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Ronit Reuben

Full Name: Ronit Reuben


Birthdate: 24th July, 1873

Age: 15

Occupation: Fifth year student

Blood Status: Half (her parents are both wizards, but there are enough unknowns/muggleborns/muggles in her family tree that she can't claim to be pureblood)

Residence: Bartonburg South, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor (all of her relatives were in Ravenclaw, so this was a disappointment to her family).

Wand:  pomegranate wood, 13", inflexible, dishon hair. [dishon being an unknown biblical animal, I'm making it magical here. It has cloven hooves and chews the cud.]

R' Yitzchak "Isaac" Reuben | 1848 | Ronit's father is the rabbi of one of the local synagogues (despite the relatively small number of Jewish wizards, there are multiple synagogues because everyone needs a Synagogue They Don't Go To, of course). He is trapped between what is safe and what is right: while he would agree with Ronit's sympathies towards halfbreeds if pressed, he strongly disapproves of her decision to voice those sympathies outside the privacy of their own home. He is hyperaware of the precarity of Jews in Britain in a way Ronit is not. --- Reuben | 1853 | Ronit's mother makes incredible sweets and never accidentally mixes the meat and milk crockery. What a legend.
Ronit is somewhat shorter than average, coming from the traditional Jewish stock of "short and a little dumpy". She has very curly brown hair, brown eyes and a lot of freckles, although her mother tried to keep her out of the sun as much as possible. She is left-handed, and no matter what language she's writing, she seems to get ink all over her hand, which she thinks is rather unfair when writing a right-to-left language. When not in school uniform, she dresses fairly conservatively -- she would never dream of wearing [shudders] trousers, but would also not go for The Tiniest Possible Waist. You're also unlikely to see much more than a hint of collarbone, even in an evening dress. Luckily, Jewish dress requirements and Victorian fashion dovetails neatly, although her family has never placed huge import on conforming to the latest fashions -- being a rabbi doesn't pay that well, after all.

Opinionated. Stubborn. Doesn't spend as much time as she probably should thinking about what is socially acceptable or ingratiating herself with people who could raise her standing.
Languages: Ronit can read Biblical Hebrew and sometimes uses it as code for notes she especially doesn't want prying eyes to see. (She mostly transliterates English into Hebrew characters when using it as code, because Biblical Hebrew does not have the appropriate vocabulary.) She can chant Torah and haftarah trope. She has middling French, and has been attempting to teach herself Gobbledegook. She is bisexual, although she's aware she will probably have to forget that once she graduates from school. Her parents taught her how to swim, although they also taught her it would be terribly immodest if she were actually to do it in any kind of public or semi-public place. They really only taught her because it's a religious requirement, never expecting her to use that knowledge.
1873 | Ronit Rabinowitz is born in Golders Green, London. Both her parents are magical, but her grandfather is a muggleborn, and one of her uncles married a muggle woman. 1877 | Just before the attack on Queen Victoria, Ronit shows her first sign of magic -- she changes a doll to look more like her, making the hair curly and giving the doll freckles. Jan 1878 | The family moves to Hogsmeade before they're discovered by muggle neighbours -- it doesn't take a genius to draw parallels between the attitude towards wizards and the attitude that always precedes wide-scale anti-Jewish violence, so R' Reuben wants to get ahead of it before it catches them. He founds Hogsmeade Synagogue, controversially adopting some of the reforms put forward by the West London Synagogue, such as seating men and women together, but retains most ritual practice. Sept 1878 | Ronit begins her education taught by members of the Jewish community in Hogsmeade, with an emphasis on religious learning but also providing English literacy, mathematics and some French. 1884 | Ronit is sorted into Gryffindor, which is a shock to her family, all of whom were in Ravenclaw. She discovers a proficiency for Charms and Magical Theory and a burning hatred for Astronomy. 1886 | Ronit takes up Ancient Studies, Ancient Runes and Ghoul Studies. Present | Ronit is raring to get her OWL exams out of the way so she can finally, finally take Gobbledegook at NEWT level. She just has to find a teacher willing to recommend her.
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