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Third Year
Third Year

13 year old Pureblood
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Sybille Lukeson

Full Name: Sybille Helaine Lukeson

Nickname(s): Syb

Birthdate: April 21, 1877

Age: 13

Occupation: Third Year

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Unknown

Wand: Mahogany, nine inches precisely, with a phoenix tail feather at its core. The rigid wand features some intricate vine carvings on and around the grip.

Guinevere Lukeson née Rey | Mother | 1848-1888 Ryder Lukeson | Father | 1842-1888 Ace Lukeson | Brother | 1869 Avril Lukeson | Sister | 1871 Leroy Lukeson | Brother | 1872-1887 King Lukeson | Brother |1873 Jolie Lukeson | Sister | 1875 Roselle Lukeson | Sister | 1888 Edgar Rey | Grandfather | 1816 Lacy Rey née ____ | Grandmother |1827 Jade ____ née Rey | Aunt | 1846 Alex ____ | Uncle | 1840 Charles Rey | Uncle | 1850-1887 Hubert Rey | Uncle |1850 Brenda Rey (née) ____ | Aunt | 1851 Edgar Rey II | Cousin | 1873 Bellerose Rey | Cousin | 1875 Fleur Rey | Cousin | 1877
Sybille is a slight little girl. She is slender and lithe standing at four feet and ten inches. She has creamy pale skin and chocolate brown eyes. Her cheeks still have some childhood chubbiness to them, but judging by her older sisters that will go away in the next few years. She has long bright red curls which she absolutely adores. Sybille loves pretty dresses and tends to favor things with lace. She is not a huge fan of wizarding robes, but if forced to wear them she will. Her wand hand is her right hand.
Sybille often has her head in the clouds, so full of dreaming is she. Sometimes this results in her denying reality. Like when she found out her father was a werewolf. Part of this comes from her loyalty to the people she loves and the childish belief that no harm could come to those she loves, a harsh reality has hit her recently and she has been struggling with the death of her mother. She’s generally very naive and has a tendency to believe that anything is possible, such as her becoming a baker. She’s sweet and kind to those around her, and while she is not outgoing, she is also not very shy. While this sometimes comes off as being kind of reserved, she generally is very talkative to those around her. She’s also very excitable, when an idea comes to her she pursues it immediately and with great enthusiasm - whether it’s practical or not.
1877: Sybille is the sixth child born into the Lukeson family. 1878: At only a year old Sybille shows her first signs of magic when she grows bored in her crib and creates magical stars to float around her. She plays with the stars, batting them through the air until her nurse finds her, laughing instead of sleeping in her crib. 1879: Her older sister, Avril shows her first signs of magic by enchanting a toy ballerina, Sybille spots this but doesn’t understand the significance. 1880: Her oldest brother, Ace, shows sign of magic. Sybille couldn’t care because she knows he’s leaving in a week for Hogwarts and she thinks she might miss him. 1882: Avril joins Ace at Hogwarts, the house starts to feel less full and Sybille spends more and more time with her mother. 1883: During the summer Sybille and her siblings are told that their father is a werewolf. Clearly this can’t be true because she knows her daddy and he doesn’t seem like a werewolf to her. She thinks it’s a joke and just laughs it off even though she doesn’t understand why it would be funny. Leroy also leaves for Hogwarts. 1884: King shows his first signs of magic, Sybille is happy for him know that she understands the meaning. This is also the year that she grows fascinated with baking. She likes to spend hours in the kitchen with cook and helps to make cookies. 1886: Jolie goes to Hogwarts. Sybille spends much of her time in the empty house learning to bake with cook or spending time with her mother. Even more so than before. 1887: Ace graduates from Hogwarts and comes home. Sybille is glad he’s back as the house was quite quiet. Avril also comes home though for good and Sybille doesn’t admit it but she isn’t fond of sharing her mother with all her siblings again. Leroy and Uncle Charles are killed at the Fair trying to protect King and Jolie in the summer. Sybille doesn’t seem to accept the death of her brother. 1888: Father dies early in the year, Sybille, who is still reeling from last summer, seems to retreat into her baking. Mother goes into early labor, but it is the last time Sybille sees her mother alive. She is presented with a little sister, but keenly feels the loss of her mother. It takes a month for her to accept the reality. During the month she is withdrawn and spends more time in her head and her kitchen. She can’t wait to go to Hogwarts, feeling like she can make a new start. And maybe if she’s in school it will stop all the bad luck! -- Hogwarts Years -- 1888-89: Sybille is excited to finally start at Hogwarts like her older siblings!
Played By: Fallin

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When Sybille had sat down for supper she had felt bubbly in anticipation of the end of the year. The last tests were done and soon she would be returning home where Ace and Avril and her mother (her mother!) were. She'd spend the summer with Fleur in the kitchens baking and all would be right with the world for the first time in a long time.

She hadn't anticipated the news having spent most of the day in the dorms packing and as such when Professor Darrow delivered the news Sybille was shocked. She hadn't been close with the Benet twins, instead having kept to her housemates when it came to socializing, but she would never have wished it on anyone. Death was horrible. Immediately she thought of Claire, all alone with out her twin. Sybille knew that dying meant that part of yourself felt like it had died too, the dead always took a piece of the living with them. In this matter she felt rather like she knew something.

"We should make her some cookies." Sybille whispered to Fleur. It wouldn't help much, but at least it was something. A gesture that Claire's classmates were there for her in some shape, even if they couldn't help ease the pain.

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