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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree

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Ester Montgomery for Thomas Montgomery. The one that got away (with the pornographer...)
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.

Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa

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Hot Mess Housewife
Hot Mess Housewife

33 year old Squib
5 ft. 7 in.   ❤   Married
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Elsbeth Lupin

Full Name: Elsbeth Gisella Lupin

Nickname(s): Els, Beth (Hot Mess Express, Loonybeth, Batshit Crazy, etc.)

Birthdate: April 23, 1855

Age: 33

Occupation: Hot Mess Housewife

Blood Status: Squib from pureblood lineage

Residence: Lupin family residence, Sapphire’s Way, Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

Hogwarts House: N/A

Wand: (Though she can't use it, she carries it with her everywhere:)
Aspen, dragon heartstring, 12", springy

Leonard Lloyd Lupin | Husband | b. January 22, 1855
“Leo” Leonard Llloyd Lupin II | Son | b. January 10, 1884

Alix Arnost | Father
Jena Echelon-Arnost | Mother

Sebastian Echelon | Maternal Half-Brother | d. 1885 and family - most notably Hannah Pettigrew
Corina Winthrop nee Echelon | Maternal Half-Sister and family
Thorben Echelon | Maternal Half-Brother and family

Idelle -- nee Echelon-Arnost | Sister | B. 1854 and family
August Theodore Echelon-Arnost | Brother | b. 1856
--- Lysander Darcy Echelon | “Not-Nephew” aka August’s ward | b. March 14, 1884
Ferdinand Frederick Echelon-Arnost | Brother | b. 1858
Leisa Karina Echelon-Arnost | Sister | b. 1861 and family
Siegfried Oswald Echelon-Arnost | Brother | b. 1862
Elsbeth stands at a tall 5'7". She towers over most women and often sees eye-to-eye with men, which she rather enjoys.. A curvy figure with long slender legs lets her weigh in around 150 lbs. Now that she’s given birth, she’s gained some extra padding around the tummy, thighs and hips. She has a fair complexion, unmarred by any pocks or signs of childhood disease. Between two pale blue eyes lies a straight nose, which brings focus to her full and pouty lips underneath. With a childhood nickname of "Goldilocks", Elsbeth's slightly arched blonde brows are neatly groomed, as well as her lighter blonde hair which holds a curl almost naturally. Typically, it’s swept up in an intricate - but always fashionable - updo. When she sleeps, it’s either down or in a braid. She moves with a carefree, arrogant grace, exactly as one would expect of a woman of her upbringing. Elsbeth adores richly colored fabrics and patterns. Anything that shows off her cleavage, has lace, floral or is otherwise obviously expensive, can be found in her closet.
Dramatic, bitter, incredibly jealous and possessive, competitive, vain and proud, ignorant, selfish and often manipulative. She can hold a grudge for an infinite amount of time. Her morals are horribly skewed and has become difficult for her to determine what is right and what is wrong.
Her parents married for love and Merlin bless him — he hadn’t a care that she was a widow with a sprinkling of three young, bratty blonde children. It helped that that Jena was a very attractive young widow… and that she’d inherited the majority of her husband’s wealth.

A year after their marriage, the two had their first child together, a daughter named Idelle. Another year after that, Elsbeth was born. Next was a son named August, and as the years followed the couple had two more boys and a girl. Elsbeth was greatly spoiled and became quite close to her eldest sister, Idelle. The two were nearly inseparable. They shared a governess and were groomed and fawned over by everyone they came into contact with. They were beautiful, it was often said, and would make wonderful pureblood high society wives one day.

It was paradise for the children of the family. They received whatever toys they wanted, whatever pets including several winged ponies, and were able to demand attention from servants, parents and strangers alike. When Idelle's Hogwarts letter came, Elsbeth was incredibly envious. She wanted more than anything to go with Idelle, but alas, she had to wait until her 11th birthday came around. It came and went, but no letter was received by owl or otherwise. Her parents wrote the school the day before term started, concerned that perhaps she'd been overlooked, only to be politely and regrettably informed that they had produced the very first squib in the Arnost family. She was not treated the same after that. Her siblings teased her and she was often left out of conversations regarding anything magical. The talk of whom would make a good match for her once she was old enough ceased. Whenever she entered a room, an awkward silence filled it.

Her parents did not know what to do with her. They hired a private tutor for her so that she could be learned in the arts and languages so that she might still have a chance at an acceptable pureblood marriage. All hopes for a perfectly matched couple were gone - now they merely prayed that a pureblood man would be willing to take her. It was even mentioned that perhaps they ought to just send her off to their distant relatives in remote Germany. Surely there, where no one knew her, she could manage to find someone with some kind of money to their name.

It devastated Elsbeth to no end and she desperately tried to find a way to procure magic for herself. She read books and wrote letters, she prayed, she cried, she begged. Nothing worked. During this time, she found herself a close and dear friend in her nephew William - the son of her eldest half-brother, Sebastian. He was only two years younger than herself and the pair got on immensely. He assisted her in her research and even took several trips to Knockturn Alley in London on her behalf. Sadly, nothing could change who she was.

As each of her younger sibling's eleventh birthdays came and went, they all received Hogwarts letters. Bitter from the treatment she received and the disappointment she was to her parents, she turned hateful toward her family members. Elsbeth began to act out and shunned her upper class status. Instead, she grew wild and stayed out well into the morning hours with debutants with risky reputations. She often escaped her chaperone and could be found smoking cigars and playing cards with the men at dinner parties. She loved the thrill in tempting men who were already married, but when the request that she become their mistress was made, she took great pleasure in making a great show of offense. Squib or not, she was after all, a beautiful and pureblood upper class lady. Will had warned her against these and her parents had threatened to send her away, but she paid them no heed. Their protests spurred her tailspin even further.

Several years pass this way, with Elsbeth developing a habit of drinking too much, partying too hard and going a step too far in social situations. She’d been caught in compromising positions with men - married, typically - a time too many.

Idelle is married off to a wealthy pureblood and Elsbeth did not attend the wedding. She began to frequent places a respectable woman shouldn’t - even going so far as having been spotted at a shady pub, drinking and laughing alongside criminals and prostitutes. Her frequenting such places besmirched her reputation entirely, and her parents canceled the coming out ball that they had been planning.

When she was twenty, she met a handsome muggleborn at one of these pubs. He did not question her motives for spending time in such a place, nor did he pry into her home life. He adored her for her beauty and grace and though he was well aware who she was and where she had come from - he feigned complete ignorance. Looking back, she’d realize that he’d manipulated her into the situation. Young and in the throws of her first love, she hadn’t a clue. The two struck up a romance that would have been no more than a fling of a few months in length, had Elsbeth not discovered that she was pregnant.

It was a day after this news was discovered that she received a letter from her nephew. He had heard of her fallen reputation and encouraged her to try to make amends with her family. Elsbeth ignored the letter. Feeling as if she were backed into a corner and with no one to turn to, she ordered that the man marry her. He agreed to it all too quickly, certain that he’d find a way to get hold of some of her family’s money. She miscarried early on in the pregnancy and told not a soul. This was a blessing in disguise, as it was the beginning of the messy heartbreak that would end in a broken engagement and a barely there memory of her ex-fiance forcing himself on her.

Her nephew, sensing something was off, came to check in on her. He stunned the man quickly. Without even thinking, Elsbeth slit the man’s throat. Her nephew offered to take her home with him, that perhaps they'd be able to sort it all out and cover it up, but she refused. She did not want to get him involved with whatever she’d just done - surely, the Ministry would be after her in a matter of hours.

She gathered her few possessions and left. She hitchhiked and moved around as a loner. Elsbeth did whatever it took to get food in her belly and a place to sleep at night. She took her middle name, Gisella, as her last name rather than have an attachment to the family that had forced her to sink so low.

Eventually, she found herself living in the slums of Hogsmeade.

In January of 1881, Elsbeth arrived in Hogsmeade completely unknown to the population. She had changed her last name to her middle name and nobody recognized that she belonged to such a prestigious family. After a few days, she was able to secure an occupation at the hospital as the director's secretary under the pretense that she was a witch.

However, that quickly fell through and she found herself on the streets once more. It was then that she set her sights on Darcy Potter, who happened to be drunk at the Hog's Head and wealthy. She tricked him into allowing her to live on his family's estate for a few weeks - and while doing so - stole several of his younger sister's dresses. He was elected Minister of Magic not long afterwards. Elsbeth tried to ride his coattails up to find a suitable match for herself, however he would none of that and instead threatened to report her to the authorities.

Fortunately, she had manage to attract and coerce Bennet Potter (Darcy's eldest brother) into courting her under the guise of an upper class woman from out of town - mainly because he was both terrified and attracted to her sex appeal. It was a very short fling which did not end in a marriage proposal like she’d been hoping for.

In May of 1882, she was drafted into the Ministry's expedition. After a tantrum in the middle of the Ministry's lobby, the woman was forced to go along with it on pain of death. It was rather uneventful and she generally irritated her other group members. Upon returning home, she was given 10 galleons. She promptly found work at Honeyduke's Sweet Shop thanks to the mercy of Vera Rose, the then manager. Her sweet shop employee status did not last for long, as was to be expected.

In July, she was able to take the opportunity of being an accessory to the kidnapping of the Minister of Magic, Darcy Potter. She volunteered to be the doppleganger with the help of polyjuice potion. She passed a bill that restricted women's rights to own property and attempted to get something to pass that would allow squibs to enroll at Hogwarts, though that one never went anywhere. Ursula Black was also heavily involved and drunk on power (and probably literally drunk also), she and polyjuice!Elsbeth have a makeout session. Both women managed to elude the authorities when the charade was discovered.

Up until this point, she’d managed to avoid her rather extensive family. It’s a surprise when her brother August shows up on her doorstep, determined to rescue her from her fallen status. Rather desperate, she agrees. He purchases a cafe in the new town of Irvingly to safely stuff her away and hopefully keep her out of trouble. This is all well and good for her. She has a place of her own, has her needs met, spends the majority of her time day drunk and mostly nude and whenever she’s bored, she goes downstairs to harass the staff. In the meantime, she manages to meddle in August’s mess of a love life. She even stoops so low as to send his beloved amortentia’d chocolates which almost resulted in an elopement. So close, but not close enough.

A severely drunken night at the cafe results in Tessa Van Patten and Lyra Potter showing up, also drunk. Lyra drunkenly confessed her love for August. In the morning, August shows up - alerted by one of the disgruntled cafe employees. Things become heated and Lyra hexes Elsbeth, which results in Elsbeth having a full rack of antlers sprout from her head. Elsbeth responds with an attempted stabbing, but is stopped by being stupified by her brother. He cannot remove the antlers , as Lyra also snapped his wand in half. It was likely even if he had had a fully serviceable wand, he would have feigned the inability anyhow. She is forced to go to Leon Lupin, a neighboring shop owner with a working wand, in order to get them removed.

Elsbeth wakens in Hawthorne Hollow after a drunken tryst. She runs into Lyra Potter, who has recently become a vampire. The younger woman attacks her and Elsbeth believes that she has fought her off, though really, Lyra is able to get a hold of herself. Elsbeth runs away, but does not fail to mention that she is going to tell August of the new development. She doesn’t, as she’s rather angry with him about his having used magic on her, and then conveniently forgets the information as he becomes distraught and heartbroken over Lyra’s disappearance.

In May of 1883, the Quidditch World Cup brings a flood of foreigners and excitement to Irvingly. Elsbeth takes the opportunity to get out of the house and spends the entire summer discretely shacking up with different professional quidditch players. August is too beside himself about Lyra to even notice. She’s certain to reply to his letters promptly and he doesn’t suspect a thing.

She discovers that she is pregnant. Unable to attain the “plan b” potion and too terrified to get an abortion in a back alley, she is forced to inform him of it. Even worse, she slept with so many men that she hadn’t a clue who the father could be. She begs him not to throw her out and he promises to fix it. Promptly, he sees her wed to Leon Lupin. The pair have a physical chemistry, but other than that they butt heads and are much more likely to murder each other than anything else. He is at least leaves her alone and does not question her pregnancy, perfectly agreeable claiming the resulting baby boy as his own.

The birth of Leonard Lloyd Lupin II (named such as Elsbeth believes it’d be more difficult for Leon to change his mind) nearly kills her. This settles her down quite a bit. She is protective of her son and throws herself into motherhood.

Upon her request, Leon purchases a home across the street from August in Hogsmeade, perfectly willing to allow Elsbeth and Leo to live there whilst he stays in Irvingly or is otherwise abroad.

Now that she’s Leon’s wife, she is invited to event type things and brushes shoulders with the likes of Ursula Black and Thom Pettigrew - both whom attended Leo’s first birthday party.

William - her nephew - appears in Hogsmeade and the two bang it out on August’s sofa. After several months, she realizes she’s likely pregnant. She’s terrified that if Leon finds out he’ll toss her and Leo out. She and William hatch a plan for her to amortentia Leon so that they can sleep together, fudge a bit of math and hope that he didn’t think too much about it. TLDR; turns out it’s gonorrhea, not a pregnancy, and she left it untreated long enough to render her sterile. She doesn’t tell anyone. William fucks off, set on marrying his foreigner non-english speaking french fiance, and Elsbeth spends a good amount of time sadly celibate.

Her niece, Hannah, comes to stay with August. At first Elsbeth tries to mold her into an image of herself. Hannah quickly proves to have far too quick of wit to do anything of the sort, which has Elsbeth deciding she doesn’t like her all that much. Which is why when Sebastian’s less than savory dealings and death become public knowledge, she feels more amused than anything with the ill effects it has on Hannah’s reputation.

Three years have passed since then and Elsbeth has been occupying herself with motherhood, dinner parties, secretly fawning over Ursula Black (who still does not know that she kissed polyjuice!Elsbeth), avoiding Leon but also desperately hoping for his attention and discretely sleeping with handsome servants and delivery boys when she needs to scratch her itch.
◈ She did not attend Hogwarts. Instead she had a private tutor and claims to have been sent abroad for it.

◈ Her family is old money, pureblooded and suspected to be corrupt. Having one's brother partake in human trafficking and the like will do that to a family - aside from Elsbeth's own proclivities.

◈ She drink a lot. While never sloppy drunk, she often can be found with a glass of something in her hand.

◈ She was engaged to Bennet Potter. The courtship lasted a mere few months. (Spring 1882)

◈ She hosts scandalous parties for the upper class. Such parties include piercings, tattoos, flirty games, smoking, drinking and opiates. The guests either floo or apparate to her home in an attempt for discretion.

◈ She nearly dies when giving birth to Leo.
◈ She's a squib. Her household staff are sworn to secrecy and her family wisely overlook it.

◈ She was an accessory to the kidnapping plot of the Minister of Magic, Darcy Potter. She volunteered to be the doppleganger with the help of polyjuice potion. She passed a bill that restricted women's rights to own property and attempted to get something to pass that would allow squibs to enroll at Hogwarts, though that one never went anywhere.

Played By: Te

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Storming the castle 1888
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May 9th, 1888 — Sapphire Way, Wellingtonshire

Sleepily, Elsbeth rubbed her eyes and sat up in bed. One of her lady's maids had just brought in her breakfast tray. She lounged back against her pillow and watched lazily as the woman busied herself around the room. As the curtains were pushed open, her gaze flicked back to the tray. The afternoon sunlight had illuminated the front page of The Daily Prophet that had been neatly set upon it. Lyra Potter's dead eyes stared up at the bed's canopy.

Elsbeth screeched, snatching the newspaper up in such haste that she knocked her morning glass of wine over. It seeped into her bedsheets as she scrambled to her knees, pouring over the newspaper article. Her lady's maid rushed over to clean up the mess but Elsbeth impatiently batted her away.

'...she reported to the Ministry last month in order to register herself as a vampire...' Elsbeth squeaked. As she read on, her face furrowed into a deep scowl. By the time she reached the last sentence - '...may explain the rash of vampire murders which have come to light since Bennet Potter's death in 1886.' - she was absolutely livid.

"GET ME DRESSED TO GO OUT. NOW!" Elsbeth crumpled the newspaper up and tossed it across the room. She leapt from the bed, stood before her wardrobe for a half-second and then rushed to the corner of the room where the paper had landed. She snatched it up and attempted to smooth it out against her bare legs. It wasn't the same as it had been - Lyra had a crease running across her forehead - but it was still readable.

An hour later, newspaper clutched tightly against her chest, Elsbeth marched across the street and nearly beat the front door down with her incessant knocking. The staff member that answered was not surprised to see her - they never were, really. She was met with the same disdain and barely disguised annoyance as always. She was advised that August wasn't home.

"I don't believe you!" She pushed herself bodily into the foyer. She ran up the stairs, one hand fisted in her skirts and the other waved the newspaper about high above her head, "I need to see him immediately! It's an emergency!"

Elsbeth carelessly flung doors open as she went straight to August's office, "August! August! Have you seen the Prophet this morning?! August?!"

The room was empty. Breathless, she stopped and leaned over his desk to catch her breath.

The staff member caught up to her then, "As you see Mrs. Lupin, your brother is not home."

"I see that."

"I'll be sure to tell him you stopped by. Let me show you out."

"I'll stay for a bit and wait, thank you."

"He'll likely be gone all day-"

"I'll stay."

"Very well."

As she was hesitantly left alone, she paced back and forth in his office. Had he known she was back all along? Had he been seeing her? Did he not know? Now that all of Hogsmeade knew, what was to become of him? Was he going to take her back? He couldn't! She was a vampire for Merlin's sake. Think of what that would do to the family! And his bastard son would surely be outed at that point. The child had Lyra's eyes. Charlotte's eyes? The vampire's eyes.

After another hour had passed, her anxiety left her needing to speak to August somehow. Unsure of where he went and unable to pry it out of the staff, she took it upon herself to write him a series of notes, left scattered around his desk half-haphazardly for whenever he did come home.

They read:
<blockquote>August she has returned! Did you read <i>the Prophet?!</i> You had to have seen it by now! That must be why you aren't home. I hope you aren't going to find her. You know what that would do to our family! Think of your son! He can't have people knowing she's his mother! They won't let him into Hogwarts (assuming that he has magic.)</blockquote>

<blockquote>I swear to Magic Jesus, August, if you are hunting that vampire down I will come after you myself and strangle you with my bare hands!</blockquote>

<blockquote>You're supposed to be getting married this year. I'll find you a nice, suitable, pureblood, HUMAN girl to settle down with. It'll be great. You'll see. Just please don't do anything brash!</blockquote>

<blockquote>Has she tried to contact you? I'm sure she has. The harlot.</blockquote>

<blockquote>I really hope you aren't meeting with her. You've been doing so well without her. Or have you been without her? Did you know she was running around murdering people?</blockquote>

<blockquote>When you get this, come see me.</blockquote>

<blockquote>You took so long to get over her when she disappeared the last time. Don't you think she's going to do it again? Seriously August! And don't you dare make another blood thirsty baby with her!</blockquote>

<blockquote>If I don't see you by tomorrow I'm going to hunt you down and force you to talk to me about this.</blockquote>

<blockquote>As your sister, I'm coming from a place of love and concern for your well-being. PLEASE PLEASE don't get involved with her again.</blockquote>

<blockquote>At least send an owl.</blockquote>

<blockquote>If you send an owl, I'll know it means you're avoiding me because you're guilty.</blockquote>

Her writing hand was too cramped to continue. With much less fanfare than she had originally appeared with, Elsbeth left to await a response of some kind from her brother.