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Henry Thompsett

Full Name: Henry Joseph Thompsett

Nickname(s): Henny or Hen

Birthdate: June 12th, 1877

Age: 11

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Half-Blood.

Residence: 24 Hibiscus Lane, North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Alder, 12", Rigid, Phoenix Feather

Family: Matthew P. Thompsett, Senior | [1841] father, Ministry of Magic Lawyer for the department of magical law enforcement, was a Gryffindor during his time at Hogwarts.

Charlotte A. Thompsett, nee Perkins | [1853] mother, was a Hufflepuff at Hogwarts.

Matthew P. Thompsett, Junior | [1872] older brother, fourth year Gryffindor.

Sisse A. Thompsett | [1876] older sister, second year Gryffindor.
A slim little fella, who stands at a very intimidating four feet and seven inches, weighing in at 75 pounds. He has taken on many features of his mother - especially the blue eyes and his rather curly blond hair. Although depending on who you ask, it looks brown at times. Age has made it less blond, but he still stands strongly by the fact that he does look very much like his mother.

His skin is pale, although perhaps not as pale as his sister's much to his mother's chagrin. The woman is very much strict about his staying indoors, but Henry likes to cause trouble outside on occasion. Between his parents it has been a process of cultivation, to make sure that he is in fact a boy growing into a man of decent status and reputation. He's dressed well, barring one of his adventures going horribly wrong where he gets a scuffed trouser. No, he does his best to avoid such mishaps. Suits, waistcoats, and school robes are a standard part of his day to day wear.

Despite Henry's dominant hand being his left, it has been slowly changed to be his right. Still he catches himself using his left though, as his right makes him quite jittery and his magic work becomes strangely unstable.
Loyal. Cheerful. Adventurous. Just a few words to describe this little sunspot. He's a boy full of curious musings, and questions. He's not quite a daydreamer, but he's not walking around in solid reality, in fact he's often coming up with fantasies. Fighting enemies as a knight in shining armor and the like. Of course, he is still a young boy and in that regard this is not at all surprising. In some regard though, it's a little odd that he still puts so much stock in his imagination. Of course, he is far more complicated than simple 'loyalty' 'cheerfulness' and 'adventurousness' but these are some of the very core things that define him as a small budding individual in a largely vast and scary world.
The boy was born in Kent, but he does not remember it at all. In fact, he remembers nothing but ever living in Hogsmeade. Henry grew up within a decent means. He never truly wanted for anything that was not arbitrary toys and the like. Sometimes others had newer things than he did, but in truth Henry only felt small pangs of jealousy, because he also saw where his family could be... Although he was certainly not allowed to mingle with those of such lower class.

North Bartonburg was all Henry ever knew, and he lived a quiet life there. Raised by a governess, causing trouble in the great, vast mountainous outdoors. The boy was never caught, of course, by any kind of patrols causing trouble. No, a boy of his status would not be caught dead doing anything that was not considered 'normal' for a boy like himself. Still, Henry never really held himself to such a status in his own head that he would not crawl through the mud to chase a cat or a toad. On occasion he would come home dirty but that was the most of it.

He grew up relatively close to his older brother and sister. He had a special fascination with his brother, finding his simply being older and going through each step in life faster than Henry to be quite cool, something that made Henry want to strive to be more like his older brother. Nonetheless he was still close to his sister, she always a prim and proper lady yet he knew from how close they were that she was not interested in being all that prim and proper. It was this that made them closer, and Henry only encouraged her wild side.

In time though both siblings would be shipped off to Hogwarts nearby, and he would find himself lonely. That year when his sister went off to Hogwarts and left him alone, he would be the most well behaved. But in time, he too would receive his letter and he would leave excitedly. He was sorted into Hufflepuff, like his mother had been.

His grades were, okay, as he found himself to be not entirely academically inclined - perhaps being forced to use his right hand was not helping either. Still, he's continuing to push forward in his first year, doing his best to please his parents however possible.
Good polite boy.
Goes on solo adventures.
Has returned home muddy on occasion.
He wouldn't mind being of higher class.
He's actually scared of working class boys, even though he at times envies the freedom that they get. But, he's far too young to understand the implications of that freedom.
Played By: Kai

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