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Michaud Family Secret

566 year old Vampire
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The danger is I'm dangerous
And I might just tear you apart
Oh, ah, oh
I'm gonna catch ya
I'm gonna get ya, get ya
Oh, ah, oh
I wanna taste the way that you bleed, oh
You're my kill of the night

Full Name: Constantine

Nickname(s): Cons

Birthdate: September 29, 1321

Age: 566

Occupation: Michaud Family Secret

Blood Status: Vampire

Residence: Vampire Caverns, Hogsmeade for the moment

Hogwarts House:


Family: Aceline Michaud, wife, 1780-1807
Gautier Michaud, son, 1807-
— Dominique Michaud, daughter-in-law, 1810-
—— Diodore Michaud, Grandson, 1841-1885
——— Florentine Michaud nee Lastname, Granddaughter-in-law, 1846-1887
———— Tristan Michaud, Great-grandson, 1870-
—— Jacques Michaud, Grandson, 1861-

probably a smattering of other descendants spread about

Constantine has the Michaud family traits of dark hair and bright, blue eyes. Like all vampires, he is pale and gaunt with sharpened teeth that are easily visible when he smiles or speaks. He stands at five feet, nine inches with a svelte build. Constantine dresses as fashionably as he can manage and keeps his clothes in good condition. He tends to wear a top hat often and keeps his hands gloved. He is right handed.

Ruthless. Hedonistic. Murderous. Curious. Adventerous. Charismatic. Suave. Fashionable.
Constantine is the family secret of the Michaud's though Tristan has never actually met him.
BEING HUMAN: 1321-1350
I was born in the year of 1321 though Constantine was not my name then. Truth be told, I do not remember what my birth name was but the reason why this is so will come later. My family were not the ridiculously wealthy sort but we weren't impoverished. I was pretty happy with my lot in life, I think. I cannot fully remember those days though but that is the feeling I get when I try to remember. What I do remember is that I attended Beauxbatons sometime during my youth so I was born magical. Fat lot of good that does me now, of course.

After Beauxbatons, I became a Ministry man though by now I can't recall what department I worked for. It obviously doesn't matter at this point now, does it? I was pretty determined and hard-working. I vaguely remember wanting to be somebody. I don't think it was very long until I was rising in the ranks. I was well on my way to achieving everything I wanted out of life.

That all changed when the Black Plague started happening. Magic didn't seem to make my family immune since they all kept fucking dying. It was rather inconvenient and heart-wrenching, I suppose. I got sick as well and that was when I met him. I had never seen a vampire before that night that I knew of though I knew they existed. I recognized him vaguely but at the time and even to this day, I can't remember where I recognized him from. Yet another thing that doesn't really matter anymore. What matters is that he gave me the chance to live and while I was too delirious with fever to really understand what I was agreeing to, I accepted the offer.

The pain... it was excruciating. The vampire was draining me of my blood and I swear, I felt my life slipping away with each drop that went down his throat. Considering I was already dying from the black plague and delirious from fever, you can imagine that I didn't quite understand what was happening to me. My world went dark and I woke with a thirst like I had never felt before in my throat. I had become a thing of nightmares, a vampire. A being that relied on the blood of others to survive. I remembered almost nothing of my life as a human and so I accepted the name my Sire suggested: Constantine.

The years that followed are quite a blur to me, if I'm quite honest. I depended on my sire for everything in those first couple of centuries. He taught me well and we were inseperable. It seemed a natural progression of events for us to become lovers and I have often wondered if that was what he meant to happen regardless of the Black Plague or not. It didn't matter to me if it had been. Things were the way that they were.

When it came to feeding, we tried to mostly stick to killing people that were dying anyway but my bloodthirst as a fledgling meant that I was responsible for a lot of senseless deaths. It doesn't really weigh on my conscience but it seemed to bother my creator quite a bit. Especially the gusto with which I took to being a murderous being. What use were morals when we were now Kings? So long as we kept on the move, I didn't see a problem with the way I decided to live my unlife.

My creator seemed to disagree with my notions. He didn't like what had become of me as a vampire and so sought to destroy me. I was angry and betrayed. I don't know if what we had could be called love but I had associated our relationship with that sort of notion. And I know he had, too. I knew he would come to regret his actions so I ditched him. I didn't want to kill him, he would come around eventually, I figured. For the next couple of decades, I wondered around to different places on my own.

It was quite fun being on my own and eventually I cycled back to my home town. By now, my entire family must have been dead. If any of my family had bastards, then I didn't know of them. That was when I decided to make my own family of vampires. I turned a pretty young woman first and next, a small child that looked like they could be my child. The bloodthirst, they experienced - well, it wasn't pretty. They were both inconsolable, burned with consciences, I suppose. I told them that they would be able to control it in time and that I would help them and we left that place.

Turns out my sire had been following my trail for he soon found us. I thought he had come to apologize and make up but instead, he killed my new creations in a jealous rage. It was quite hypocritical of him, I thought. I was angry, he was angry. He was past wanting to kill me, it seemed but now I didn't trust him at all. We had a fight and I can't quite recall everything but I do remember him shutting me away somewhere with the intention of starving me, probably. I must confess, I went a bit mad. I was surviving off the blood of rats and despite my attempt to ration them, they soon were gone. I was going to starve, I just knew it. The thought of the end of my unlife and the the hunger clawing at my insides saw me take leave of my senses. I vowed that if I ever got out, my sire would pay for what he did to me. My new inspiration if I ever got out was to watch him fall.

BACK IN BLACK: 1680-1803
My escape did not quite see my sanity returned. I went on quite the killing spree, my mind convinced that if I did not drink as much as possible, I would find myself starved. It was dark time in my unlife but thankfully, I did not have a concience to really care about my actions on a deeper level. Common sense, though - that I had. I knew I had to stop or else I would find myself paying for my crimes through either human interference or vampire society. I had to stop myself somehow.

It was a long process to re-civilize myself. I'd had my creators help the first time but there was no way I was going to admit that he had been right and go crawling back thim. I could do this myself. I managed to reconfigure my impulses to a dull roar. I had to be more careful about my killings no matter how enjoyable they were, I told myself.

To build up my tolerance at being around humans without wanting them for a meal, I socialized at pubs and the like. Eventually, I met a woman by the name of Aceline. She was an amusing woman. Fiesty. I was attracted to her and I suppose she was attracted to me considering she was amenable to my attentions. I didn't have a human surname so I had to come up with one. Michaud had a nice ring to it so I went with that. It would be a stretch to say that I loved her. I think I can only really love my sire, as twisted as that is. But I was fond of her and besides, I still had my desire to have a family of my own. And so I convinced her to marry me.

It took a long while after our marriage but soon Aceline was pregnant. I was ecstatic and looking forward to seeing how this panned out. What would the child be like? I had never really learned about part-vampires and was looking forward to finding things out first hand. Aceline died which was unfortunate but she had given me a son that I named Gautier. She'd lived out her use and I'm sure she would be happy to know that she had fulfilled something I had been wanting for centuries.

I raised my son with the help of servants that were desperate enough to work for the 'odd, isolated Michauds'. He was my greatest creation and I like to think I taught him well. He was magical so he was soon off to Beauxbatons. I must admit, I envied his ability to use magic. I settled down somewhat through the years of his growth and soon he was ready to be married as well. He found himself a wife named Dominique and settled down and had children of his own. Now, these grandchildren of mine proved to be quite interesting.

I suspected the eldest of having unnatural feelings for the younger. I was not sure what to make of that. Was it something within the boy himself that would be there even if he were human? Was it because he was quarter-vampire? I truly had no idea. As they grew, so did my suspicions about the on my son had named Diodore. Jacques was a soft one, always painting and daydreaming while something was definitely off about Diodore. I think he inherited a bit of my madness if such a thing can be inherited.

Soon, Diodore was ready to marry and Merlins blood, was the woman insufferable. By now, I'd had quite enough of being 'settled' down and besides, I had been living in hiding within my own home for some time now. Relegated to a family secret just so my family could have boring, respectable lives. So, I left my family to their own devices. They had the inheritence from their mother and things I had picked up here and there over the years to see them living quite comfortably. I have no idea what they got up to in my absence.

Eventually, I decided to drop in to see how my descendants were doing and imagine my surprise when they weren't where I had left them. I did some digging and discovered that they had moved to Wales, of all places. And so, I went there to begin searching for them and that horrid woman my son had married shooed me away. Apparently my weird grandson had died in some sort of Ministry collapse in 1885. I didn't much enjoy being sent away from a family that only existed because I had desired for it to be so. So I killed her. It was 1887, at the time.

Since then, I've been skulking around this part of the country. Recently, I heard of the vampire caverns and call me crazy but I wondered if my sire might have settled down there. It seemed the type of place he'd like. Why was I searching for him after all these years? Hell if I know but what I do know is that now there seems to be some weird fog. I can walk about while the sun is out. How novel! I'm enjoying exploring this quaint little town.

+ Constantine is quite obviously a vampire despite the fact that he feeds fairly often.
+ You might notice a resemblance to Jacques and Tristan Michaud but wouldn't outright know that Constantine is any sort of relation to them.
+ Constanine is the Patriarch of the Michauds.
Played By: Kit

Contact: PM, skype, discord

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