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Reclusive Socialite

39 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 4 in.   ❤   Widowed
played by Ian
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Laverna Flint
i just stood there, inside the jaw of nothing

Full Name: Laverna Flint nee Bulstrode

Nickname(s): Lav, Vern (although she hates that one)

Birthdate: July 23, 1849

Age: 39

Occupation: Reclusive Socialite

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Dorset

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Blackthorn, 9 1/4", unicorn tail

Family: Gratian Bulstrode | [1807-1877] Father
Regula Bulstrode nee ___ | [1825] Mother

Titanus Flint | [1794-1870] Husband
-- Lucille Flint | [1869] Daughter

@'Argus Scrimegour' | [1824-1888] Brother-in-Law
-Media Scrimgeour, nee Bulstrode | [1842] Sister
-- @'Julius Scrimgeour' | [1862] Nephew
-- @'Bella Scrimgeour' | [1868] Niece
-- @'Araminta Scrimgeour' | [1868] Niece

Florian Bulstrode | [1845] Brother
-Carina Bulstrode, nee Nott | [1857] Sister-in-law
--Narcissa Bulstrode | [1876] Niece
-- Carius Bulstrode | [1877] Nephew
As a woman who no longer cared much for what others might think of her, beyond how it impacts her daughter's future, Laverna wears subdued, dark colors and simple dresses acceptable for a widowed woman well past marrying age. Her light blonde hair is often tied up and out of her face, which is angular and striking, and her eyes are a light, brown-tinted hazel. She stands at 5'4", just barely taller than her daughter, and carries her wand in her left hand.
Aloof, intense, and cold, Laverna is prone to fits of melancholy and sadness, shutting herself in her room for days at a time when her daughter is not in the house. She cares deeply for Lucille but struggles to show it, as well as struggling to display any emotion other than contempt.
1849: Laverna is born, the third and final child of Gratian and Regula Bulstrode. She is a quiet, moody baby who rarely cries

1853: Media leaves for Hogwarts

1856: Laverna finally shows her first signs of magic when she sets fire to the dining room table during a tantrum. Florian leaves for Hogwarts.

1860: Laverna finally receives her letter for Hogwarts and is thrilled. She is sorted into Hogwarts, but the sorting hat briefly considers putting her in Ravenclaw.

1860-1868: Laverna does well at Hogwarts, receiving 9 OWLs and 6 NEWTs. She remains largely uninterested in boys throughout the years, much to her parents chagrin. She has fits of melancholy that can last weeks at a time, becoming withdrawn and antisocial, usually during the winter. She hides them as best she can but gains a reputation as a moody, quiet girl.

1868: Laverna debuts and scorns her suitors, only to give in and marry Titanus Flint when her parents insist on the match. He is nearly twice her age but is largely uninterested in her body unless it pertains to begetting an heir, which suits her just fine. She grows to care for him as a friend.

1868: Media has two beautiful twins and Laverna adores them.

1869: She is therefore horrified when, months before Lucille is born, Bella goes missing.

1870: Titanus dies, leaving Lucille his sole heir. Laverna hires a nanny and moves them all to Dorset to spend more time alone. She never loved Titanus, but he was a good man, and his death hits her hard. She becomes largely indifferent towards her daughter, even as Laverna tries to fight her growing apathy.

1880: Lucille's letter arrives and it is with little sadness that Laverna sends her off. She is thrilled for her sister, however, when Bella reappears at Hogwarts, finally reunited with her family. Laverna's mood improves as her fit of sadness seems to pass.

1881: Despite pushing Lucille to make friends with Bella, the two never really hit it off, and Laverna notices that her niece is becoming antisocial and withdrawn.

1885: Lucille's OWLs go poorly and Laverna tries her best to guide her daughter towards studying instead of boys.

1887: To Laverna's relief, Lucille graduates and has a good coming out ball. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Bella is doing poorly as a debutante, and Laverna takes her in for the season. She understands some of Bella's trials and convinces Media and Argus to allow Bella a position at St. Mungo's. Laverna is glad to see Bella become more social and agreeable after she begins her job.

1888: Bella runs off for a night, as she is prone to, but Laverna says nothing of it when she returns, deciding that as long as no damage is done to her reputation, Laverna will allow Bella this indiscretion. Unfortunately, Argus does not feel the same and invades Laverna's home to confront Bella. Bella disappears and for a terrifying few days Laverna thinks her niece might be dead. Bella is alive, in the end, but quickly cuts ties with her entire family and drops back into the working class. Laverna decides that she will just have to let the girl go - she has her own daughter's future to consider. Argus is arrested and subsequently dies in the late months of 1888. Hit hard again by the tragedies of the family, Laverna again becomes melancholy and withdrawn.
-She is a Widow
- She retreated to Dorset after her husband's death
- She is a recluse
-Her nice went missing as an infant and reappeared at 11
-Her brother-in-law is a dead criminal
-She is moody and aloof
-She has a strained relationship with her daughter, although she tries to connect
-Her Lady's maid recently left for America with a new husband and Laverna has been extra moody ever since
-She has undiagnosed depression (since it's like,,,, 1889)
Played By: Ian

Contact: PM @"'Jack Watson'

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