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Third Year Auror-in-Training

20 year old Pure-Blood
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Honor Goldwinter

Full Name: Honor Katherine Goldwinter

Nickname(s): Gold, Kitty

Birthdate: July 18, 1868

Age: 20

Occupation: Third Year Auror-in-Training

Blood Status: Pure-Blood

Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: 11" English Oak, Dragon Heartstring

Father: Clifford Archibald Goldwinter (45)
Mother: Evelyn Katherine Goldwinter (38)
Sibling: Edwin Clifford Goldwinter (24)

The Goldwinters, reminiscent of their name, are known for having vibrant golden hair. The gene was passed down from her father, who too has the blonde shade of the Goldwinters, whereas her mother and older brother have a darker auburn hue. Her complexion is that of a peachy, albeit healthy skin tone that many would often refer to as glowing — although in actuality it stems from her mother and the flawless skin of the American Carlson lineage.

With the family's seamstress and tailor having been employed by the Goldwinters for several generations, Honor was provided an arrangement of garments that were nothing short of extravagant. She would be given an assortment of dresses that would be rife with ruffles and tightening corsets, and a multitude of hair pieces that would feel like the claw of a raven scratching at her scalp. However having been disowned, Honor still receives all of clothes from the same familial businesses, though opts (in light of her Auror training) for lengthy skirts that flow to her ankles and begin at her waist, a comfortable and practical corset that sits below her chest and flowing white shirts that grace her entire neck and hold tasteful frills along the front.

Typically the Goldwinters have always held their right hand as the most dominant for writing, spell casting and the like. However in light of breaking the mould, with her status as a Metamorphmagus, Honor has always favoured her left hand.

Perfectionist, Optimistic, Affable, Independent, Trustworthy, Sarcastic, Modern, Stubborn

Honor was born a Metamorphmagus which grants her the ability to alter her physical appearance at will, negating the requirement for Polyjuice Potion. Aside from individual elements, such as hair colour or eye colour, Honor is capable of altering her features to resemble that of animals such as beaks or webbed feet.


YEAR OF 1868 — Evelyn gives birth to her second child at the height of summer, breathing more life into the amusing notion that all Goldwinters are born between the months of June and August. For the first two days of the infants life, she is named Eleanora after her maternal grandmother — however the child's father, Clifford renames her Honor after pressure from his American father-in-law.

YEAR OF 1867 — Honor displays her first competency for magic, and also her Metamorphmagi status after turning what little hair she had from blonde to red. For several weeks afterward, Clifford and Evelyn attempted to discern Honor's true eye colour as it would change to that of anyone who looked down upon her newborn face.

YEAR OF 1879 — (A) Honor enrols into and begins her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, despite her mother's desire for her to attend Ilvermorny. She strikes up a friendship with a fellow first year, April and a second year student, Reece. Honor is sorted into Gryffindor, in spite of the Sorting Hat's suggestion that she could excel if placed into Ravenclaw.

YEAR OF 1879 — (B) After being tormented for having become friends with an older boy, Honor is reprimanded and is forced to write 'I will not indulge in sins of vanity' more than a thousand (1000) times. She never speaks to Reece again, though is comforted by her friend April who suggests that they spend their time merely focusing on school work. Honor is swiftly thought to be one of Gryffindor's smartest first years, despite various claims that a female student cannot best a male student. Honor later earns ten (10) house points for Gryffindor after perfectly annotating and explaining the first nine (9) ancient runes.

YEAR OF 1880 — After returning to Hogwarts for a second year, Honor attends the first Defence Against the Dark Arts class of the term. She strikes up a discreet rivalry with a Slytherin student that has a taste for humiliating bright female students, though takes the bait and ends up losing Gryffindor fifteen (15) house points.

YEAR OF 1881 — After etiquette lessons are introduced into the Hogwarts curriculum for female students, Honor struggles with her love of studying the magical arts. She seeks comforting from her favourite member of staff, who shares her sentiment that female students are treated unfairly.

YEAR OF 1883 — During a weekend trip to Hogsmeade, Honor and her friends have several cups of the Amortentia laced tea. Honor immediately sets her sights on Reece and remains obsessively interested in him until the effects wear off several days later. Her parents are informed and she remains under mandatory house arrest at home between the end of her fifth year and the beginning of her sixth.

YEAR OF 1886 — After having graduated from Hogwarts, Honor pleads with her parents to allow her to explore a career as an Auror. For no more than three days she believes that they will truly allow her to do so, but is instead given an ultimatum: she can leave the family home and forego the support of her parents in her pursuit of becoming an Auror, or she can agree to the arranged, pureblood marriage they have planned.

YEAR OF 1886 — Honor is taken in by the Marque family, their daughter being April, whom Honor met and befriended at Hogwarts. Having eagerly accepted lodging in exchange for light duties around the house and a promise to assist in the search to find April a husband, Honor welcomes her new family. Unknown to Honor, her father proved to be the catalyst for the arrangement, concealing her monthly stipend as a gesture of kindness from the Marque patriarch, while in fact bank rolling her lifestyle.

YEAR OF 1886 — Honor submits to the required physical and psychological tests in order to gain a position within the Auror training program, and afterwards is permitted to begin her essay, submit her eligible N.E.W.T scores and pass along the letter of recommendation written by her Defence Against the Dark Arts professor.

YEAR OF 1888 — Honor begins her third year of the Auror-in-training program, despite the backlash she receives from some of the male applications. Though Honor takes it in her stride and continues to pursue the career she believes she was made for.

♘ Many of the upper class elite refer to Honor as to having fallen from grace.
♘ Honor was disowned almost three years ago by her parents, for choosing to begin her training as an Auror instead of agreeing to an arranged marriage.
Played By: Maxe

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