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Co-Owner of Heavenly Antiques

21 year old Halfblood
5ft 6in   ❤   Married
played by Ocean
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Mars Asteroid

Full Name: Mars Asteroid née Smith
★ Mars is her name b/c her parents are weird
★ She doesn’t have a middle name
★ Her Maiden name is Smith


Birthdate: April 12, 1868

Age: 21

Occupation: Co-Owner of Heavenly Antiques

Blood Status: Half-Blood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Vine, Phoenix feather, slightly flexible, 13.5”

Aaron Asteroid | Halfblood | Husband | 1867 (born after September)

Eric Smith | Muggle | Father | 1833
Tiffany Smith | Muggleborn | Mother | 1838
Sun Smith | Halfblood | Brother | 1856
Mercury Smith | Halfblood | Brother | 1862
- Helium Smith | Halfblood | Nephew | 1887
- Nitrogen Smith | Halfblood | Nephew | 1887
Venus Smith | Halfblood | Brother | 1865
Earth Beck née Smith | Halfblood | Sister | 1866
- Arthur Beck | Halfblood | Brother-In-Law | 1858
-  Moondew Beck | Halfblood | Niece | 1887
- Gillyweed Beck | Halfblood | Nephew | November, 1888
- Floo Beck | Halfblood | Niece | November, 1888
Jupiter Smith | Halfblood | Twin Sister | 1868
Saturn Smith | Halfblood | Brother | 1870
Uranus Smith | Squib | Brother | 1871
Neptune Smith | Halfblood | Brother | 1874
Moon Smith | Halfblood | Sister | 1876
Hair: brunette
Eyes: brown
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Domenient Hand: right
Wardrobe Choice: Though she prefers masculine clothing, she will wear feminine clothing when expected. But she does wear masculine clothing in public.

Stubborn | Eccentric | Fiesty
★ The Smith family is quite close and caring for each other, and often visit one another if someone doesn't live with the main household. This connection extends to family members that are in-laws.
★ Her and most of her siblings are named in order of closest to farthest planets from the sun... after Sun was born. Due to this, her parents ignored which names were actually more feminine or masculine when naming some of their children. Most children either like, accept, or have learned to loathe their name in secret.
Lilypie Maternity tickers
1868 | Mars and Jupiter are born. Mars is the first born, so she gets the masculine name.
1870 | Saturn is born
1871 | Uranus is born
1874 | Neptune is born. Sun graduating from Hogwarts isn’t a big deal to her. She’s more interested in getting into fights with the boys her age. It’s common for her to come inside with scrapes and bruises.
1876 | Moon is born, Mars has shown a liking for male clothing over female. Much more convenient to fight in. The family prefers to let the kids be comfortable and indulge in what they hope is just a phase. Jupiter goes missing for a few hours, and Mars almost has a panic attack worrying of her sister. Turns out, Jupiter was just exploring London. This marks the first of many memorable fight the twins get into.
1878 | Earth heads off to Hogwarts and sends her family many letters. She’s sorted into Ravenclaw. Hogwarts suddenly feels closer than it had before and she decides to go back to wearing feminine clothing. They’re really uncomfortable.
1879 | With the end of Earth’s first year, the family is introduced to the Church of Magical Jesus. Mars doesn’t like it, but she and her twin go with Earth to the church’s meetings over the summer. In September, Mars and Jupiter go to Hogwarts and are sorted into separate houses (Slytherin and Gryffindor). She becomes best friends with Aaron Asteroid, a fellow Slytherin.
1880 | Over the course of her first year, she gets into fights and is an almost constant presence in the infirmary. She learns to not pick fights at school and instead saves those for summer.
1881-1882 | Mars chooses her OWLs: Earth Magic, Ancient Runes, and Ancient Studies. Right after the school year ends, she breaks her leg.
1884 | She continues on with Ancient Studies, Ancient Runes, Transfiguration, Potions, History of Magic and Herbology as her NEWT courses. She adds Alechemy to her courses.
1886 | She, Jupiter, and Aaron leave Hogwarts. Earth gets married.
1887 | Deciding to basically say ‘fuck it’ she and Aaron get married. A niece is born and given Moondew as a name. Later that year, Mercury's wife dies giving birth twins: Helium and Nitrogen. By the end of the year, she and Aaron decide to open a shop in London. Since they both have names that are from the sky, they decide on ‘Heavenly Antiques’. Has a nice ring to it and she’s very excited to open it.
1888 | Still no child, not that she or her family really cares. Earth gives birth to twins: Gillyweed and Floo.
★ Mars is a reluctant member of the CMJ.
★ Mars is a lesbian. This is only known to her family and husband.
Played By: Ocean

Contact: :)

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