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Intern in the Department of Magical Cooperation

21 year old Pureblood
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Vivienne Tilcott

Full Name: Vivienne Amée Tilcott

Nickname(s): Viv

Birthdate: March 13, 1867

Age: 21

Occupation: Department of International Magical Co-Op Intern

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: Hogsmeade, North Bartonburg Lufkin Lane

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Wand: English Oak, 10", Pliable, Unicorn Tail

Nicholas Tilcott Father, Department of International Magical Co-Op Employee [1840]
Christelle Tilcott neé Babineaux Mother [1848-1887]
Adrien Tilcott Brother [1869-1884]
Estelle Tilcott Sister [1872-1884]
Horace Tilcott Brother [1874-1884]

Arthur Tilcott Uncle [1837]
Magnolia Tilcott neé --- Aunt [1845]
Thomas Tilcott Cousin [1863]
Rosalie Tilcott Cousin [1872]
Vivienne is quite average when it comes to her size, standing at an even five foot three inches and boasting a slender and trim build. She’s a honeyed blonde with long wavy hair that is often pulled back prettily enough without being overly fancy and rarely with any sort of adornments. Should pieces fall loose, however, they tend to end up twisted in her fingers whenever she’s lost in thought. Her eyes are pale blue in hue that get darker toward the edges of her irises. There’s often a sadness seen in the innocent baby blues for those that look close enough. In concerns to fashion, Vivienne often ended up wearing mostly French designs thanks to her mother. Now she simply does what she can with what she’s got, avoiding anything overly fancy since they stepped out of mourning once again. She still tends to favor pale jewel tones and tries to remain as close to fashion as she can but rarely ends up with new dresses. She’s right handed.
Sweet. Kind. Timid. Polite. Naive. Intelligent.
Pre-birth: Nicholas proved to be more of an intellect than that of an athlete, causing quite the differences between himself and his older brother. He went into work in the Ministry, finding refuge in the International Magic Cooperation. It was on an assignment to France that he met Christele. The two were equally smitten with one another and eventually married early in 1866.
1867: Not much longer than a year into their marriage and having settled in magical London, the couple welcome their first daughter. Staying true to her French roots, Christelle names her daughter Vivienne Amée. She’s a sweet and pleasant child that they become smitten with from the start.
1869: Two years later, a son is welcomed. Adrien is the exact opposite of his two year old sister. Where she is quiet and sweet, he is loud and ornery. 1871: A four year old Vivienne shows her first signs of magic when a temper tantrum throwing Adrien pulls her hair. When their parents come to investigate the young boy’s screaming, they find Vivienne floating near the ceiling far from her little brother’s flailing reach.
1872: Another sister for Vivienne. Estelle is much more like Adrien and a five year old Vivienne is less than amused. She begins schooling with her governess and follows in her father’s footsteps of being rather intelligent. Her mother begins teaching her French and Latin.
1874: A final child is welcomed to the family, Horace. He, luckily, seems to have Vivienne’s quiet and calm demeanor. She takes to him far more than she has her other siblings.
1877: The unrest in London sees Nicholas moving his beloved family into Hogsmeade, safety being of the utmost importance.
1878: Having settled into Hogsmeade well enough, Vivienne is quite excited to be going to Hogwarts even if she often dreamt of Beauxbatons thanks to the stories heard from her mother. She finds herself sorted into Hufflepuff.
1880: Adrien joins Vivienne at school. Luckily, he’s sorted into Slytherin and she rarely has to see him. She decides to add Ancient Runes, Divination and Muggle Studies to her classes.
1883: Estelle joins the siblings at Hogwarts and finds herself in Slytherin like Adrien. Vivienne is hardly surprised. Having done rather well on her OWLs, however, Vivienne has a hard time deciding what classes to keep and which to drop. She ends up dropping the bare minimum, however, and keeps a full schedule having found she enjoys being busy. She ends up dropping Astronomy, Herbology and History of Magic.
1884: Perhaps the worst summer of Vivienne’s life. The plague nearly decimates her family, leaving Christelle weak and barely surviving while all of the children except Vivienne parish. She didn’t go without suffering though, as they all contracted the laughing sickness to some extent. The hardest was losing sweet Horace, who had been anxiously awaiting his turn to join his siblings at school. After Christelle pulled through, she nearly demanded they leave as soon as the quarantine was lifted to return to France. Nicholas manages to talk her down to allow Vivienne to at least attend her final year of school. It takes some doing but she eventually relents and Vivienne goes back to Hogwarts for her final year but very much a different girl than she’d been in the previous year. She’s more somber and timid, simply keeping her head down and focusing solely on getting through the year and attaining her NEWTs.
1885: Vivienne finishes school and does decently on her NEWTs though nowhere near the scores she’d pulled through on her OWLs. When the Coming Out Ball is cancelled, the family is seen promptly packing up their home in Bartonburg and returning to Christelle’s native country of France. It’s in France she begins learning German at the hands of her grandfather.
1887: The first year and a half of the Tilcott’s lives in France goes relatively well until Christelle falls sick around the winter holidays. She seems to pull through but ultimately passes not long into the new year. Nicholas and Vivienne are both noticeably distraught as they fall back into a state of mourning after just barely overcoming the loss of so many just a few years prior.
1888: Nicholas receives word that his older brother’s health is failing. It’s a terrifying prospect and though the two were never very close, he decides it’s time for them to return to Hogsmeade to be closer to his side of the family. They’re able to move back into their old home, having not sold it prior, just before the fog settled in. Nicholas takes up a position in his old department at the Ministry again and puts up little fuss when Vivienne says she’d like to intern in his department. With just his income, adding her own will help them to be better settled in time but he still insists she keep her heart open to a suitor and that they attend events when they can. Unfortunately, the fog sees to a damper in such plans as the two are forced to remain in Hogsmeade until it is lifted.
Played By: Hawke

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