. She has brown hair that almost appears to have a red hue in the summertime. Her blue eyes stand out from her creamy complexion. Seraphina refuses to use anything that is not the most cutting edge of fashion. She often orders her clothes from a french designer. Seraphina is almost most assuredly a right handed.
Seraphina has high goals in life, and is perhaps too high in her expectations of what she believes she deserves from life. She expects to have the best marriage she can obtain. Driven by her ambition she is often cunning and competitive in what she wants. She is quite stubborn as once she has a goal in mind she plans on achieving it. She comes from a good family and is not afraid to let people know that she is proud of it, and probably better than them. She is excels at acting the part, putting on a face for a purpose. Seraphina also has has a mischievous side to her as she is confident in her ability to get herself out of trouble and thinks that all of life should have a bit of fun. She often is poised and charming when around others and always has an air of confidence to her.
Seraphina can speak french and read latin. She is also a very good pianoforte player.
-- Childhood Years --
1864: The Nott family introduces their second daughter, Seraphina, the world.
1868: Warwick, Seraphina’s eldest brother, and Carina, her older sister, head to Hogwarts. This does little to affect Seraphina’s young life in the nursery.
1870: Four year old Seraphina shows her first sign of magic by getting annoyed with her nanny and conjuring a flock of paper birds to attack her nanny. The nanny promptly quits.
1871: Lessons begin for Seraphina. A governess is brought in to replace the nanny.
1874: The youngest Nott sibling is born. Seraphina doesn’t mind her little brother, but he thinks he is more annoying than cute and isn’t entirely sure why all the fuss is made over him.
1875: Warwick returns home and Seraphina finds him rather boring company. Determined to make sure her family knows how important she is she continues to excel at her lessons if only to prove her point that she is not a person to be forgotten.
-- School Years [1875-1882] --
1875-1876: Warwick graduates from Hogwarts and heads home, Seraphina heads to Hogwarts. She is proudly sorted into Slytherin and has no problems making friends with the proper sort.
1876-1877: Carina gives birth to a baby girl, Narcissa. Seraphina determines that when she is old enough she will make an even better match than Carina did.
1877-1878: With wizarding world exposed the family moves to Hogsmeade before the new school year. Seraphina dislikes the town as she doesn’t think it is as fine as her own home. Carina gives birth to Seraphina’s first nephew, Carius. When she returns to school she adds arithmancy and music to her schedule.
1878-1879: Seraphina continues to do well at school.
1879-1880: OWLS go well, Seraphina is proud of this fact even though she has no intention of working.
1880-1881: Seraphina adjusts her schedule to only include Charms, Transfiguration, History of Magic, and Arithmancy.
1881-1882: Seraphina’s NEWTs go as well as OWLS did. She graduates from Hogwarts and has a private coming out ball.

- Academic Record -

Defence Against the Dark ArtsA
History of MagicEA

-- Adult Years --
1882: Seraphina’s first season is successful, but determined she can find better suitors than her current ones Seraphina turns down several young men.
1884: Warwick finally moves out of the family home. Seraphina thinks it is finally about time.
1885: Seraphina’s seasons continue to be successful, however, she continues to turn down suitors in the hopes of landing someone better soon. Cassian heads to Hogwarts and Seraphina is finally the only one at home. Warwick begins to court a young lady.
1886: Warwick proposes after what Seraphina determines is an inappropriate length of time. He should have had the good sense to just marry the woman.
1887: Seraphina’s father becomes ill during the spring and the family tries to keep it quiet. Seraphina worries that the illness is not temporary. During the summer Warwick goes missing during the Wizarding World Fair he is not found for a month.
1888: In February Warwick finally gets married. Seraphina’s family begins to become concerned that she is being too picky with her suitors and think she should just pick one and be done with it. Her father even suggests the idea of an arranged marriage which Seraphina rather resents. In September she is caught up in the Pink Letters scandal and is paired with Roberto Devine. Determining that he is exactly the sort of gentleman she is destined to be with she begins to try to unravel his marriage with the former Miss Ophelia Dippet who is much less suited to Roberto than she is.
1889: Determined to not only outshine her sister, but Ophelia Devine, Seraphina plans for this to be the year where she shows everyone just what she is capable of.
Played By: Fallin

Contact: Skype

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