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Seventh Year
Seventh Year

17 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 6 in.   ❤   Betrothed
played by Nichole
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Germander Macnair

Full Name: Germander Traver Macnair

Nickname(s): Mander

Birthdate: November 17, 1871

Age: 17

Occupation: Hogwarts Student; Prefect

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Iverness-shire

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

redwood, dragonheartstring, 9 4/7th inches, stiff, [1883-1884] [i]broken when sat on[/i]
apple, dragon heartstring, 8 1/4 inches, stiff [1884-now]

Eustace Macnair, 1834-1887, father
Mariana Macnair née Lestrange, 1840, mother
- Valerian Macnair, 1861, brother
- Agrimony Macnair, 1864, half-brother
- Betony Macnair, 1864 - 1884, half-brother
- Yarrow Macnair, 1868, brother
- Sage Macnair, 1872, brother

Along with many other notable families including the Lestranges, the Pendergasts, the Selwyns and other tied families.
Standing at five foot six inches, the boy still has a bit of growing left in him, he host a oddly broad frame for someone so nonathletic though it is just --- on family traits as his pale skin screams that he never spends any time in the sun. Toting the family tradition of dark hair, he plays host to blue eyes and a set of light freckles that are dark enough to match his hair. He tends to dress in plain, unassuming clothes that are nice enough to look his place but not to draw unnecessary attention and tends to stick to blacks and very dark blues. He is left handed but was schooled to use his right because #lefthandsaren'tcoolnow.

[align=center]intelligent . quite . curious . narrow-minded. passive. impressionable. polite. pawnish. self-interested.[/align]
[list] [*]his patronus will be of a black swan
[*]his amortentia scent is of stone, old paper, and steal
[*]boggart is of his mother yelling at him
[b]YEAR OF 1871 |[/b] During the later part of the year, another son is born to Eustice and Mariana Macnair, this one a legitimate son, and he proves to be a fairly quiet son.

[b]YEAR OF 1872 |[/b] The youngest Macnair son is born, and he is often dressed as femininely as possible. His oldest brother is off to school and is sorted into Ravenclaw.

[b]YEAR OF 1875 |[/b] His uncle is placed in jail, and one of his two cousins is taken in - the female one, to make up for his mother has no daughter. The twins are off to school and are both in Gryffindor. His uncle, Klaus passes away.

[b]YEAR OF 1877 |[/b] Tatiana is off to Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin and his mother displeased on losing her persudo daughter. Sage is therefore treated as the daughter and dressed up, much the Lender’s amusement.

[b]YEAR OF 1878 | [/b]The Macnairs move to Hogsmeade.

[b]YEAR OF 1879 |[/b] Yarrow is off to school and is sorted into Slytherin and Valerian graduates. He shows his first signs of magic late by levitating a book he could not reach. His grandfather passes away.

[b]YEAR OF 1882 |[/b] The twins graduate, his mother is drafted for the Hogsmeade trials and was afterward was held prisoner by muggles and not returned till August. Even though his mother had always been distant, this period in which she is missing makes Germander realize he actually cares and become more of a momma's boy. Another Uncle passes away, Sebastian.

[b]SCHOOL YEAR OF 1883 - 1884 |[/b] He receives his letter and is off to Hogwarts where he is sorted into Ravenclaw. Starting from the beginning he wholeheartedly enjoys his schooling and works hard. He isn't too social though he does form a few friends and follows Yarrow's lead and tends to only socialize with only other purebloods and upper-class people when he does actually socialize.

[b]YEAR OF 1884 |[/b] Yarrow is caught sleeping around with a lower class girl and was forced to take an Unbreakable vow. The Laughing Plague strikes his mother ill. Betony dies of poisoning from unknown origin (aka his mother) and Agrimony is sickened by it but survives. Their house suddenly catches fire and they relocate to their country estate near Loch Ness.

[b]SCHOOL YEAR OF 1884 - 1885 |[/b] His youngest brother starts school and is sorted into Slytherin. Germander breaks his wand halfway through the first term by accidentally sitting on it.

[b]SCHOOL YEAR OF 1885 - 1886 | [/b]Yarrow graduates. Germander develops a fascination with language and starts to challenge himself to learn as many languages as he can on top of his classes. He takes on Ancient Runes and Arithmancy as his third-year electives.

[b]SCHOOL YEAR OF 1886 - 1887 | [/b]His fourth year goes smoothly with a disturbing lack of family drama beyond Agrimony moving out.

[b]SUMMER OF 1887 |[/b] When he thought that the year had been oddly quiet, he should have known it just hadn't come. The Wizarding World Market incident occurs, taking the life of his Aunt Olivia Pendergast. Closing in on the start of the school year it is made known he has been made a perfect and his mother betrothed him to a very distant relative, an incoming first year by the name of Holly Scrimegour. He finds her an annoyance and determines he can pay her no mind for the next seven years.

Played By: Nichole

Contact: Skype

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