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48 year old Halfblood
5 ft. 8 in.   ❤   Married
played by Gabriel
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Arthur McPadraic

Full Name: Arthur Melior McPadraic

Nickname(s): N/A

Birthdate: January 5, 1841

Age: 48

Occupation: Auror

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Manor just outside of Hogsmeade. At times in summer house in Tinworth, Cornwall, or house in London.

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: Ebony, 12", unyielding, dragon heartstring

Family: Originally from Scotland, Arthur’s branch of the McPadraic family moved down to Cornwall several generations ago. Currently, the family lives in a manor just outside of Hogsmeade, as a result of the anti-magic sentiment of the past decades. However, they still own a summer home in Tinworth and rent a house in London. With a large amount of money, obtained both through inheritance and marriage, a long and reputable family history, and with a reputation as upstanding and socially engaged citizens, the McPadraic family is undeniably upper class, although perhaps not among the very richest within this class. The McPadraic family can boast many aurors in its family history, and for several generations now, the line of aurors is unbroken from father to son - no pressure on the next generation. The fulfilment of this important task in society, and the social standing it brings, is the family’s great pride. Hence fathers are expected to begin preparing their sons from early on to follow in this tradition. Failure is not an option. The family’s words are: Valour, duty, justice. Indeed, all children are raised with a strong sense of moral duty and sacrifice, for the well-being of society, for the continuation of the family’s tradition and for the reputation of the family. Men are to become guardians of society, by becoming auror, ideally, or by political involvement or social engagement for the benefit of society. Women are to be sweet flowers that adorn the family name, through virtue, self-sacrifice and pleasant manners.
Arthur is 5 feet 8. Training both his magic and his body, he is lean but strong. He is right handed. He has ginger, curly hair that is beginning to fade. His eyes are blue. He has a rather square jaw and has a neatly maintained moustache. He will normally be found wearing robes, unless in a muggle area. His robes, as well as his muggle clothes, are tailored to him from the best material, and he makes sure his servants keep them immaculate. On the job, obviously, he will wear whatever the task at hand calls for, and he doesn’t mind getting dirty.
Committed to what he believes in, stubborn, idealistic, haughty, brave, emotionally suppressed, loyal.
Arthur was the oldest son of his family and was raised very much in the family tradition. From early on, his father encouraged physical activity as well as hard intellectual work. He was taught to control his emotions and use his mind. His father would often tell him stories about his work and offer made up or past cases for him to solve. Arthur was pressured to excel in everything he did. Arthur’s younger brother, Bedivere, was raised the same way, but he was less athletic, and a good deal more sensitive than his brother, although intellectually he performed well. Naturally, his father gave him a much harder time, and although at times, Arthur tried to shield him from the worst, the brothers were never close and there was and still is a lot of tension between them. Besides the lessons from his father, Arthur had several tutors until he went to Hogwarts, where he was sorted into Gryffindor. With all the pressure to perform, a proper preparation, and a good head on him, Arthur performed well in school. He managed to make it on the Quidditch team as a chaser, and although another boy was made prefect – something he hasn’t gotten over until this day – he still managed to boast an excellent school career with good marks. (His father was so proud.) Arthur therefore managed to get into the auror training programme, completed it successfully and became an auror. His younger brother, would later also try to enter the programme, but failed. It was a disappointment to his father. Several years later, Gareth McPadraic was killed on the job. Ever since, he is seen by the family (at least Arthur’s side of it) as hardly less than a saint and martyr. Arthur has been the head of the family since. After finishing his auror training, he courted and married Aurelia, a woman from a prosperous family. After four daughters, there was finally a boy – a big relief to Arthur, since he feels pressure to continue the family tradition. Sadly, the child got sick and died several months after he was born. After this, Arthur got two more daughters. When his wife was pregnant again with another child, some seven years ago, she got sick shortly before she was about to give birth, and died in early labour, taking the unborn child with her. Meanwhile, one of Arthur’s sisters, Josephine, had eloped with a muggle of a lower class some years prior. The family had tried to cover it up, skillfully circulating rumours that she had married a gentleman in France, and avoiding contact with Josephine. Josephine and her husband had a son together, called Dunstan, but after that the initial love slowly faded. Shortly after the death of Arthur’s wife, Josephine died of consumption, but not before begging her brothers to take an interest in her son’s wellbeing and sponsor his education. Perhaps in other circumstances Arthur would not have concerned himself the child of a sister who had so endangered the family’s reputation and broken their parents’ hearts. But with this happening so soon after death of his wife, and faced with possibility of not having a male heir, Arthur talked to the father, ‘convinced’ him the boy was better off with wizards, and brought the child home. He made it clear to the servants that any gossip about the child’s background, both among themselves and to the outside world, would result in dismissal without a reference. For a while, he kept the boy separate from his other children, until he Arthur was sure there was nothing wrong with him and had learned all necessary etiquette. Then he was introduced to the children as their cousin from France. Dunstan was told that his father had also died of consumption and was taught to speak French and instructed on what his background story ‘really was’. With a clear purpose in mind, Arthur started preparing him for a life as auror, the way he had been prepared by his father, and the boy was pushed to excel. Afraid he might turn out a disappointment, with his low and shameful background, Arthur never failed to find fault with him and kept a tight rein on him. After a time of mourning, Arthur started looking around for another wife. His age and six daughters and an adoptive son made him slightly less desirable, but his name and money still helped. He started courting a woman in her early twenties, Evaine, who was from a lesser family, but still acceptable. Evaine and Arthur’s daughters never really warmed up to one another, and Evaine does not like Dunstan, especially since it took her several years to give Arthur a son. Arthur’s oldest daughter, Alexandra is particularly rebellious and has grown worse since Evaine joined the family. Arthur rejoices in his now two year old son, however, whom he named Gareth, after his grandfather.
Played By: Gabriel

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