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Charms Professor; Ravenclaw Head of House

81 year old Muggleborn
5 ft. 7 in.   ❤   Married
played by Fallin
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Ellsworth Ruskin

Full Name: Ellsworth Wilbur Ruskin


Birthdate: November 15, 1808

Age: 81

Occupation: Hogwarts Charms Professor

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Residence: Hogwarts

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Spruce, 11 1/4", Swishy, Dragon Heartstring

Rose Ruskin nee --- | [1823] wife Martin Ruskin | [1840] son and family Elsa --- nee Ruskin | [1842] daughter and family
Ellsworth is a portly gentleman, he is by no means tall or imposing at only five feet and seven inches. He is easy to smile and ruddy in complexion. He has brown eyes that tend to be merry unless he is scolding a student. His hair has gone from dark brown and white to pure white and thinning on the top although sometimes it gets a bit long and tufts out wildly. Often he is clean shaven but has been gone to grow a mustache from time to time. He tends to wear wizarding robes. His wand hand is his right hand.
Ellsworth is an inquisitive individual, always questioning and curious. This leads him to be a bit obsessive about his studies and experiments and to some degree a tad reckless toward them. Generally he is optimistic and jovial, enjoying a good drink and laugh with friends and coworkers. He doesn’t quite understand unmotivated or dull witted individuals. Towards his students he tries to make the subject as fun as possible, but does tend to be stern to keep class in hand. While kind, he’s rather intimidating if angered - at least to a student.
---- Childhood ----
1808-1819: Ellsworth is born the sixth surviving child and third son of Hurbert and Vina Ruskin. After his birth his parents parents bring six more children into the world although only two survive through infancy. While middle class the family runs a rather unsuccessful and small general shop in Leeds. Much of his childhood he was scolded for his inquisitive nature and misadventures - discontent to only be a shopkeeper or worse a cobbler (his mother’s family’s professions) in his adult years. He demonstrates magic at the age of seven, although his muggle family doesn’t see it as this - only as continued trouble making. When a gentleman from Hogwarts arrives on Ellsworth’s the summer before their son’s twelfth birthday and offers Ellsworth a scholarship for his schooling they are all too grateful to hand their son to the stranger regardless of what school or type of school it is. One less mouth to feed regardless of where he goes.
---- Hogwarts Years----
1819-26: While the Ruskin family is happy to get rid of their son, Ellsworth is more than happy finally escaping into a life he actually likes. The magical world constantly intrigues him. His natural curiosity does him well as a Ravenclaw and he excels in classes. He loves learning craves constant new information. He becomes known for tutoring as he grows older. During his fifth year he is made a prefect. The summer before his seventh year he takes an internship at the Ministry of Magic in the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad and loves it. He is made Head Boy in his seventh year. Ellsworth graduates with flying colors at the end of his seventh year, his scholarship having never even been threatened with his own desire to learn and excel.

---- Academic Records ----

Defence Against the Dark ArtsEE
Arithmancy AE
History of MagicOO

---- Young Adult Years----
1826: Ellsworth lands a position in the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. After his graduation he hears nothing from his family as they pretend he simply does not exist anymore - clearly they do not understand him or his life and want nothing more to do with that. Ellsworth is entirely alright with this decision and rents a small room in London. 1834: Not content with simply having learned magic, Ellsworth spends the years after school beginning to experiment, especially with charms. When a seat opens in the Committee on Experimental Charms, Ellsworth applies for the position and is accepted to the new job. 1840: At age thirty two Ellsworth makes what he considers the singular worst decision of his life. He marries. Young Rose Beaucanon is a beautiful young debutante from a rather well off middle class family. Ellsworth manages to capture her attention at a social event he is dragged to by a friend by saving her from a ‘terribly boring conversation’ and somehow captures her attention. Aware that he’s not exactly a catch, he quickly proposes to her after only a two month courtship. Ellsworth’s savings are enough to purchase a modest town home in London for the couple and they are married by the end of the year. 1841: The first year of marriage is tolerable although Ellsworth begins to realize his wife is actually rather dull. She cares little for his curiosity and often scolds him for being reckless. She’s much more fond of gossip than of learning anything. Stuck with her Ellsworth spends more and more time at work. Rose presents him with a son, Martin, at the end of the year. Ellsworth doesn’t mind the babe, but his wife’s increased nerves and nagging begins to drive him insane.
---- Teaching Years----
1842: After only two years of marriage Ellsworth is desperate to get away from his wife. He decides that a career change is in order. A vacancy at Hogwarts opens up and Ellsworth applies to teach Charms. He starts in the fall and finds that he’s glad to be back at Hogwarts, even with his family still living in London. 1843: Distance really does seem to make the heart grow fonder for at the beginning of Ellsworth’s second year teaching Rose is delivered of a daughter. She names her Elsa. Both Ellsworth and Rose appear to agree that their separation because of Ellsworth job is a good and necessary thing. Rose cares for the children while Ellsworth cares for his work. 1844-51: Teaching agrees with Ellsworth and the family quickly settles into a pattern. Ellsworth is home for holidays and briefly over the summer but other than that has little interaction with his family. Ellsworth enjoys watching his children get older at each interval. Rose and he get along best at the holidays when breaks are shorter, often annoying each other to such an extent in the summer that they are hardly talking when the school year comes around. Rose has two miscarriages and in the fall of 1846 gives birth to a second daughter. She names her Kattie. The child does not survive to winter break. It is a sore point between the couple that Ellsworth never met his second daughter. They begin to grow distant with each other and Ellsworth ceases to share Rose’s bed when he is home on holidays. 1852: Martin joins Ellsworth at Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw. Ellsworth is excited to see that his son apparently takes after him more than Rose. 1854: It is Elsa’s turn to attend Hogwarts. It is quickly apparent to Ellsworth that Elsa is more like his wife than him. Rose does not handle the separation well and often writes to Ellsworth of being overwrought with worry and going into depressive fits. She claims that had Kattie survived Rose would be fit as a fiddle. She begins to blame Ellsworth for Kattie’s death. 1855-1857: The next few years are rough when Ellsworth returns home. Rose spirals into a dark depression with her children and husband away from her. 1858: Martin graduates from Hogwarts. Ellsworth is a proud father. Rose hopes her son will return home but really she is excited to see her daughter graduate. She considers pulling her from school now that her OWLs are complete, but Ellsworth puts his foot down. His daughter will complete her schooling, he will hear of nothing else. Thinking of her daughter’s return Rose begins to be more social in hopes to rebuild connections and get their daughter married well. 1860: Elsa finally graduates from Hogwarts and debuts. Ellsworth hopes this will calm his increasingly agitated wife and in the beginning it appears it does. That is until every suitor that comes to court Elsa is found wanting and turned away. 1862: Rose begins to spend additional money with her son gone on his constant travels and Elsa looking for a husband. Ellsworth confronts Rose about the money and that Elsa is still unmarried. The two have the biggest row of their marriage. Rose is affronted that Ellsworth wishes to send Elsa away and tells Ellsworth that she turns down the men who come because she doesn’t want her daughter shackled to a man like Ellsworth. Ellsworth returns to Hogwarts early. Rose appears to take her husband’s words to heart after he leaves for Elsa begins to court a gentleman by October. 1863: Elsa marries into a pureblood middle class family, Rose is delighted by the match and assures Ellsworth it is a love match and a good match. During the planning for the wedding Ellsworth begins to realize just how purist his wife’s leanings have become. He’d always known this of her family, but not of Rose who married him for what she called ‘romantic notions’ despite her family. 1864: Rose becomes resigned with her life and becomes increasingly contrary. Ellsworth begins to spend summer breaks at Hogwarts. 1865: Elsa bears her first child, a daughter, Lily, at the beginning of the year. Rose writes Ellsworth with increasing excitement over this development and appears to return to something of herself. 1866-1868: While Ellsworth continues teaching Elsa gives him a grandson. 1869: Martin writes to Ellsworth of a women he has met. Ellsworth, not knowing the details, is happy for his son. 1870: Turns out Martin is in love with a vampire. Rose is furious at this development believing her son deserves so much more. Ellsworth, however, believes it a good fact that his son has found love - something he never found. Not being one to typically judge and with his own humble origins, he supports the young couple who live in London. 1871: Martin’s first child is born, she is named Acacia. Even this does little to earn the young couple their mother’s acceptance and she remains at a distance from all but her daughter and her daughter’s family. Elsa sends word that has had another daughter, Marigold, in September. 1872: Martin’s second daughter is born, Chrysanta. Ellsworth thinks his granddaughters are adorable, but wonders if he will ever have a grandson. 1874: Orinda is born to Martin and his wife. 1875: Elsa bears two sons, only one survives the brith. She names the surviving one Henry after Rose’s father. 1876: Martin and his wife have a son named Dustan. Later in the year Lisa leaves Martin and the children. Ellsworth once again has family at Hogsmeade as his first granddaughter is enrolled in the school. 1877: With unrest in the United Kingdom, Ellsworth asks his wife to consider moving to Hogsmeade. She begrudgingly agrees. Perhaps a closer distance to each other will give them less time together. Martin and Elsa both move their families to Hogsmeade. Which may be the real reason that Rose agrees to the move. Ellsworth begins to return during summers to spend time with his grandchildren. Rose does not approve of his doting on the Ruskin children. 1878-1885: Ellsworth continues to enjoy his role at the school and is happy to see family once again in the halls. He does become a bit more family oriented, although not toward his wife who has relatively as little interest in him as he does in her. 1886: Martin informs Ellsworth that Lisa has returned and he will not allow her to see the children. The truth of her disappearance is admitted to Ellsworth who agrees not to mention this to Rose as it would only deepen her resentment toward her son. 1887: The halfbreed ban creates dissent among the wizarding world and Hogwarts. Ellsworth is an outspoken opponent of the ban. The summer brings more bad news when the Ruskin girls go missing during the Wizarding World Fair and their brother is killed. 1888: See halfbreeds return to Hogwarts. Ellsworth is glad to see the Ruskin granddaughters more frequently. The fog during the summer does little to affect him, although he does receive constant letters from Rose regarding her annoyance at the lack of magic and being suck in Hogsmeade. Now that there has been reconciliation she doesn’t see why she has to remain in Hogsmeade and can’t just go home. It deepens the rift between husband and wife.
1889: Martin proposes to a nice lady before Christmas. Christmas Eve Acacia goes missing in a Portkey accident with Somersby Fudge. Poor children. They are lucky enough to make their way to London and arrive home before New Years. 1890: Ellsworth Retires from Hogwarts at the end of the school year.
- Is very jolly and kind, hasn't gotten old enough to be considered a dottering old man by his students - Is muggle born - Is one of the oldest instructors at Hogwarts - His son married a vampire and half his children are half vampires - Use to work for the Committee on Experimental Charms - Is an advocate for half creature rights - Won the dueling competition in 1890 - Has often attempted to convince first years that his detentions include being hung upside down with doxies nibbling their finger, or other absurdly and mildly painful methods, but fools no one
- Hates his wife and his wife hates him
Played By: Fallin

Contact: PM or Skype

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Ellsworth’s eyebrows rose is a mix of surprise and disapproval at @Angharad Warbeck words. “I must insist that while you are in my class Miss Warbeck you attempt the spells. Practice outside is encouraged, however, I shall be forced to dock house points and marks from you if you do not participate in class itself.” He told her sternly. He never liked docking points on the first day, but if she were to continue in this vein of persistence he would certainly need to, perhaps even detention to get his point across, although at the moment that did seem rather extreme.

Glancing around the class Ellsworth noted that @Orinda Ruskin had successfully managed to bring her apple back to its normal size. He turned from the young lady before him for a moment, “Well done Miss Ruskin. Five points for Ravenclaw. Keep practicing.

Near Orinda @Sisse Thompsett's spell backfired, the small apple growing larger and larger until it exploded, spraying bits of apple everywhere. Ellsworth brought out his wand and waved away the mess. “Another apple, I think, Miss Thompsett.” Ellsworth said calmly.

Nearby @Sybille Lukeson’s wand remained lit, while @Flora Mulciber and @Archer Belbyboth successfully managed nox. “Keep practicing.” He told the group with a smile at Miss Mulciber and Mr. Belby to assure them he had seen their work

Even @Fleur Rey seemed to finally have had some success. The end of her wand lit up as it should. “Very good, Miss Rey.

Then out of the corner of his eye he saw @Holly Scrimgeour's spell fly wildly away from her apple hit @Orinda Ruskin. Bloody hell, it was as if his class had gone to hell like Camelot in the course of only a few minutes. Whipping out his wand, (no, he did not have favorites, but this was his granddaughter and he did care for her safety) he strode toward the poor girl muttering the counter spell. It stopped the enlarging of her nose before any more damage could be done, but he’d taken students to the hospital wing for less. “I believe class is finished for the day.” He told the students. “Miss Scrimgeour, perhaps five points from Slytherin will keep any further slips of your wand from happening.” He told her sternly. “Class dismissed. Miss Ruskin, with me to see the nurse.” And with that the first charms class of the year ended.