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Audrey Balthrop
"I wish love was perfect as love itself
I wish all my weaknesses could be hidden"

Full Name: Audrey Ji-Woo Balthrop
Her adoptive parents legally changed her first and last names because they wanted to make her completely a part of their family. As a nod to her biological parents, though, they gave her the middle name 'Ji-Woo'.

Nickname(s): Jiji, by her family (pronounced like Gigi)

Birthdate: May 17, 1866

Age: 22

Occupation: Romantically Frustrated Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood, by way of her biological parents. Her adoptive family are halfbloods.

Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff Alumna

Wand: Alder, unicorn tail hair, 12", bendy

Ji-Woo Jung - biological mother - d. 1866
Han-Sol Jung - biological father - d. 1866

Philomena Balthrop - adoptive mother
Lancaster Balthrop - adoptive father
Helena Balthrop - younger sister - b. 1874
Hector Balthrop - younger brother - b. 1878


Audrey's looks speak to her lack of blood ties with her family. Pale skin, large almond shaped eyes, a rounded face, and loose, straight hair (often curled with potions) make her the spitting image of her deceased mother. Audrey is on the short side - five feet exactly - and slender. She's fashion conscious, preferring Muggle style clothing that reflects the current trends. She is left handed.

Prim, sociable, self conscious, responsible, diligent, susceptible to pressure from family or close friends, maternal
Audrey owns an old Barn owl called 'Odd' who has "retired" from delivering mail. A younger Southern white-faced owl called 'Jabberwocky' keeps him company. She also owns two cats - a black one (Raven) and a tabby (Edgar) who have a somewhat antagonistic relationship with each other.


Ancient StudiesEO
Defence Against the Dark ArtsA-
History of MagicE-
1866| Audrey is born on the southern coast of England, to parents who are ... less than thrilled to be parents. They only wanted one child, a boy who'd be an heir to their estate, and they did everything in their power to make that happen. They still got Audrey. Frustrated by the realization that they'd have to keep trying for more children, her parents hand her off to a nursemaid and have sporadic contact with her. In winter of that year, they plan a trip to the Caribbean, escaping both the bitterly cold weather and their fussy infant. The voyage there is a disaster and they perish in a shipwreck. Their wills dictate that she is to be cared for by close family friends - the Balthrops. Lancaster and Philomena, who had been unable to have their own children after years of trying, take her in without question and officially adopt her as soon as possible. Wanting there to be no doubt about the baby being their daughter, they legally change her name. Audrey doesn't know that she was ever called anything else.

1867-73|Audrey grows up in London, enjoying the life of a pampered only child. During this time, she meets Dolores Lockhart and the two become fast friends. Thick as thieves, bosom buddies - the whole deal. Audrey finds that it's nice to have some company who's not her parents, their friends, or her governess.

1874| Audrey's mother begins to get ill with considerable frequency, worrying both her husband and her daughter. Eventually, with the help of a Healer, they realize that she's pregnant. Lancaster and Philomena are overjoyed by the apparent miracle, having thought they were barren due to their previous lack of success in conceiving a child. For them, it's a cause for celebration. For Audrey, it's a nightmare. Comments from other children made her hyper conscious of her status as an adopted child and she was always afraid that if her parents had a baby of their own, they would give her away. She is noticeably miserable about the news. While her parents' assurances that they won't love her any less help a little, it takes a long time before Audrey isn't as upset.

1877-84| Audrey is distracted from familial woes by her Hogwarts letter and the excitement that comes with it. She and Dolores go to school together, but are sorted into different houses, much to Audrey's disappointment. Still, she fits in with the Hufflepuffs nicely and settles in well. Different schedules, social groups, and clubs mean that Audrey and Dolores don't see each other nearly as often as they used to. They drift apart naturally. In third year, the distance grows when Dolores becomes interested in Divination, too interested by the estimation of her other friends. They subtly push her to avoid the other girl until her title of 'best friend' is little more than a memory. Generally, Audrey does well in school the whole way through. She selects Arithmancy and Ancient Studies for her OWLs and the same plus Potions and Charms for her NEWTs. During this time period, she also has another sibling - a brother - and the insecurities that had lapsed come back with a vengeance, which she deals with for the remainder of her time in school.

1884| She debuts and leaves school on a high note. The note becomes a sour one when it becomes apparent that her first season will not be successful. Her family is encouraging, however, and Audrey bounces back, determined to catch herself a man next time.

1885|Ahead of Helena's first year at Hogwarts, the Balthrops move to Bartonburg in Hogsmeade. Her parents want to be closer to school while their youngest children attend and have generally grown disenchanted with city living. Audrey has another unsuccessful season.

1886-87|Audrey remains un-courted, un-engaged, and unmarried, much to her dismay. She puts on a determined face, but her tolerance for rejection is waning. Dolores reenters her life and they easily rekindle a friendship without the obstacles of school and snobby friends to stunt developments.

1888|Once she is closer to Dolores, she tells her about her string of successful seasons and how unhappy she is to not have even had any offers of courtship thus far. In an effort to help her, Dolores employs a matchmaker she met while living in Morocco. Audrey is a bit skeptical of the whole thing, but she can hardly say no when Dolores is living proof of the woman's abilities. For the first time in a while, Audrey is hopeful again.
❥ Audrey is adopted.
❥ She has gone through several unsuccessful seasons, without even a courtship offer to show for it.
Played By: Alex

Contact: PM, Discord

Plot Preferences: I'm highly flexible when it comes to plotting. I have few limits on content I won't write at all, and they've never been pushed against in the entire time I've been RPing so you probably won't push up against them with any plot suggestions.


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HELLO - A late entry, but Audrey, as Dolly's friend, is a Dolly guest!