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Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement

39 year old half
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Richard Addle

Full Name: Richard Elijah Addle

Nickname(s): Rich, Rick, Dick.

Birthdate: April 2nd, 1849

Age: 39

Occupation: Head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Blood Status: half

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: 10 2/3", supple, unicorn tail hair

Family: Elijah Addle: father Ophelia Addle: mother Timothy Addle: brother Penelope Addle(she is probably married): sister Hestia ____ : patrnal aunt Frances ____: patrnal aunt
Richard is average height. He isn't too tall and he isn't very fat. In fact he is a little bit thin because he always eats only a little unless he is told to. His hair is dark and is always combed neatly so it does not get in his face. His eyes are very deep brown and he does not like them very much. Richard thinks that he has very nice hair and wears clothes that he wants to distract from his eyes. Richard tries to stay on with the trends now more than ever. He has a small fear that he is getting old and does not want to look too old. Richard has two smiles. One he uses when he is working and another when he is happy. Sometimes he uses the happy smile when he works.
Richard is very ambitious and hardworking. He can be very focused on something and not even notice that something is right in front of him. He was oblivious to love, but now he is starting to realize that maybe he does need it after all. Richard is friendly but not very friendly to people he knows from work. He is very friendly to his school friends and also people he knows from when he was a child. Richard likes books a lot.
Richard is born in 1849, to Elijah Addle, the only Addle son, and his wife Ophelia. He has no older siblings, and he is easy to please. When he is born, he is a working class boy, his father works as an underbutler and his mother is a maid. Two years after he is born, Richard's father is promoted to butler. He is not around as often, but Richard does not worry because his younger brother Timothy has been born. Richard is able to befriend the children of other servants when he is four years old and he hear talks about magic. One of their sisters is even at Hogwarts. When he is five years old Richard daydreams of magic and even turns his nice shirt green. It is his first magic. He has another sibling when he is six years old her name is Penelope. His family works very hard so he can have one nice robe for Hogwarts when he gets his letter. He is a Slytherin! Richard makes many friends in Slytherin house. He also works hard at school because he does want a scholarship to help his parents pay for his school supplies. Richard likes defense against the dark arts. It is his favorite subject because he gets to learn interesting spells that can be used to protect himself. He gets to have a partial scholarship because he only earns an passing grade in astronomy class, but he vow to do better next year. Again, Richard receives a partial scholarship for his third year. His brother is also able to go to Hogwarts but he is not sorted into Slytherin. Richard decides that he wants to be prefect. He works very hard for this goal. It is his hardest ambition. Even when he was just a third year. He thinks that being a prefect would be interesting. He is able to get a full scholarship for his fourth year but not for his fifth year. Richard is a prefect for his fifth year and his parents are so proud they buy him a nice telescope. He likes the telescope because he can see the sky even if he does not know all the planets because astronomy is something Richard is not very good at. He gets a prefect grant to pay for the sixth year of Hogwarts and he is so happy to have a nice education. His parents are happy too because they can spend money on his little brother to go to school as well. Richard knows that he will not be Head Boy because he has a rival who is a lot better than him at many things, including Quidditch. Richard did not play Quidditch because his parents could not pay for a broom. When he is in seventh year he gets almost all O except for he gets 3 E, he is a little sad but still happy. Richard becomes a intern at the Ministry when he is 18 years old. When he is 19 he becomes a Clerk. his father is very happy to see his son to become a lawyer. Richard sends more money home for his sister to go to school, so she can learn good household magic and maybe even be a Healer if she wants to. When he is 21 he becomes a Junior Lawyer. He likes to be in control of the court when he is in it, and shows maybe even more ambition then when he was in his third year trying to become a prefect. Finally when he is 24 he becomes a Lawyer. He is a very hard working Lawyer and is always trying to prove himself to those who are above him and his bosses. He is still working class but because of this he works very hard. Richard wants to be able to support a real family and even be able to send children to Hogwarts without scholarships. He does not talk to many people outside of work which means he does not talk to a lot of women. In his years as lawyer there are many changes. He even gets to teach some interns. He likes the interns because he can see some of himself in them. In 1887 he has been in the Ministry for 21 years and has been a Lawyer for almost 15 of those years. The Minister of Magic, who was head of Richard's department, makes him the new head of department. Richard is very happy.
Richard is the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.

Richard threw himself into his work and always worked hard.

Richard comes from a working class family
Richard always looks after his department, especially those from working class backgrounds.
Played By: Immy

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I could offer up Richard for someone to stick his nose into other people's business/he'd feel bad for the kids.

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Richard Addle's Most Liked Post
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RE: Lynn Read Too Many Shirley Jackson Novels 3
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Lynn Read Too Many Shirley Jackson Novels Plottage
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I could offer up Richard for someone to stick his nose into other people's business/he'd feel bad for the kids.