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Maid to the Lupin Household

27 year old Pureblood
5 ft. 1 in.   ❤   Widowed
played by Bree
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Daphne Bletchley

Full Name: Daphne Ida Bletchley (née Boot)

Nickname(s): Daph

Birthdate: May 31st, 1861

Age: 27

Occupation: Maid to the Lupin Household

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Lupin Household, Wellingtonshire

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Dropout ('83)


Wilson Bletchley, Husband [1856-1884]
Ida Bloom Bletchley, Daughter [1878]

James Boot, Father [1813]
Eleanor Boot (née Bletchley), Mother [1824-1876]
Merritt Boot, Brother [1846], and family
Ellis Boot, Brother [1852] Brother
Fritz Boot, Brother [1858]
Standing at five feet, one inch tall, Daphne has been continuously mistaken for a fully-grown woman since she was fourteen. Her short height has always been balanced by natural curves, and she would be a prime candidate for having a rounder post-baby figure if not for her inadequate diet. She has platinum blonde hair and darker eyebrows, a straight nose, and plump lips. She uses creative hair-styling to to frame her face to detract from her wide jawline, which is her most notable (and least favorite) trait.

She dresses in clothes appropriate to her station and occupation. She does not own a wand, having sold her first one shortly after leaving school; one year at Hogwarts was not enough to make it a useful tool.

Fiercely protective. Motherly. Empathetic. Responsible. Hardworking. Manipulative—but usually without the intent to cause harm. Trustworthy.
1861 | Born the fourth and final child in the Boot family, Daphne was immediately doted upon by mother, father, and her three elder brothers. Despite her parents' low wages and often unsafe working conditions, they'd always been determined to build a family of their own—but unlike many others, were unwilling to have children they couldn't afford (and thus, fifteen years separated Daphne and her eldest brother).

1863 | With a poor grasp on reading and writing, the Boots decide not to send Ellis to Hogwarts as they did with Merritt. Instead, he goes to work as a shoe-shiner at the local cobbler's workshop.

1868 | Following the destruction of the family home in a fire, the Boot family is scattered. While Daphne and her mother go to live with an aunt who's willing to take them, Merritt and Ellis go to live with their second cousins, the Bletchleys, while Fritz and Daphne's father go live with her widowed grandmother. Their plans to live under one roof again never come to fruition, but the love between family members never fade.

1869 | Fritz does go to Hogwarts, and with a strong mind and endless studying, earns the grades to secure a scholarship that grants him the opportunity to continue his education.

1872-1873 | With a decent grasp on English and a drive to succeed (or at least prove herself equal to her elder brother), Daphne is sent off to Hogwarts and is sorted into Gryffindor. While not an awful student, her studies don't come naturally to her, and rather than preparing for examinations she may not pass, she chooses to drop out after her first year. She goes to work as a kitchen maid for a London family.

1876 | After her mother suddenly passes, Daphne goes off to live with her second cousins, the Bletchleys. An impressionable fifteen-year-old, she falls for the charms of her elder cousin, Wilson Bletchley, and the two begin a romantic affair. He promises to marry her, but in return she has to prove herself dutiful and obedient. Still recovering from her mother's death and longing for a life of her own, she obliges him. It would take years to realize how toxic the relationship was—but not before it was too late.

1877 | Daphne marries her second cousin at the young age of sixteen and temporarily trades her maid job for one in retail after she discovers she's expecting a child. The tension in their marriage is obvious to those looking in, but Daphne is dedicated to him—and arguably brainwashed to some degree.

1878 | As the beginning of the year, Daphne gives birth to her first child, Ida Bloom Bletchley. What should be a happy time for the young mother becomes one of realization and depression. Her husband's controlling nature becomes apparent when he tries to use their daughter as "punishment" when Daphne "misbehaves". He limits the time between mother and daughter, snatches Ida from her arms while breastfeeding, and—on one occasion too many—threatens to kill them. This causes Daphne to run off to her father in a panic, but he sends her right back home to her husband, citing her "feminine hysteria".

1880 | In an attempt to find better work, the Bletchleys move to the Hogsmeade slums with their daughter. Having spent years dodging her husband and generally learning to cover her tracks, Daphne begins searching for a way out of her marriage. Unfortunately, her options at this point are "divorce" and "murder", and neither of them will help protect mother and daughter.

1884 | Wilson dies. Daphne's only a little involved. After declaring his intentions to fix up their shack, Daphne quietly tampers with the tools—specifically the ladder, which he eventually falls from and dies from his injuries. With the death ruled accidental and nothing stopping her from moving forward, Daphne takes her daughter and a job at the Lupin household as a maid. The pay is good, but the rules are strict: she has to take an unbreakable vow to protect the family secrets... and so does her daughter.

1887 | After years of working for the Lupin family, Daphne finds herself becoming more and more aware of her budding affection for the master of the house. She does her best to keep her feelings hidden (lest she have the mistress of the house at her throat), but the more she thinks about him, the more intense they get...

1888 | Following her daughter's tenth birthday, Daphne begins wondering how she'll be able to send her off to school. She begins looking for other work, but domestic service provides comforts that other work wouldn't.
❧ She was widowed after her husband's death in 1884.

❧ She works for Leon and Elsbeth Lupin as a housemaid.
❧ She and her husband had a tumultuous relationship before his death.
❧ She played a part in her husband's death.
Played By: Bree

Contact: PM Edric Umbridge

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