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Sherry Jewell

Full Name: Sherry Adalaire Jewell

Nickname(s): Sher, Addie

Birthdate: October 17th, 1870

Age: 17

Occupation: Ravenclaw Student (incoming 7th year) / Aspiring Chemist

Blood Status: Halfblood

Residence: London

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Chestnut, 9 ¾“, supple, unicorn hair

Family: Sterling Jewell Father, Muggleborn [1838]
Florenece “Flo” Jewell neé O’Sullivan Mother, Halfblood [1841]
Hennessy “Henny”Jewell Brother [1860]
Jameson “Jamie” Jewell Brother [1862]
Madeira “Mads” --- neé Jewell Sister [1865]
Julep “Juju” Jewell Sister [1868]
One of Sher’s most distinguishable features are how worked her hands appear to be. She’s always keeping them busy either through studying at school or experimenting with different herbs and potions to come up with new ideas for her family’s business.

She has reached a height of just 5ft. 1in. with a slim build though her womanly features are yet to fill out fully. Her dark brown eyes compliment her long, almost reddish-brown hair quite well - which she prefers to have down and straight though oftentimes, she has it curled and fixed up as the latest fashion dictates.

Therein, her fashion sense is kept up to date with whatever the latest muggle fashion is at present - though she often wears wizards robes as she finds they help her to work on her projects.

Her right hand is her strong hand and she has struggle writing and wielding her wand in her left. She holds her wand quite loosely when casting spells.
One day wishes to become an inventor of different drinks for the business or, perhaps, even a chemist.
[1870] Sherry is born in October to Sterling and Florence, a middle class family and owners of a distillery
[1871] Sherry’s sister, Madeira, shows her first signs of magic by causing a fire. Sherry can’t remember the event but is told that what happened sparked the ‘Mads Firewhiskey’
[1873] Jameson, the second eldest of the clan, starts at Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw[1874] Sterling creates the honey-infused ‘Juju Firewhiskey’
[1876] Madeira joins Hogwarts and Sherry is a little upset by this. She was rather enjoying having her sisters home without her brothers and now they seem to be leaving one-by-one. The feeling quickly fades however, when Madeira returns for Christmas holidays.
[1877] The family’s shop is moved to Wizard London during the muggle riots. Sherry finds this to be a stressful time in her life and experiences her first act of magic; locking herself in the room and causing the door to become red hot to touch though surprisingly, it doesn’t catch fire.
[1879] Julep, Sherry’s elder sister, starts at Hogwarts and Sherry becomes quite lonely at home. She spends time with her father and her interest in the family business sparks into life. She becomes fascinated by how the contraptions work, how the alcohol is produced, and what happens with the different ingredients if you change quantities, the ingredients themselves, or even the methods in which the drinks are brewed.
[1880] Sherry’s two brothers begin making different ales and expand on the business.
[1881] Later during the year, Sherry begins thinking about how she could improve on her father’s firewhiskey with her own spin. Having never tasted it herself, she decides to list lots of flavours she likes and asks her brothers what firewhiskey tastes like. They aren’t very helpful.
[1882] Sherry starts at Hogwarts and is sorted into Ravenclaw. She quickly becomes friends with a Gryffindor, noticing they share very similar birthdays. The two end up studying together quite a lot.

A breakthrough happens when Sherry tries some treat during a Hogwarts meal which tastes like cherries. During the Christmas holidays, Sherry confers with her father about adding a sort of cherry infusion into the drink. Reluctantly, he does it though it turns out to be a good mix; the tart but sweet hit of the cherry complimented the fiery bite of the firewhiskey quite well. He dubs it ‘Sher Firewhiskey’ and Sherry is over-the-moon.
[1883] Jameson goes off adventuring and Madeira graduates.
[1884] Madeira becomes engaged and though Sherry is happy, she is a bit confused as to why any man would want to marry her seemingly always-angry and ever-wild sister.
[1885] Hennessy, the eldest brother of the clan, begins courting a wonderful lady whom Sherry finds to be quite the pleasant person to talk to.
[1886] This proves to be a busy year for Sherry. Sherry starts her OWLs, her friend becomes a Gryffindor prefect (something Sherry is quite jealous of though she shrugs it off saying she’d rather focus on her own studies and ideas for her family’s business than telling off other students).

On top of this, Hennessy proposes to the woman he’s been courting and Julep graduates. Julep starts designing items inside the family shop to be sold.

Sherry begins taking a few classes a lot more seriously (specifically Herbology and Potions) and finds she rather enjoys it.
[1887] Sherry gets her OWL results and expresses, much to her mother’s chagrin, that she wants to start working on different types of alcohol. Her father says to focus on her schooling and not to think about that right now. The family business opens up a second branch in Hogsmeade.

Astronomy - A
Charms - E
Defence Against the Dark Arts - A
History of Magic - P
Potions - O
Transfiguration - E
Care of Magical Creatures - A
Herbology - O
[1888] Sherry’s brothers move into a house in Bartonburg which is kind of nice as she can see them now during her Hogsmeade weekends. She starts her NEWTs (Charms, Potions, Herbology, Transfiguration) and continues to experiment with different tinctures, potions, and firewhiskey formulas.

Though it’s time to think about her future, Sherry has already decided she’d rather work in the distillery or become a chemist. She doesn’t think much about starting a family of her own.
Played By: Jon

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