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Cassius Lestrange
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Played by Beanie
“So it’s true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.”
Department of Magical Games & Sports Employee
28 year old Pureblood
Department of Magical Games & Sports Employee
5 ft. 5 in.
❤   Married
Full Name: Cassius Cicero Lestrange

Nickname(s): Cash

Birthdate: May 25th 1866

Age: 28

Gender: Male, perceived as male

Occupation: First String Seeker & Captain for the Chudley Cannons

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: 10 3/4", slightly springy, holly, Phoenix feather

Lucius Lestrange [1827] Father
Alexandria Lestrange née Rosier [1839 – 1884] Mother
Belphoebe Lestrange née Trimble [1850] Stepmother
Claudius Lestrange [1859] Brother and family
  Ellory Lestrange née Pendergast [1867] Cousin & sister-in-law
Valeria Greengrass née Lestrange [1865] Sister and family
  Theseus Greengrass [1856] Husband to the above
Cornelia Pendergast née Lestrange [1870] Sister
  William Pendergast [1864] Cousin and brother-in-law
Seneca Lestrange [1873] Sister
Cicero Lestrange [1887] Half-Brother

Tybalt Lestrange [1834 – 1885] Uncle, Mass Murderer
Igraine Lestrange née Selwyn [1837 – 1866] Aunt
Tiberius Lestrange [1862] Cousin and family
Tatiana Lestrange [1866] Cousin

Klaus Lestrange [1801 – 1875] Uncle
Silvia Lestrange née Turnbull [1819 – 1884] Aunt
Orestes Lestrange [1836 – 1885] Cousin
  Elda Lestrange née Hall [1851 – 1884] Wife of the above
  Kristoffer Lestrange [1871] | Cousin once removed & Lucius' lodger
  Frida Lestrange [1873] | Cousin once removed
  Gretchen Lestrange [1874] | Cousin once removed
  Meta Lestrange [1876] | Cousin once removed
  Hilda Lestrange [1881 – 1885] | Cousin once removed
  Aric Lestrange [1883 – 1884]
Priam Lestrange [1844]
  Nephele Lestrange née Selwyn [1858] wife to the above.
  Livius Thicknesse [1878] | Cousin once removed
  Laurentia Thicknesse [1878] | Cousin once removed
  Odysseus Lestrange [1884] | Cousin once removed
Andromache Pettigrew née Lestrange [1839] Cousin
  Leonardo Pettigrew [1839 - 1860] Husband to the above
Arthur Pettigrew [1859] | Cousin, ish

Sebastian Lestrange [1830 – 1882] Uncle, aka head of the Middle Class Lestrange branch. His children are (Sebastian [1865], Mirella [1862], Priscilla [1867])

Katherina Selwyn née Lestrange [1830] Aunt
  Edric Selwyn [1826 - 1884] Husband to the above.
Michelle Fawley née Selwyn [1850 – 1884] Cousin, and family
Lucille Gallaghan née Selwyn [1856] Cousin, and family
Nephele Lestrange née Selwyn, formerly Thicknesse [1858] Cousin, see Priam.
Noelle Macmillan née Selwyn [1865 – 1885] Cousin and family
  Charles Macmillan [1860] Husband to the above

Olivia Pendergast née Lestrange [1837 – 1887] Aunt
Philip Pendergast [1826 - 1884] Husband to the above.
Regan Pendergast [1861] Cousin and family
  Aoife Pendergast [1862] Wife to the above
Eloise Manwaring [1861] Cousin, and American family.
Evelyn Abercrombie née Pendergast [1863] Cousin and family
  Elwin Abercrombie [1850] Husband to the above
William Pendergast [1864] Cousin - see Cornelia
Rosalind Pendergast [1866] | Cousin
Ellory Pendergast [1867] Cousin - see Claudius
Regina Pendergast [1883] Cousin
Warrick Pendergast [1883 – 1884] Cousin

Mariana Macnair [1840] Aunt
  Eustace Macnair [1834 – 1887] Husband to the above
Valerian Macnair [1861] Cousin
Agrimony Macnair [1864] Cousin
Betony Macnair [1864 - 1885] Cousin
Yarrow Macnair' [1868] Cousin
Germander Macnair [1871] Cousin
Sage Macnair [1872] Cousin

Large and substantial extended family. If you're not close enough to have either the surname or a nee Lestrange mother, Cash doesn't want to hear about it.
General | Cassius has black hair and blue eyes. He is 5'5" and one of the shorter Lestranges accordingly; he carries himself with confidence despite this. Cash is slight in build, with the tell-tale muscles of a Quidditch player; his build would be naturally athletic even if he didn't play Quidditch. His facial features are very similar to his relatives; he's very clearly a Lestrange. He is right-handed, and has a habit of running his hands through his hair when he's stressed that sometimes has it jutting at odd angles.

Expressions | Cash can project ease even when he's not feeling it; he's prone to small or wry smiles and raising his eyebrows at people. Unless he's comfortable around you, his expressions are a little muted. He chews on the inside of his lip when he's particularly nervous — a habit he's never been able to break. His laughs are usually genuine. When he's upset he's more likely to shut down, expression-wise, than show it outright.

Deportment | Graceful and confident, Cash is light on his feet and carries himself like he's taller than he actually is. He is also almost always in motion, even when he's sitting or standing ostensibly still — he'll shift his weight from side to side, shift in his seat, or fidget with whatever's available to him. Sometimes Cash is notably weird about maintaining eye contact, and when he's very uncomfortable the motion goes out of him or he'll curl in on himself.

Fashion | Well-dressed, but not in a way that would garner any attention. Tends to wear good fabrics and colors as dark as he can get away with without being accused of being in mourning. Secretly a fan of cufflinks, but only wears them to formal events.

Accessories | His own silver pocketwatch, which he usually has on him. Cash also occasionally carries a practice snitch. Usually has tobacco or cigarette rolling papers somewhere in his jacket.

Scent | His cologne has hints of lemon and other citruses; Cash will on occasion also smell like cigarette smoke, but it depends on the day, as Cash is predominately a nervous smoker.

Face Claim | Nicholas Hoult

1866: Cassius was born the third and middle child to Lucius Lestrange and his wife, Alexandria nee Selwyn. He is a generally pleasant child, with the occasional fits of temper.
1870: Cornelia Lestrange is born. Half a year later, Cash displays his first bout of magic by accidentally levitating himself off the ground.
1873: Seneca is born.
1874: Cash mostly masters reading and writing by eight, and can then be found spending a lot of his time in the library, mostly reading mysteries. He has no more than a very slight curiosity in the Dark Arts, and that's only because the rest of the family is interested in them.
1875:When Cash is nine, his cousin Tiberius comes to live with them because his father - as Cassius so eloquently puts it to anyone who asks during his school years - went crazy and killed a bunch of people. Tiberius is everything Cassius is not; emotionless, academic, etc. Cash doesn't like him and tries to keep him away from Valeria, when he can be bothered. It also doesn't help that Tib is immediately better liked by Lucius than Cash is.
1876: Alexandria's father dies.
1877-1878: Notable also for being the year the Lestranges move to Hogsmeade.
Cassius receives his Hogwarts letter in late July, and his school supplies are purchased along with a black cat he names Aelius. He is pretty much in a constant state of excitement for the next months, when he goes to Hogwarts.
In what really ought not to be a surprise to anyone, Cash is sorted into Ravenclaw. Mildly disappointed to not be a Slytherin -- where his cousin Rosalind and sister Valeria have been sorted -- Cash changes his mind immediately upon seeing Ravenclaw tower.
Throughout the year, he is generally on the pampered/privileged side - and Eli Swan, lower-class halfblood, makes friends with him anyways.
Cash flourishes in defense against the dark arts, and is just above average in most of his other classes. He receives a broomstick for his twelth birthday, although it remains at home until his second year.
1878-1879: In his second year Cassius joins the Ravenclaw quidditch team as seeker, which fits his slight build and athletic temperament and swiftly becomes his favorite thing in the world. Lestrange-wise, we're all surprised to discover that Seneca is a metamorphmagus. Cash is also delighted because this is the year Ellory joins him at Hogwarts, although she's unfortunately sorted into Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw.
1879-1880: In third year Cassius takes up arithmancy as his elective. He would have nabbed something else as well, but none of the other electives are particularly appealing to him.
FIFTH YEAR: 1881-1882: At the start of Cash's fifth year girls are banned from the quidditch teams.
Valeria has always been a bit of a brat, in Cash's opinion, but sending her brother a letter telling him how awful he is is a bit petty, even for her. A stressed Cash lashes out at his best friend - and is left distraught when he and Eli aren't friends for weeks. After making peace with Valeria, he makes peace with Eli - to some extent. Things aren't quite the same.
It's not until Cash hears his friend talking in his sleep that Cash realizes same-sex attraction is a thing. It's not until Eli denies having these feelings and Cash is left feeling hurt that he realizes he's attracted to Eli.
An ill-advised kiss reveals that Eli feels the same way - and after a summer of mostly avoiding one another, Cash and Eli fall into a sort-of relationship.
SIXTH YEAR - 1882-1883: In September, Cash becomes friends with Angie Sinnet. And in December, Tiberius - who knows of Cash's feelings for Eli after using legilimency - obliviates Eli, kidnaps him, and dumps him in Singapore.
Cash is left utterly adrift without Eli. It's only Angie's company that keeps him from losing it completely - and the eventual discovery, through some snooping, that Eli isn't dead. A semi-legal mis-adventure using a portkey (thanks, Claude) has Cash and Angie rescuing Eli. After Eli is re-admitted to Hogwarts, Cash and Eli spend months miscommunicating.
Cash thinks Eli is straight now, Eli thinks Cash is kind of a crazy person, and there is of course Cash's overwhelming guilt that his cousin attacked Eli.
Finally, after Cash's cat dies, they fall back into a sort-of relationship - with the caveat that Eli is leaving when Cash gets married.
SEVENTH YEAR - 1883-1884: In February, Alexandria Lestrange accidentally impales himself. Cash is left with the sinking feeling that he was always a terrible son to her. They never got along, after all - and Cash always thought she was pretty stupid.
After a spectacular Hogwarts season with no losses, he manages to get hired on by Nathaniel Gallivan as the first-string seeker for the Chudley Cannons. This requires an Unbreakable Vow given by his father, the details of which stipulate that:
* He cannot publicly disgrace the family.
* He cannot move out of Lucius' house until he marries.
* Lucius decides what Cash's Real Adult job will be.
* He has to get lunch with his father once a week, unless Lucius is otherwise available.
* Seneca cannot come to his Quidditch games.
At the time, this seems a reasonable deal to make!
Over the summer, the Lestranges sequester themselves in Fort Lestrange to avoid the Laughing Plague. This contributes to Cash and Eli's slow falling out, which is probably also helped by Eli and Angie becoming Cursebreakers and being largely unavailable.
FALL 1884-1885: Cash and Eli have an awkward run-in. Following that, they have several more awkward run-ins, and when Cash thinks that Eli pawned the pocket watch Cash bought him when he turned 17, they stop being friends.
In 1885 they start being friends again, very tentatively, and Cash tells Eli about the vow. Eli thinks, in short, that he's an idiot - which, fair. In the spring, Cash is poisoned (by his father) and falls into a coma, which makes him progressively more paranoid when he wakes up.
This all isn't helped when Eli takes a messed-up potion that makes him - temporarily - straight. Their falling out is tremendous, and Cash is very lonely for a very long time. 1886: And then, of course, they meet again.
Cash finds Eli trying to break into Black's and - after some awkwardness - they reconnect. Yes, relationship-wise. Cash is actually happy again, for a while, and everything seems to be going - if in secret - well.
1887: On Cash's 21st birthday night, he slips away from Lestrange festivities to go see Eli. Unbeknownst to him, he's tailed by Tiberius on his way to see him -- and Tiberius tells Lucius. Lucius murders Eli and Cash is set adrift in not only grief but also guilt, which isn't helped by his stepmother trying to 'cure' him by tampering with his memories. He's increasingly depressed, especially as his mind becomes not entirely his own.
A lifeline is extended to him by an unlikely party: Tiberius. Tib gives Cash objects bound with memories of Eli, and strikes a deal -- if Cash marries a woman, Tib will sleep with her and help him out with Lucius. There is, obviously, a caveat: Tiberius gets the first son.
At the end of the year he finds an option: Nora Abercrombie.
(Also his half-brother is born. Low priority.)
1888: The Chudley Cannons lose the Quidditch final. Cash spends much of 1888 and 1889 trying to find himself again, or trying to make a connection with Miss Abercrombie that could result in his fulfilling the deal with Tiberius - but he struggles more with focus now than he did in Hogwarts, and falls easily into listlessness. Things start to look up in 1890, but he's not sure why, just that they do.
1891: Cash decides to try.
Deeply haunted, Cash finds himself deeply listless more often than not. He is more than anything prone to following things and people that pique his actual interest, hoping to staunch this feeling, to varying levels of success. He has little interest in lying and rarely attempts to. He is deeply fascinated by mysteries and puzzles, including in the people around him, and not-infrequently finds himself trying to get a reaction out of them.

In childhood and as a teenager he was generally good-natured and enthusiastic, if prone to being aloof. He was (and still is) bad at keeping still, but has largely left previous impulsiveness behind. Well, mostly.
  • Like many men of his birth, Cash can speak French and knows a little Latin.
  • A wealth of knowledge on memory charms, for reasons one would generally expect.

  • Licensed in apparition and an obviously-skilled flyer, Cash will take the floo network when necessary.
  • Patronus: Unknown; Cash has not attempted to cast a patronus since seventh year, but at the time it took the form of an osprey.
  • Boggart: Himself, institutionalized.
  • Amortentia: Grass after rain; broom oil; a cologne he can't place.

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