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Investigator for the Improper Use of Magic Office

26 year old Pureblood
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Gaston Abercrombie

Full Name: Gaston Edgar Abercrombie

Nickname(s): --

Birthdate: 13th September 1862

Age: 26

Occupation: Investigator for the Improper Use of Magic Office

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, Scotland; Excaliber's

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Alumnus

Wand: Pinewood, 11 1/3", Phoenix Tail Feather, Sturdy

Gerald Abercrombie, Father (b. 1825)
Winifred Abercrombie (née ------), Mother (b. 1832)
Everard Abercrombie, Brother (b. 1855); and family
Delilah ------ (née Abercrombie), Sister (b. 1858); and family
Lydia Abercrombie, Sister (b. 1865); and fiancé
@'Nora Abercrombie', Sister (b. 1869)

Morcombe Abercrombie, Uncle (b. 1821)
Bernadette Abercrombie (née Flint), Aunt (b. 1829)
Elwin Abercrombie, 1st Cousin (b. 1850)
---- @'Evelyn Abercrombie' (née Pendergast), Cousin-in-law (b. 1863)
Cosima Pucey (née Abercrombie), 1st Cousin (b. 1858); and family
Callista Pucey (née Abercrombie), 1st Cousin (b. 1858); and family

-- Stands taller than average 5'9", his stature tall and slender.
-- Aristocratic in appearance, Gaston sports a soft jawline combined with a celestial nose, high cheekbones, and full lips.
-- Pale skin complemented by dark brown hair and equally brown eyes.
-- His wardrobe befits a man of his station, though he prefers a more neat and trim look to anything extravagant.
-- Though he has been trained to use his right hand, he wields his wand with his left for better results.

INFJ. Virgo. An intellectual. Detail-oriented. Imaginative. Polite. Disciplined. Curious. Modest. Independent. Generally a pleasant person, despite being a bit socially awkward, though he has mastered the art of small talk to at least appear like a somewhat functioning human being. Sincere. Self-aware. He can be rather stubborn, and not very easily swayed. Although he can come across as a bit distant to those he doesn't know well, he is more warm and expressive around family and friends. Dutiful - especially when it comes to family.
-- A soft purist; he generally has no qualms with non-purebloods, but does tend to stick to his own social circle, regardless.
-- He has a myriad of interests, though his main obsessions lie in Magic Theory/spell creation, literature, and wizarding history. Regarding the latter, Charms is his forte.
-- One of his more hidden talents is music. He is adept at playing the piano, and can read sheet music.
-- Fluent in French, and can read in Latin.
-- He is the owner of a barn owl; name TBD.
AUTUMN OF 1862 | Gaston Edgar is born the third child and second son to Gerald and Winifred Abercrombie. Largely left in the hands of his capable nanny, Gaston was a colicky infant for the first few months of his life before settling into his much quieter, less fussy nature.

YEAR OF 1865 | His younger sister, Lydia, was born sometime this year, making him a big brother for the first time. At three, he had been intensely curious about this new addition to his nursery, and found himself rather attentive to her presence.

SPRING OF 1866 | As he grew, curious soon joined his more common traits, and observant later on when he discovered that, the quieter he was the less likely he was to be noticed, which lead to managing to slip past his nanny numerous times when she was busy with his other siblings. One of the said times was when he'd managed to get a hold of a wand the year he turned four; a previously used spell backfired, and a trip to St. Mungo's had been required to patch him back up. The good news was, he was fine and his parents were proud that he'd shown magical capability, but less fun was the nanny's abrupt dismissal for not keeping better watch on her charges. He had felt rather guilty about this for some time.

AUTUMN OF 1866 | The eldest Abercrombie child left for Hogwarts, getting sorted into the ------ house. With seven years between them, Gaston and his brother were never incredibly close, but there was a noticeable emptiness in the house after he left that even four-year-old Gaston could register.

YEAR OF 1867 | The nanny was soon traded in for a tutor, and Gaston promptly began his pre-Hogwarts education in the autumn after his brother went back for his second year. A studious pupil and eager to learn - he'd been avid reader for a few years now - Gaston had had little trouble adjusting to academic life.

YEAR OF 1869 | The same year that Delilah began Hogwarts in the fall, the Abercrombie family was complete with the arrival of baby Eleanora early in the year. He's rather fond of the new baby, and believing Eleanora to be too much of a mouthful, nicknamed her "Nora" for short, and it just stuck.

SEPTEMBER 1874 - MAY 1875 | Due to a late birthday, Gaston received his Hogwarts acceptance letter a year later than some of his peers, and surprising no one, had been promptly sorted into Ravenclaw upon his arrival. Having found himself happily placed amongst the students of wit and learning, Gaston had settled in well at school. Socially, he preferred to keep a small circle of friends compared to a wide range of acquaintances, but academically he excelled - particularly in Magic Theory, history, and wand-based subjects.

Everard graduated at the end of the school year, and went into a profession appropriate for his lot in life.

SEPTEMBER 1875 - MAY 1876 | Second year saw him add Book Club to the one lone (Charms) he'd joined the year before after his father made a concerned comment that he wasn't participating enough. The loss of Magic Theory class prompted him to carry on the study of it by himself.

SUMMER OF 1876 | As expected, Delilah made her debut into society, and her first Season was an immediate success. She secured a match by the end of the summer, and was married early in the following year. It rather baffled Gaston at how quick the entire affair was - six months was hardly enough time to get to know someone you'd intended to spend your whole life with - but Delilah had been ecstatic about it, and so he resolved himself to being happy for her regardless of his thoughts on the matter.

SEPTEMBER 1876 - MAY 1877 | Ever the overachiever, Gaston added three electives of his OWL class load - Ancient Studies, Ancient Runes, and Ghoul Studies. Lydia also joined him and Delilah at Hogwarts, getting sorted into the ------ house. While he and Lydia had never seen eye-to-eye much, he'd felt a certain obligation as her big brother to ensure she'd settle comfortably into school life, though it appeared that Lydia could fend well enough for herself without his help.

The village of Hogsmeade was founded some time during this year, though the Abercrombies were content enough in their spell-warded London home to not bother with moving.

SEPTEMBER 1877 - MAY 1878 | Fourth year was nothing interesting, though some time during the school year, Delilah gave birth to her first child.

SEPTEMBER 1878 - MAY 1879 | Fifth year arrives, and Gaston was a little shocked by the arrival of a shiny Prefect badge in his supply letter that summer. He'd never regarded himself as Prefect material - that was more Everard and Delilah's alley - but he also couldn't bring himself to reject the idea altogether, not after he saw how proud his parents had been.

Unsurprisingly, Gaston had done well on his OWL exams, though was a little disappointed by his Potions grade, having been intrigued by the subject of Alchemy.

SEPTEMBER 1879 - MAY 1880 | Sixth year saw him continue at NEWT-level with Ancient Studies, Ancient Runes, Charms, DADA, History of Magic, and Transfiguration.

SPEMTEBER 1880 - MAY 1881 | Gaston was overlooked as Headboy for his year, though wasn't too disappointed by this as it gave him more time to focus on his NEWTs and ensure Nora - who had started her first year as the only Hufflepuff in their family, which Gaston felt suited her - settled smoothly into school life. The two of them seemed to be of similar temperament, and he remembered making the adjustment during is own first year.

Gaston graduated at the end of the year with excellent examination scores.

SUMMER OF 1881 | After graduation, Gaston continued to stay in his parents' home while he worked an internship for the Improper Use of Magic Office. It was a practical arrangement for the moment, not seeing much of a reason to move out yet while he just started working, though living at home came with its own share of new obligations - socially, at least. It's a little tiresome, honestly, though he quickly learned that the art of small talk could go a long way in making it more bearable.

YEAR OF 1883 | Two years working his internship, and Gaston was promoted to a full-fledged employee in 1883. He begins renting rooms at Excaliber rather than continue to stay with his parents, and while he finds having his own space suited him much better, it was a strange adjustment not being surrounded by his rather large family.

Lydia graduates and debuts in the summer, though her first Season yields little results.

SUMMER OF 1884 | The Laughing Plague throws half of the wizarding population into mourning - including the Abercrombies. Thankfully, none of his own family was infected, thanks in part to their location, and Gaston had been lucky enough to avoid it himself, being outside of the quarantine at the time.

WINTER OF 1886 | Lydia gets engaged to a Mr. -------. He's not entirely sure if he likes the man too much, but at least Lydia is happy.

SUMMER OF 1887 - PRESENT | Nora graduates and debuts, and he can't believe how fast time has gone. Much like himself, his youngest sister wasn't too keen on social life, and with Delilah married and Lydia engaged, he could only imagine the pressure she was under to accomplish the same. Already, ever since Everard's marriage to Miss ------, his mother was dropping subtle hints that he should also think to find a bride, but with no current interest in marriage, he's perfectly happy as he is with his job and his rented rooms at Excaliber's.

Played By: Miri

Contact: PM Imogen MacFusty, please!

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