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Monet Brown

Full Name: Monet Sienna Brown

Nickname(s): Ney

Birthdate: August 31, 1874

Age: 14

Occupation: Student

Blood Status: Pureblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Wand: Spruce, 9", bendy, dragon heartstring

Grant Brown Father, Jeweler and Owner of Brown’s Jewelry [1841]
Lenore Brown neé Rodgers Mother, Housewife and Art Collector [1846]
Vincent Sorrel Brown Brother, Jeweler Apprentice [1870]
Claude Umber Brown Brother, Slytherin Student [1872]
Pierre Tawny Brown Brother, Ravenclaw Student [1873]
Monet already stands at a rather impressive five foot two inches for a girl of her age. However, she’s unlikely to get any taller as she ages, maybe adding another inch if she's lucky. She boasts a rather thin and willowy sort of figure, having yet to end up with any sort of womanly curves. And while she lacks of such things, she’s still quite a pretty young girl. With blonde wavy hair and piercing pale blue eyes, she’s one to easily stand out in a crowd. Her lips are a bit too plump for her small face but she’ll likely grow into them, as well as the slightly larger than average front two teeth. She went through a period of refusing to smile after being teased by one of her brothers for her front teeth but she no longer seems to worry about such things and smiles wide at all who deserve a smile. Her clothing isn’t always of the finest quality or of the most fashionable but she does get new dresses often enough. She’s left handed.

Face Claim: Laura Niemas
Sweet but Sassy. Fiery and Fierce. Blunt but Funny. Ambitious and Independent.
1874: Late into the evening of the final day of August, Lenore finally gives birth to a daughter. The fiery spirit didn’t come out without a fight, however, and rendered her mother unable to have further children while almost taking the woman’s life. Named after her favorite artist, Claude Monet, the little girl quickly wraps the members of her family around her tiny little finger.
1877: While only three years old, Monet hasn’t a clue what all the fuss is when the muggles begin to riot. Grant, however, refuses to leave Magical London. His shop is his pride and joy next to his family. The Brown family manages to persevere though they do take up lodgings within Magical London. It’s amid the move that Monet shows her first sign of magic. Quite displeased with being awoken from a nap, she sets the maid’s apron to fire. The maid promptly turns in a resignation but the family are easily able to fill the position. Monet, however, seems almost smug over it once she’s able to go back to her nap.
1881: Vincent leaves for his time at Hogwarts. A seven year old Monet could hardly care less and instead terrorizes her governess and continues to fight the lessons she’s expected to sit through. 1883: It’s Claude’s turn to leave for school. Monet isn’t pleased with it. Claude is the one brother she’s seem to taken to as she’s grown older, the two often up to whatever mischief they can manage while Pierre has his nose in a book. Now she’ll be stuck with her boring brother. She’s quite put out by the thought and perfects her pout.
1884: Pierre leaves for school, leaving Monet at home alone without anyone to entertain her. It’s then that she seems to flourish with studies and a sweeter side can be noticed in the girl. While often a petulant child before, she’s come to realize that this learning business isn’t entirely awful. She doesn’t, however, let the woman teaching her off all that easily. Her mother also takes a keen interest in her only daughter now that they’re together alone far more often. The two become rather close over the year and Lenore’s love for art seems to have passed on to her daughter. But where Lenore simply has an eye for it, Monet has a talent with it. She begins to show a fascination with jewelry design, causing Grant to have a newfound appreciation for his wild child of a daughter.
1885: It is finally Monet’s turn to go off to school! She couldn’t be anymore excited and that excitement only increases when she finds herself sorted into Claude’s house! She joins him in Slytherin and quickly makes friends with her peers.
1887: Monet can hardly believe she’s been at school for a whole two years! Claude seems to have shown a liking to Quidditch and tried out for the team while Pierre is still clearly a bit of a nerd focusing solely on his studies. She wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up as a Prefect in Ravenclaw! She, however, has to make a choice on her schooling. Ambitious as always, she opts to add all three electives she’s allowed. Care of Magical Creatures, Divination and Earth Magic find their way onto her schedule. In one of her first assignments for Divination, she’s to work with an older student to do readings with. Her brother would have been her first choice..had he taken Divination. Alas, he had not and recommends a certain Mr. Bones instead. It’s in that assignment she finds herself perfectly smitten with him after he gives her a rather elaborate and breathtaking reading. She acts as all young girls do and blushes furiously but she doesn’t turn into a meek girl with a crush. No, instead she does what she can to interject herself into whatever groups from then on out she can to be in his presence more.
1888: Still a girl with a crush but she’s stuck in London. Beyond bored in Magical London, she’s picked up her design work again. She ends up working alongside her eldest brother as he begins to apprentice under their father. She’s not allowed to actually make any jewelry with them but she does provide them with plenty of sketches of designs. It helps to pass the time for the time being but she’s begun to wonder when all the fog nonsense will be over.
Played By: Hawke

Contact: PM

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