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Terry Tatting

Full Name: Terry Ayden Tatting

Nickname(s): N/A

Birthdate: March 31st, 1877

Age: 11

Occupation: First Year Gryffindor

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, above Twilfit & Tatting

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Wand: TBD

Father (1842) | Mr. Jeremiah Tatting Mother (1856) | Mrs. ____ Tatting nee Twilfit Aunt (1856) | Ms. ____ Twilfit Sister (1877) | Ms. Tansy Tatting [Twin]

Terry, standing at 4’10”, remains several inches above his twin Tansy. Sporting similar features to his sister, such as the lighter blue eyes and medium, brown toned hair, Terry appears to be like any other boy in his year. He will often adorn his face with a focused or serious expression that may make him seem unapproachable, though this is only when he is alone or deep in thought. He sports a fairly thin frame that is often draped with the most up-to-date fashion his mother can create, though certainly not accompanied by higher end materials. He is right-hand dominant.

Reserved, Determined, Short Fuse, Secretive, Mama’s Boy, Protective

Terry wants to marry someone exactly like his mother and will do most anything to search for the individual who may one day live up to his maternal desires.

1877 | Terry is born, alongside his sister Tansy, in late March. The family had recently relocated to the newly established town of Hogsmeade as well.

1881 | Terry witnesses the emotion spread throughout close family members and neighbors upon the announcement of the Minister’s arrest. He doesn’t know the severity of the charge, though figures it to be quite substantial. He attempts to show his sister and mother a more jovial side of himself to cheer them up.

1883 | Terry joins Tansy in her excitement for the arrival of new patrons to the shop given the large event taking place. He isn’t as extroverted as her, though observes from a safe distance. He is excited to learn of her expressive use of magic and hopes his turn is soon to come.

1884 | Terry experiences his first signs of magic when being teased by a local boy. Terry told the boy something personal about a girl he fancied and, as the boy began running away to spill the beans, the lad caused his head to expand rapidly which resulted in the boy toppling over and rolling down a hill. He learns that he can’t be so trusting with everyone and decides to keep more to himself. His mother ends up consoling him afterwards, resulting in a more heightened view of her. Within the same year, the plague strikes the town. Luckily, the family isn’t harmed, however the shop suffered some damage from the fire that ensued.

1886 | The World Wizarding Fair allowed Terry the ability to see the wonders of the world. From flying carpets to magical flutes that summoned animals, there was little he believed couldn’t exist. Although he wasn’t able to purchase anything, he was glad he had the opportunity to experience the sights and learn a little along the way.

1888 | The twins receive their letters in the summer and, in all truth, Terry sees more excitement to leave the house in Tansy than in himself. In truth, he had always admired his mother as a strong and important individual in his life, so when faced with the prospects of leaving her for months at a time, he began to feel somewhat depressed. There were plenty of opportunities to see her intermittently--and he could always write--but it just wouldn’t be the same. He did, of course, want to go to the school and had Tansy there to quell the anxious feelings he may have, so all was not lost. Their father took them wand and supplies shopping, which was a semi-enjoyable experience, and upon his arrival to the castle Terry was sorted into Gryffindor.

Played By: Nolan

Contact: PM

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