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Minnie Pendergast

Full Name: Wilhelmina Helena Pendergast.

Nickname(s): Universally known as Minnie.

Birthdate: 23rd April, 1865.

Age: 23

Occupation: Debutante

Blood Status: Pureblood.

Residence: All Hallow’s Place, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade.

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff.

Wand: 16 inches, mahogany with two unicorn hairs at the core.

Reuben Pendergast | Father | 1828-
Atalanta Pendergast nee Fawley | Mother | 1839-

Emma Macmillan nee Pendergast | Sister | 1862-
-Killian Macmillan | Brother-in-law | 1855-
-Megara Macmillan | Niece | 1881-
-Perseus Macmillan | Nephew | 188X-
-Baby Macmillan |
Walter Pendergast | Brother | 1867-
Samuel Pendergast | Brother | 1870-

John and Helena Macmillan | Aunt and Uncle
Edward, Charles and Elmer Macmillan | Cousins

Philip and Olivia Pendergast | Aunt and Uncle | Both deceased
Regan, Evelyn, William, Rosalind and Ellory Pendergast - Cousins
Minnie is not considered as attractive as her older sister by some, however, there are plenty that would rank the sisters the other way around. With long shiny dark hair that curls just right whenever she wears it loose and a figure that has recently filled out to become more womanly Minnie Pendergast does not go unnoticed by young men for very long. She has big dark eyes and smiles at every opportunity, charming any and all that she meet, even though she seldom realises it. She has inherited her mother's height, just as Emma has, and stands at 5'5 and it took her many years to grow into her height and stop being quite so gawky. Minnie is a young woman on the brink of being a wife and lover to somebody and very soon she will discover her own appeal through someone else's eyes.

Minnie considers herself a wholly unremarkable person. Raised by nannies and nurses, along with a generous helping of her affectionate mother and a father who, despite his attempts to remain aloof was charmed by his most energetic child, Minnie has never had any reason to feel alone or unloved and therefore loves others in her turn. Unlike her father she is no blood purist, however, she still found it difficult when she first went to school to reconcile the attitude she had been raised with to the exciting new people she was meeting.

These days she understands when to keep her mouth shut with regards to her family’s more extreme values and she has become much more adept at the womanly skills that will one day serve her well. She is beginning to become a little lonely though as so many of her peers seem to be getting married around her and she still has nothing to show for her years in society apart from a crush on her cousin Edward.

+ When she attended Pendergast School for Young Roses she shared with her cousin Rosalind.
+ Inadvertently develops crushes on inappropriate men at the drop of a hat.

1865: Born the second child and youngest daughter of Atalanta and Reuben Pendergast her birth marked a time of relief for her mother, that she could have more children at all, and disappointment for her father who was desperate for a boy. Despite that Reuben soon got used to his boisterous and happy child and Minnie never once sense anything other than love coming from him and always felt doted upon.

1867: Walter is born.

18670: Samuel is born and subsequently first shows signs of magic on her mother's birthday when her parents seem more interested in the new baby than then picture she has drawn for her mother and she makes her brother come out in green spots.

1873: Emma attends Hogwarts and Minnie is distressed to be without her. For all her sister’s faults Minnie will always adore her without question.

1876: Minnie attends Hogwarts and is sorted into Hufflepuff house like her mother before her. For the first time in her life she is exposed to other kinds of people and finds it difficult to adjust to the different patterns of speech and kinds of behaviour - she is by turn coddled and mocked for her own background, but with Emma’s intervention she is left alone and soon adjusts. She has a perfectly pleasant time at school although she sometimes struggles with the more regimented learning, having been more used to governesses and her education being an afterthought when compared to her brothers'.

September 1882: Enters her final year at Hogwarts, not at all sure what she intends to do once her education ends. She could be married off like Emma of course, but the thought of being tied down in society so soon scares her. Many of her friends, though not ones she is allowed to claim whenever she writes to her father or inevitably socialises with girls of her own crowd, have plans to go on to work for a living and she is covetous of their opportunities.

May 1883: Minnie leaves school and somehow, having managed not to embarrass herself at the Coming Out ball, almost immediately attends her aunt’s newly formed finishing school.

1883-85: Whilst under her aunt’s tuition, though she finds Olivia terrifying when compared to her sweet-natured mother and indulgent aunt Helena, she blossoms into a more assured young woman. She worries that she doesn’t seem to possess the same self-assuredness as her peers, or indeed her cousins, but she is much more prepared for a world of men than she was.

Summer 1885: Having left the safe haven of the PSYR the world crashes in on Minnie rather quickly when she is first caught up in the troll attack in the park - and manages to stun one, much to her amazement - and then ends up in the centre of a riot in London with her cousin Ellory. It is as a direct result of this that Minnie is moderately jumpy in open spaces and has a crush on her cousin Edward, who came to their rescue.

1887: Minnie once again ends up in the middle of catastrophe in a public place when she gets stuck on a maleficus carpet at the world fair and embarrass herself in front of a highly eligible gentleman. Later in the year her simmering fondness for Edward takes a backburner when he seems to lose any interest in her company.

Saddened, she is trying to move on without him on her mind.

+ Minnie has been nursing a huge crush on her cousin Edward.
Played By: Lauren

Contact: PM

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