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Keeper for the Hogsmeade Howlers

24 year old Halfblood
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Alice Said

Full Name: Alice Grace Said

Nickname(s): None, but her surname is used teasingly all the time so that counts for something

Birthdate: April 23rd, 1864

Age: 24

Occupation: Keeper for the Hogsmeade Howlers

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: Slightly springy, 12'', pine and unicorn tail hair

Paul Said, old enough to be her father
Olympia Said nee Something, old enough to be her mother
Simon Said, 1859, brother
Sarah --- nee Said, 1860, sister
Sister, 1873
Alice is five feet and four inches tall. As a child and up until she picked up Quidditch at school she was kind of chubby. Nowadays she has a pretty full bossom and wide hips. Overall a really fine Victorian body with an athletic edge. She regulates the size of her breasts with potions so they don't bother her when she plays Quidditch. She takes after her mother, so her skin is darker and her hair is really curly. During Quidditch season she has it braided so it's more comfortable for her when she plays. Her eyes are black. She's right handed.
Alice is sweet. She's quiet, but not in the awkward way. She's just not the type to dominate conversations and want all the attention on herself. She's generous and the type of person to put others' needs before her own. True to her House, she's hard working and very resilient, even if she doesn't seem so due to her sweet exterior. She's managed to keep playing Quidditch all these years in spite of the difficulties!
Alice loves food and is the sort to use it as a comfort during difficult situations. She sometimes struggles because as an athlete she has to be careful of what she eats.
1864-1875 | Alice was the third child born to a healer and a housewife. She had a normal, happy childhood. Her mother was kind of strict but not in a way that gave Alice crippling low self esteem. She displayed signs of magic throughout her childhood.

1875-1882 | At Hogwarts Alice is sorted into Hufflepuff. She's an average student. Towards the end of her first year she learns how to enter the kitchens. Having always had a good relationship with food, she likes that. Towards the end of her second year she's gained more weight than it is desirable for a young girl. In the summer her mother puts her through a diet because a lady must take care of her appearance and her figure is part of that. In her third year, Alice joins the leisure sports and Quidditch clubs after her more athletic brother suggests she does so. She actually proves quite athletic. Alice had always been so, it's just the first time when she actively plays sports. In her fifth year (1880) Alice tries out for her house's Quidditch team and she makes it as keeper! She's really happy because it's the first time where she accomplishes something big. Her parents are happy for her as well. They didn't mind her playing Quidditch at school. Their disdain for her involvement in the sport begins after her graduation.

1882-present | Right after her graduation, Alice joins the second ranks of the Holyhead Harpies. Her parents aren't happy about it. Actually, it's her mother who's actually displeased about it, her father couldn't care less. Her mother had always caried guilt about her race and skin which in turn had made her the sort to really care about what others thought about her and her family. In her opinion, Alice was already at a disadvantage compared to an English rose and she wasn't helping herself by playing Quidditch. Olympia was close to persuading her daughter to give up Quidditch with the argument that she wasn't getting anywhere as a second stringer anyway, when in 1883 the Holyhead Harpies were formed. It was a new team, so it was easier for a relatively new player to land herself a position on the first string. Her mother is unhappy and she makes a scene, but in the end it's agreed that Alice can play for a year and then retire. Alice manages to continue playing for five years though she was close to retiring each and every one of them. At present, her mother tries to use the argument that Alice's closest friend Desdemona has retired and is married and that Alice should do so too. Problem is, Alice has always been awkward about men romantically. She wants love in her life, she just doesn't know how she's supposed to behave!

Played By: Soph

Contact: Skype

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