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Artifact Incidents Healer

19 year old half-blood
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Zipporah Farley

Full Name: Zipporah Maria Farley

Nickname(s): Zippy, Rah *and Rah-rah to those younger than her because her name is apparently hard to pronounce*

Birthdate: January 1, 1869

Age: 19

Occupation: Artifact Incidents healer at St. Mungo’s

Blood Status: pureblood

Residence: London, England

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: dogwood, 10”, springy, kneazl hair

Family: Ikenna "Ken" Farley | Father | 18xx
Bess Farley née _____ | Mother | 18xx
Solomon Farley | Brother | 1861
Delilah Farley | Sister | 1864
Jemima Farley | Sister | 1872 (played by MJ)
Noah Farley | Brother | 1874
Whereas Jem is standard sized at 5 ft. 1 in. tall, Zipporah towers over her sister at 5 ft. 5 in. tall. It’s something she accepts and with the added height of her hair that just cannot be tamed into a bun, she can cut a rather imposing figure if you ignore the dreamy look in her dark brown eyes and the whimsical hats she likes to wear. Some of them have moving parts! She is right handed and wields her delicately carved wand fiercely when she’s paying attention to what’s going on. She would prefer to wear men’s clothing if she could get away with it while she was at work because the skirts do tend to get in the way sometimes, but she likes a good skirt every now and again.
Often quite clueless about things, Rah sits in her own comfortable little world where she observes muggles from a distance and mimics their inventions in her own little way. Technically she’s available to get married, but it would take a loving and accepting kind of fellow to understand the way that Rah’s brain works. She is probably clueless about much of what goes on around her, but she understands the way things work a lot better than she lets on. She’s not oblivious to everything, just selectively forgetful about what she needs to be doing and what she doesn’t want to do.
1869: Zipporah is born to Ikenna “Ken” and Bess Farley in Tutshill, England. Both Ken and Bess come from wizarding families and they are fascinated by all aspects of muggle life. Both black sheep in their usual circles, it was this likeness that brought them together many years ago. They had a son and a daughter prior to Rah’s birth and as the third child; she was often left to her own devices growing up.
1872: Rah’s younger sister Jemima is born, and Zipporah barely recognizes that there’s something else going on, seeing as how she follows Solomon and Delilah around watching their every move with her head cocked to the side like a little baby bird.
1874: Just about the time that Rah remembers what life is like without a little sibling taking all of the time with her parents, Noah is born. Now, with the attention on Noah, Zipporah was able to develop into her own little odd bird who was equally as fascinated by Muggle studies and lives as her parents are.
1877: Though the discovery of magic in the Muggle world sends ripples throughout the magical world, Rah barely notices it. She’s too busy learning about the lives of the muggles nearby. Tutshill may be magical but the world around it isn’t.
1879: Just days before she’s supposed to turn 11, Zipporah still hasn’t shown any sign of magic. It’s the Christmas season and when her parents are decorating a tree “like Muggles do,” all by hand and no magic of course, Rah was enjoying it. She’d asked Ken to pick her up to put a lighted candle near the top of the tree and he was busy with Noah. Rah levitated herself up to the top of the tree and put it there.
1880: Come September of 1880, Zipporah leaves for Hogwarts and gets Sorted into Hufflepuff. She takes all the typical classes that a first and second year and when it comes time to start focusing on what she wanted to do for the next five years, Rah had to put some serious thought into it. Eventually she spoke with her parents and though society wanted them to be insistent that she become a debutante and get married to live a life of leisure on her husband’s dime, Ken and Bess told Zipporah that whatever she wanted was okay with them. She chose to focus on classes that would give her an opportunity to help people. She takes DADA and potions and put the emphasis on charms because it was both useful andfun.
1885: It comes time for OWLs and she excels in them. Within the last few years she had explored options about what she could do with her life and decided that artifact incidents would be a lot of fun. She would get to interact with Muggles and witches and wizards and learn a lot about everything involved.
1887: Graduation! Zipporah gets E’s on DADA and Potions and O’s on the rest of her NEWTs. It’s enough to garner her an internship with St. Mungo’s in the Artifact Incidents division.
[align=center]Academic Record[/align]
Defence Against the Dark ArtsEE
Muggle StudiesO-
History of MagicO-
1888: Now that she’s been at St. Mungo’s a year, she’s just graduated from being an intern to a full-time healer. She knows that it’s likely she won’t get married working the way she does and her extreme hats but it gives her a sense of purpose and the knowledge that she can support herself if she ends up a spinster for life.
Played By: Bubbles

Contact: PM/Discord Bubbles #6404

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