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16 year old Halfblood
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Harrison Vance

Full Name: Harrison Laramie Vance

Nickname(s): Harry

Birthdate: September 13, 1872

Age: 16

Occupation: Fifth Year Student

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London, above Vance & Co. Enterprises

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Rowan, 11", rigid, dragon heartstring

Marcellus Vance Father, Owner of Vance & Co. Enterprises [1847]
Mallorie Vance neé Marchand Mother, Spell Damage Healer [1853]
Calvin Vance Brother, Student [1873]
Verna Vance Sister, Student [1875]
Harry has a rather stout sort of build where he’s built a good amount of muscle thanks to his obsession with Quidditch and training for it. Currently standing at five foot five, he’s hoping to managed a couple more inches before he tops out. With a mass of dark brown curls and a face full of freckles, he’s certainly not your typical pretty boy. He owns it though, still feeling himself to be quite dashing and quite unique so clearly worth a second look. Dark brown eyes are shrouded with thick lashes and a wide grin is often seen on his features. He dresses nicely enough, being a bit of a fashion snob when he can be though his family certainly doesn’t have the funds to have the finest of fabrics for his attire. He’s quite ambidexterous but prefers the use of his right hand.
Witty. Clever. Athletic. Competitive. Sore Loser. Quick Tempered.
1872: Mallorie & Marcellus welcome their first child, a son they name Harrison. He’s a bit of an ornery baby and is quick to wail when he’s upset by even the smallest of thing.
1873: Another boy is born, Calvin. A not even one year old Harry is oblivious but not at all pleased with the lacking of attention that results in his brother’s birth.
1875: A sister is born, Verna. Harry doesn’t care much for her and is far more interested in the toy broom he received as a gift.
1879: A now seven year old Harry shows his first signs of magic. He decides to try and stand on his broom floating just a couple feet or so off the ground. He falls but simply bounces and doesn’t sustain any injuries as a result.
1880: When Marcellus takes over full ownership of his family’s company, the family rejoices. Though, it quickly becomes apparent that both of their parents will be needed to truly oversee the business. Harry takes it upon himself then to act as the head of the house whenever their parents are working. He’s bossy and it causes many a fight between the two brothers while Verna simply remains oblivious to any such animosity.
1884: Harry and Cal leave for Hogwarts together, thanks to their status as Irish twins. It quickly becomes apparent that a rivalry has formed between the brothers as Harry shoulders his way in front of his brother to sit under the hat first. He finds himself sorted into Ravenclaw, a bit of a surprising fact really as he surely though he’d find himself in Gryffindor. Regardless, he knows the hat knows best and meanders to his designated table. He tries out for the house Quidditch team but doesn’t make the team. He joins both the Flying and Quidditch club as a result, bound and determined to be a Quidditch player.
1885: Harry makes the Quidditch team in his second year and couldn’t be more excited. He’s quite the chaser and revels in the excitement and prestige being a player seems to bring. He also gets to enjoy the fact that though his brother had tried out, he was left off the team. He makes a point of rubbing it in Cal’s face any chance that he can.
1886: Verna joins her brothers at Hogwarts. Harry isn’t exactly the best of big brothers in regards to her though, especially since she’s kind of weird. Deciding to not over exert himself so he can focus mostly on Quidditch, Harry only adds Care of Magical Creatures to his class schedule.
1887: Harry’s mom becomes a full healer. He’s proud of her but says little on it, clearly not the type to show emotions unless necessary. He also hits a bit of a growth spurt and finds himself standing at five foot five by the start of his fourth year. He uses his height to his advantage whenever he can and starts to take an interest in the ladies. He, however, doesn’t end up with any serious flirtations.
1888: With his fourth year wrapped up, Harry’s pretty excited to start his fifth year. He knows a lot of work will need to be done to receive good OWLs but he’s pretty sure he’ll have it in the bag regardless. Still without a first kiss, he intends on getting one before the year is out. Hopefully, since Cal seems to have been making a move on a girl. He can’t be one upped by his brother, after all.
Played By: Hawke

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