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Cecelia Banges

Full Name: Cecelia Banges

Nickname(s): Celia

Birthdate: 11th September 1873

Age: 14

Occupation: Student - 4th Year

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Pennyworth, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Vinewood, 10 3/4", Unicorn Tail Hair, Sturdy

------ Banges, Father (b. 1842); co-owner of Dervish and Banges
------ Banges (née Dervish), Mother (b. 1844)
------ Banges, Brother (b. 1865)
------ Banges, Brother (b. 1868)
------ Banges, Sister (b. 1870)

------ Dervish, Uncle (b. 1846); co-owner of Dervish and Banges


-- Small at five feet flat.
-- Wispy brown hair stands out in contrast against her pale skin, and accentuates the blues of her eyes. She typically wears it in a braid or a practical updo of some sort.
-- In the midst of that awkward stage of puberty, Celia is still continuing to grow into her thin frame, and has little to boast of in that department just yet.
-- In terms of style, she tends to makes do with what she's been given - namely her sister's old hand-me-downs which have been frequently altered to fit - though at Hogwarts, she can usually always be found in her school robes when not in her night gown or out for Hogsmeade weekends.
-- Lastly, she is right-handed.

Virgo. INTP. Stubborn. Detail-oriented. Bright. Can have a tendency to daydream (especially about her future), though doesn't allow her fantasies to overrule her practicality. Polite. Well-spoken. Comes across as someone whose responsible and generally knows what she's doing, but is inwardly insecure and faking it until she makes it really. Hardworking. Prone to anxiety. Reserved. A perfectionist. Organized. Can be skeptical. Gentle. Modest. Curious. Enjoys learning. A lover of books. While she doesn't have the biggest imagination, she is still certainly creative - especially when it comes to problem-solving. Mathematically-inclined. Compassionate.
-- Her amortentia smells of old books, earl grey tea, and writer's ink.
-- She has two cats: a calico named Bennet and a British shorthair named Charley.
-- While she wouldn't consider herself a writer, she does enjoy to write for pleasure every now and then. Mostly works of fiction - some mystery, some historical fiction, some poetry, most of it incomplete and nothing very special in her opinion - but she keeps them tucked away in a simple leatherbound journal in her trunk. She does not care for anyone to read them.
-- A surprising skill she has is knitting - scarves, hats, gloves, socks, etc. They make very good gifts, and it's a skill she often utilizes for Christmases and birthdays.
-- Her siblings seem to have this rivalry between them that Celia feels perfectly fine staying out of. As a result, while she loves them and would always support them, they're not super close. Of her siblings, she supposes she gets along best with her second older brother.
AUTUMN 1873 - YEAR 1876 | Cecelia was born the fourth and last child to shopowners Mr. and Mrs. Banges, joining two older brothers and a sister before her. While the family was by no means the wealthiest around, her father and grandfather's (and later, her uncle's) moderately successful supplies shop kept them more financially secure than their social class counterparts, and it was a rather normal childhood Celia had lead.

AUTUMN OF 1876 | The eldest of the Banges children left for Hogwarts, getting sorted into the Ravenclaw house. Celia only vaguely remembers this.

SUMMER OF 1877 | At four, one of Celia's earliest memories was her family's move to Hogsmeade, setting up in a new house and opening a new shop. It had been a big adjustment for all of them, some of it positive and some of it negative, though the bigger space and extra customer clientele had certainly been nice.

YEAR OF 1878 | At five, Celia had received the basics of her education - namely reading, writing, and simple mathematical instruction. A shy child in her youth - and with siblings more concerned with their own affairs - she had sought comfort and company within books, drawing inspiration and knowledge from them to apply to the world around her. In particular, they taught her how to better interact with others.

AUTUMN OF 1879 | The earliest school departure that Celia can remember, the second Banges child had left for Hogwarts. He was also sorted into Ravenclaw.

AUTUMN OF 1881 | Her sister's turn to head off to school. This left Celia as the only Banges child left to attend, and the absence of all three of her siblings had left her feeling a bit lonely.

YEAR OF 1882 | After accidentally dropping tea on the current book she was reading, Celia displayed her first act of magic by returning it to good as new. Not too long after, another bout of accidental magic saw her save the life of a young Calico kitten from being tread on in the busy High Street. She was permitted to keep him on the condition that he was her own responsibility, and she'd named him Bennet.

SUMMER OF 1883 | Celia's eldest brother graduated from Hogwarts. Although he is entitled to take over the shop once their father retires, he does not seem overly invested in the business side of things, and it certainly shows in the career path he had chosen for himself.

YEAR OF 1884 | Plague and Fiendfyre wrecked havoc on the village of Hogsmeade, and much like many other pureblooded families, the Banges were not spared. As if falling ill hadn't been enough, Fiendfyre had destroyed their shop too, and without sufficient funds to repair it, her father and uncle had taken on a silent partner. However, this was not something Celia was privy to until later, too young to be involved in any of the shop's particulars.

SEPTEMBER 1885 - MAY 1886 | At twelve, along with a trunk full of school supplies - including her wand, a sturdy Vinewood comprised of Unicorn Tail Hair, and the only item not of second-hand value - and her cat, Celia had made her way to Hogwarts where she'd been promptly sorted into Ravenclaw. A little homesick at first and anxious about school life, the first few weeks had been a bit overwhelming for the then first-year, though once classes had gotten underway and she became more acclimated to her surroundings, Celia had flourished in an academic environment. Knowing that she was good in her classes - particularly in Astronomy and Potions - had given her a much-needed confidence boost.

SUMMER OF 1886 | Her other brother graduates with passable exam scores, though it limits his job possibilities. He does, however, pick something in the end, though Celia detects that he's not quite happy with it. The same also seems to happen to her sister, as well, upon the arrival of her OWL scores, and not likely to benefit from an NEWT education, it was decided that she would begin working instead. (The Banges were believers in education, but just not a useless one.)

SEPTEMBER 1886 - MAY 1887 | Excluding Magic Theory (sadly) and Flying from her class list, Celia's second year was nothing out of the ordinary, though she does join Chess Club.

SEPTEMBER 1887 - MAY 1888 | Celia's third year saw her add Arithmancy and Ancient Studies. She excelled in both, but enjoyed the former a smidge more for it's complexity and problem-solving component.

SUMMER OF 1888 - PRESENT | The fog. Celia had been intrigued by it, and enjoyed having all sorts of theory discussions on how it had come about, though the ending result was definitely not what she'd thought it'd be. Nevertheless, she was pleased when it was finally over as she was quite ready to go back to Hogwarts again.

-- Cecelia's family are the shopowners and founders of Dervish & Banges, a magical supply and repair shop. It's been a moderate success, though it's seen some loss of business since it had to be closed down for repairs after The Great Fiendfyre Chaos of 1884.
-- In order to afford said shop repairs, her father and uncle had to take on a silent partner.
Played By: Miri

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