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Tala Moreno

Full Name: Tala Brigit Moreno

Nickname(s): Tal, Tee

Birthdate: December 2nd, 1863

Age: 24

Occupation: Tree-Hugging Herbologist

Blood Status: muggleborn

Residence: Keswick, England

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: 8 ½” spruce, unicorn hair, pliant

Gervaise Ollivander | [1853] | fiance, wandmaker & owner of Ollivander's London

Alejandro Moreno | [1836-1870] father
Eilis Moreno née Magee | [1842-1865] mother
Mahalia Moreno | [1865] stillborn sister

Fergus Magee | [1802-1883] maternal grandfather, muggle
Brigit Magee née Mahoney | [1813] maternal grandmother, muggle
Cara Flaherty née Mahoney [1810] maternal great-aunt, muggleborn witch
Petite like her mother, Tala has no meat on her bones, nor does she have any curves to speak of. Her small frame is willowy and tops out at 5’0”. Most notably, Tala’s skin is a golden brown, harking to her father’s Filipino heritage. The only real feature of her mother’s that she inherited was a generous sprinkling of freckles across her nose and cheeks,which stand out more often than not, as she spends an immense amount of time outside. Other than that, her skin is flawless, which is something she takes mild pride in. Dark brows and hair frame a sweet, round face. She possesses a button nose and golden hazel eyes. They’re not quite brown, but not quite hazel, falling somewhere in between and are often the first thing noticed when she is first met.  
Quirky; outgoing; social; adventurous; curious; a little scatterbrained; flighty; vivacious; witty; closet romantic; somewhat independent; mild feminist.

Name Etymology/Reason | Tagalog name meaning “bright star”
Birthplace | Killarney, Ireland
Birthmarks/scars | freckles
Scent | citrusy, coconut, pine
Health | does poorly in the cold
Languages | conversational Gaelic, poor Tagalog, she can swear excellently in both though
Phobias | large boats and deep water
Traditions/superstitions | believes a little in astrology
Pets | Irish wolfhound (brindle), Reyna
Amortentia | cedarwood, mountain air and peat fire
Patronus/Animagus | n/a
Alejandro Moreno is born to middle class muggle parents in Manila, Philippines. As was common during the Spanish occupation of the region, middle class boys were often shipped to Europe for schooling. So charmed by the area, Alejandro decided to stay instead of returning home. It turns out to be the right decision as he meets a fiery, working class Irish lass by the name of Eilis Magee and the pair wed within a year of meeting, moving back to her home in Killarney to start a family.

[December 2nd, 1863] | Born the first and only babe to Eilis and Alejandro, Tala is dubbed as such for the bright stars in the wintry sky on the night of her birth. Unfortunately the labor is hard and long for Eilis, though she makes it through.

[February 1865] | Eilis labors again, though this time is not quite as fortunate as she was with Tala. Both Eilis and the babe, another girl to be named Mahalia, are lost during the process. A grief-stricken Alejandro is taken in by his in-laws for Tala’s sake. He in turn, takes to the bottle to numb the pain and is never quite the same.

[1868] | Despite the rough start to her young life, Tala proves to be a vivacious and adventurous babe. On her grandparents’ large property she has the run of the place. Her family is never short on affection or attention for her, especially from her doting grandmother.

[1870] | Alejandro is accidentally killed when a dispute over some money goes awry. He was drunk after his shift in the lumberyard and gets in with the wrong crowd.

[1873] | Tal goes through a bit of a rebellious phase. Around the anniversary of her father’s death, Tala is understandably upset and after a small spat with her grandmother, she displays her first noticeable sign of magic; she accidentally mutes her grandmother because she just doesn’t want to hear what Brigit has to say. Brigit’s sister is called in to help and surprise! She’s a witch. Auntie Cara takes Tala on a long walk and explains a lot about the strange, if small things, that always happen when Tala is upset or scared. It is during this discussion that she first learns about Hogwarts and Tal is hooked.. Unfortunately due to her late birthday, she has a few years to wait.

[School Year 1875-76] | Both terrified and eager to head off to magic school, Tal is quietly sorted into Ravenclaw without much ado. From what she’s been told, it fits, but it remains to be seen. She was secretly hoping for Gryffindor because that’s where Auntie Cara was, apparently. Thanks to her grandmother’s concentrated efforts to see her educated, at least she is not too far behind in reading and writing. She pushes herself to do well in hopes that this will be the start of something new and positive in her life- and to keep her scholarship going.

[School Year 1876-77] | Second year is a little better, though Tal pushes herself to keep up academically, reading just about anything she can get her hands on. Astronomy and Herbology prove to be keen interests of hers and she soaks up information left and right. Socially she’s a bit of an outcast, a quirky working class girl, but she makes a couple close friends, which is all she needs.

[School Year 1877-78] | Tal adds Ancient Runes and Arithmancy to her courseload. Both seem like fascinating additions to her timetable, though she struggles a little more with Arithmancy than she would like. She thought about adding Care of Magical Creatures, but didn’t. She still kind of regrets that.

[School Year 1878-79] | This year proves to be somewhat lackluster, no new classes, no tests to worry about, but Tala does her best to keep up with her studies. It’s this year that she gets her hands on a book about wand woods and she is so thoroughly fascinated she fancies herself becoming a wandmaker in the future.

[School Year 1879-80] | After finishing her OWLs with a decent string of scores, Tal decides to call it quits at Hogwarts, which means she’s probably  not going to make it into wandmaking. She’s either headed into herbology or the service industry and NEWTs aren’t strictly necessary. Besides, her grandparents can only afford so much at this point. In the late summer after having little luck finding something, Tala manages to secure herself an apprenticeship with a herbologist in Ireland near their home in Killarney. It works out well for her, she’s able to stay home and help out and bring in some money.

Class Name OWLs NEWTs
Ancient Runes E --
Arithmancy A --
Astronomy O --
Charms A --
Defence Against the Dark Arts D --
Herbology O --
History of Magic A --
Potions E --
Transfiguration A --

[1882] | Auntie Cara comes to live with them after her only son, with whom she lived, is tragically lost in a fishing accident. Tal has always loved Cara like her own grandmother, so she more than happily packs up her tiny bedroom and takes over the even smaller study as her room so Auntie Cara can have a room to herself.

[1884] | Her grandfather catches pneumonia and passes away. Devastated, the ladies in the family pull together to make it work. Tal picks up work at the local apothecary to help out with money, her knowledge of both magical and muggle plants gives her an edge in that respect.

[1886] | Tal takes a big chance for more permanent and better paying position at a magical tree farm in Keswick, England near the Scottish border. Cara’s youngest daughter has come to live with the aging (though still surprisingly spry!) ladies which gives Tal the chance to take her big break. Trees, especially those used in wandmaking, fascinate her and this in, in reality, her dream job. She continues to send money home to help her relatives, as her room and board is covered at her new position.

[1887] | [quote] Gervaise makes the acquaintance of Miss —, a herbologist working at the tree farm from which some of his materials are harvested. He finds her charming, if a bit peculiar, and by year's end, the pair are courting. [/quote] Ayy vague feelings. She likes him enough to go with it, though suspects he may be more invested than she is. It's fine, they get to nerd out about wand woods together, what more could a girl want?

[September 1888] | An otherwise uneventful year culminates in Tala getting caught up in the Amortentia love letter scandal- and she accidentally elopes, with not!Gervaise! #GASP #DRAMA Tal feels immensely guilty, considering the man she married is barely a friend AND she’s engaged! Stay tuned for drams, friends.
» Tala eloped during the Amortentia letter scandal of 1888, though was already engaged at the time! DRAMA
Played By: Bee

Contact: PM Elsie Beauregard

Plot Preferences: See Elsie Beauregard


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I forgot I also have likely-future-auntie Tala here! If she can figure out her life anyway XD