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Alphonse Wood

Full Name: Alphonse Oliver Wood

Nickname(s): Al, Alph, Alphie

Birthdate: February 16th, 1874

Age: 14

Occupation: 4th year student

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: English Oak and unicorn hair, 11 inches

Family: Father: Wellington Wood Mother: Nella Wood Sister: Mabell Wood Sister: Arabella Wood
Currently 5’7” and likely to grow a few more inches before he’s finished, Alphonse shows all the signs of a pubescent boy still awkward in his mid-growth: his height comes from a recent growth spurt, and he isn’t quite used to it yet; his limbs are gangly but also rather soft; his brown hair is often unruly. Though trained to dress as a proper young pureblood, there’s often a subtle air of dishevelment about him; unless he’s at home in the presence of his parents, he isn’t quite bothered to be as pressed and polished as he perhaps should be. He often sports at least one Gryffindor-colored item of clothing. He holds his wand in his right hand.
Loyal and team-oriented: Though something of a loner at home, as he tended to dismiss his younger sister before she was of Hogwarts age and was never particularly close with his elder one, in school Alphonse tends to crave inclusion in groups. He looks up to older Gryffindors especially, and is, at the moment, easily swayed by group mentalities out of a desire to be considered “in.” He isn’t dishonest; rather, he believes that the opinions of the people he wants to be like are his opinions, though as he grows he’s slowly learning to identify his own beliefs, and he does in fact have a true moral compass when he has the clarity to listen to it. Neither especially bright nor naturally gifted at any one area in particular, he nevertheless tries hard to prove himself, and can be quite stubborn when he’s set his sights on a particular accomplishment — hence his continuing attempts to join the Gryffindor Quidditch team, despite three successive failures. He isn’t very good at sitting quiet and still; he’d rather be doing something active, engaging, dare we say adventurous — which has gotten him into trouble more than once for enthusiastically following along in the daring, rule-breaking footsteps of other Gryffindors.
He supports the Appleby Arrows, and takes his Quidditch supporting seriously. His dream is to be a professional Quidditch player — a little impractical, perhaps, considering he’s yet to make even his House team.
Alphonse is the second child and only son of Nella and Wellington Wood, and thus the heir to a wealthy pureblood family. His father often worked late, and his mother was strict and rather distant, so Alph was generally left to the care of a nanny, at first, and then a governess, both of whom had some trouble getting him to pay proper attention to his studies, as he would always much rather saunter about in the garden or dart through the halls in the midst of imaginary duels, a stick in his hand to substitute for a wand. In fact, his first instance of obvious magic was during one of these “duels” — when his governess came bustling after him, he turned his “wand” on her and shouted a pretend curse, and her hair disappeared. (This was a cause of both punishment and celebration — the pride of his magic manifesting wasn’t quite enough to escape the consequences of attempting to curse his governess, pretend or not.)

Alphonse never had much personal connection with his older sister Mabell, and when his younger sister Arabella was born he saw her primarily as an obstacle to his freedom, for it was always mind the baby, Alphonse and not now, Master Wood, I must attend to Arabella and don’t leave your toys lying about, young man, your sister could break her neck! Babies were most inconvenient things, he decided — and it didn’t help that his father, who was home rarely enough as it was, began giving Arabella more attention than he gave either Alphonse or Mabell. All in all, he didn’t pay either of his sisters very much mind until Mabell went to Hogwarts, at which point Alphonse unexpectedly found himself rather lonely, despite their previous lack of any particular intimacy. When she came home with tales of school and her classmates, it lit a spark in Alphonse that hadn’t previously existed: before, Hogwarts had been a far-off inevitability, not nearly so interesting as what he could get up to at home. Now, he couldn’t wait for his wand and his House.

When, four years after Mabell’s first year, his time finally came, Alphonse was Sorted into Gryffindor. He quickly began looking up to the older boys in his year, and especially the Quidditch players: He’d always been a fan of Quidditch, but now he began sneaking out to watch the Gryffindor team’s practices, dreaming of the day he could fly like that. Unfortunately, his enthusiasm didn’t correspond to a real talent: he lacks a good sense of direction in the air, and even the expensive broom his father gave him as a Christmas gift doesn’t respond all that well to him. Still, his dream of playing was solidified his first year, and he’s tried out for the position of Chaser every year since. In his third year, he picked Care of Magical Creatures and Earth Magic as his additional subjects, and Care of Magical Creatures has become his best subject by far.

Played By: Rhys

Contact: PM or discord

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